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Carl Mucks: Fujifilm X-T2 -- Gear of the Year? It's like an April fools' day in the middle of the winter.
No, really, if I didn't use any of Fuji cameras I would have believed this hilarious review. But I did use almost every Fuji, and they all fall short in image quality department. If you want the best Fuji files, buy their Bayer CFA models (X-A1/2/3). The x-trans have serious problems with colors. The OOC jpegs are pretty poor, but that's a small problem. Jpegs from all cameras are relatively poor, so if you value your pictures you would use raw anyway. And that's the biggest Fuji problem. The popular RAW converters (Adobe, Iridient, C1) produce awful colors, very bad color separation, and no micro-contrast to talk about. When you compare it to Canon/Sony (my favorite cameras) then you immediately notice how dull Fuji images are. And don't forget the worms in the landscapes, and plastic looking skin -- yikes! The PhotoNinja and RawTherapee do a better demosaicing job, but fail in other respects

Disagree. I dislike the Canon look now. Which is a pity because I love the 100mm 2.8 IS we have. Besides, Gear of the year for Richard was what he had the most fun with. Having transitioned to Fuji from Canon over the last few years I personally agree, at least for me.
If gear of the year was purely Max IQ — which it isn't — we'd have a medium format winner with slow burst rates, limited lens selection, handling penalties and other compromises.
I've taken some awesome portrait shots from my 56mm 1.2 on the X-T1. Beautiful skin tones.

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Miki Nemeth: I thought that RB cannot live without a touch-screen. The X-T2 is cool, but its video AF hunts like crazy. No GPS, Fujifilm WiFi is a joke. Cannot even come close to M5 or A6500 for video C-AF. The missing touch screen was really a deal breaker to me. I still keeping my X-A1 and not upgrading, though. In camera film simulation is pretty cool for JPG shooters, sure; but I prefer my film cameras for film simulation. I have a Df, too, and I'd prefer the Df for retro-digital since it is full frame and much better to give back the old style shooting experience. On the other hand, I completely understand RB, you could fell in love with a camera like this without any meaningful reasons, very true, it's so cool.

I find the Fuji Wi-Fi faultless on both iPhone 7 Plus and 12" iPad Pro. If I need to transfer many large movies though I pull out the lightning USB 3 SDcard reader and zap them in quickly.
Greatly superior to Wifey's Canon Wi-Fi and our Eye-Fi cards. Sure, it could be better...
App also sends GPS local to the camera. I'd rather do that every so often than running the camera flat trying to get a GPS lock without SIM card cell tower triangulation.

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kobakokh: "The X-T2 is not cheap, by any means"... Its expensive then many full frame camera, including the Nikon D750... Very funny story...

Well worth the extra $100 in my opinion.

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Raja Moha: Hi Richard,

Just curious to know whether did you test the X-T2's ISO accuracy where as the X-T1 review in 2014 stated that the ISO accuracy of the X-T1 "...the X-T1's measured sensitivities are around 1/2 - 2/3EV lower than marked" and "...that is abit unusual for a modern camera". Doesn't stop me from getting the X-T1 though.

Link below:


boni, the X100 doesn't even really do ISO 6400. 1600 or so is the limit of that sensor, the rest is in gain. The X100 is also 5-6 years old, and Bayer sensor not X-Trans.
dxomark refuses to test any recent Fuji cameras because with X-Trans they are not directly comparable.

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Nikita66: DPR, nice review; wish I didn't have to dive into the specs to find the MSRP. (Amazon price doesn't count since it may or may not be MSRP.)


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munro harrap: Seems to me that a 36x24mm sensor is called for here to keep a decent level of colour noise etc, AND better subject tracking (with greater distanced tracking points AND less depth of field, errors tend to reduce), but I still cannot justify a cost that gets me a D500, especially as the huge range of extremely good secondhand lenses further reduces my costs, because like the Sony E mount, Fuji's lenses are useless on anything else, once you have reached its limitations or simply gotten fed up!!

D500 is stuck in the 1980's mode based past, except to make matters worse they've removed the mode knob and replaced it with a button on top of something that looks like a knob. Hold mode button and rotate command dial to choose between PASM modes. Horrid!

I can rotate the aperture ring from auto (P mode) to f1.2 while the camera is off as I take it out of my bag so by the time it reaches my eye I'm wide open in aperture priority mode. I can then spin the shutter speed dial out of auto to force freeze the action, display says I'm in M mode but I don't need to worry about that. Great. I'm taking a few shots. My finger moves the ring to spot exposure and back as I take a few shots. I change the shutter speed again. Great. I'm now getting a sharp photo with some motion blur where I want it on the subject. But I want to underexposed the subject. Unlike Canon, (and Nikon?) where EV comp is disabled in manual mode, I can now just adjust the exposure turning the dedicated EV dial. This tells the Fuji to move ISO up or down, as I have shutter and aperture locked. Of course I could have manually moved the ISO dial away from auto.
The ability to dip in and out of various modes just by changing each physical control for aperture, shutter and ISO to auto or a fixed setting is brilliant. Very different way or working.

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Cemal: What a difference from the Canon M5 review!

"Good enough," "it's an iPhone camera," "The iPhone 7 Plus can do bokeh. Kind of." The standards of evaluation should be applied to all the equipment the same way. Cutting this much slack to iPhone and calling it good enough, but judging Canon M5 "not good enough" and "disappointing" are hard to explain without getting a feeling of bias for or against the equipment. Not a good feeling to convey for a reviewer.

iPhone 7 Plus isn't the first smart phone to have two cameras. But it is the first where the second camera is the same resolution as the first but is equiped with a lens twice as long.

Think about that. If all cameras to date had been 35mm, and a 70mm comes along. It's a big deal.

LG's second camera is only 8MP and is super wide angle. I wouldn't have a use for that at all, although others might.

As for the Canon? Well it looks good — but is it a case of too little too late? There's no way I'd buy that over my X-T1 or the new X-T2. No physical controls like Fuji, no lens selection unless you use an adapter and put normal EF-S of EF lenses on. At that point why bother, run a normal crop Canon.

I'm really over PASM (PAvTvM) can't stand it anymore. Personally.

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dl73: I have purchased the iPhone 7 Plus. Took it for a day out with my daughter and after reviewing the pics later that day, I was so enormously disappointed! Really! All seem overly processed by the noise reduction algorithm!? Where can I upload the pictures to have them reviewed by people? My iPhone 5 took better shot for Christ's sake! Anyone suggestions?

Have you shot on the iPhone 5 lately? I find that hard to believe.
I have installed the public beta of 10.1 to play with the (possibly not final) portrait mode.

Here are two comparisons with equivalent composition vs my Fuji X100 (original) note that the X100 is known to be soft at f2 but I left it there as any smaller aperture made the background blur look much stronger on the iPhone 7 Plus.


In my opinion, this is way better than my 6 Plus, which is way better than wifeys's 5s, don't have an original 5 anymore.

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crazyryoga: I don't get it, why they didn't make a FF instead of this, they would have sold so many more...Can't they afford a large production number maybe? I'm not arguing about the quality of this medium format, I just think it will be a niche product.

Fuji has no FF lenses for digital.

If you're going to design a new series of lenses, why not go MF when the lack of a mirror can in some cases make the system comparable in size to FF from CaNikon. They're not going mirrorless on the high end any time soon.

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These comments are woeful.

Android is just (IMO) a really ghastly experience. But if you like it, more power to you.

So, which android phones has a second camera which is longer than the main one? Which have anything close to an f2.8 56mm lens inside?


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DongaMogudu: Sensor with dual cam (7 plus) is suppose to be little smaller than one with single cam (7). That is a little bummer.

Where did you see that? In the presentation they started by saying it has the same camera as the 7, plus an extra 56mm one etc.

Hopefully the 28mm isn't worse, that'd suck because that's the workhorse.

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ttran88: There's more talk of the iPhone 7 than the great Canon 5dmk4.


Alright, I'll bite. I'm certainly not paid by Apple and I love my X-T1 and 56mm 1.2, now dislike my EOS-650D but have the 100mm macro which is lovely. Anyway:

"Because apple literally has hordes of commenters and blog shills fighting the PR war around the web in order to protect stock prices."
No, they have customers who like their products and feel compelled to poke holes in crazy statements made by people who are irrationally anti-Apple, eg "dual cam, nothing new" when it's not be done with a longer lens before, which is pretty obvious.

"Like who cares, we only want to know whether the new iphone is awesome or not...This round, not so much, it's another very minor upgrade. "

Haptic feedback engine, force feedback API for devs. OIS in smaller model for first time. f1.8 up from f2.4. First quad core iPhones. Better battery life. First weather sealed iPhones. Twin primes at 28mm and 56mm, with software trickery to simulate dof effects based on depth maps generated from the two perspectives. Wide colour gamut through the whole pipeline, camera to display. All storage tiers doubled for the same price. How is this a minor upgrade?

"The next version has a high probability of being revolutionary though:
OLED screen, new form factor, wireless charging and VR capabilities."
This isn't revolutionary, it would be a catch up to Samsung features. OLED has terrible colour accuracy off axis. It does have other benefits though. But even my two year old iPhone 6 Plus is brighter than the Note 7.

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noflashplease: It turns out that we're already past the peak of iPhone sales. Apparently, that peak was reached sometime in late 2015, so now the iPhone is going the way of the iPod and iPad...selling in ever diminishing quantities. The great irony is that Mac sales look more stable than any other Apple business line.


It turns out that we're already past the peak of DSLR sales. Apparently, that peak was reached sometime in mid 2010, so now the DSLR is going the way of the Polaroid and 35mm film...selling in ever diminishing quantities. The great irony is that point and shoot sales look more stable than any other Canon business line.

iPhone sales.
Draw 2012,2013,2015 figures. Nice even ramp upwards if you ignore 2014.
What happened in 2014? Apple made two large phones, which they'd never made before. The market jumped on it. Crazy sales. That's why the decline in 2014.

Those 2014 phones had 8MP rear sensor and a 1.2MP front.

If you think those buyers now out of contract won't jump on a twin camera weathersealed iPhone where even the selfie cam is now 7MP rather than 1.2... well. I think it's going to sell very well indeed.

Imagine if Canon had released the Fuji X-T2 as their camera.

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marike6: Apple's desire to replace the ubiquitous 3.5mm stereo audio jack with a proprietary Thunderbolt adapter is turn off about this phone. It's like when companies started telling everybody that vinyl records were old-fashioned, that CDs sounded better. Same with those awful, compressed MP3 files that are about as fun to own as a broom. Of course we now know that tech companies like Sony and Philips lied about CDs, the gold standard for audiophiles is vinyl and records are selling for a fortune. Sorry I want to keep my analog audio jacks around, they work great.

It comes with an analogue output (and input) jack; it's just on a short cable.

Plus, if you're keen, go lightning onto an Appogee audio interface or similar.

Apple has never had Thunderbolt on any iOS device by the way.

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sh10453: Impressive phone, and impressive images, but ...
Windows Phone is like a nice car, all the bells and whistles, great engine, great specs, but without a transmission box to take you where you want to go.

Microsoft needs to work harder with the OEMs, the banking, and the travel industries to get good apps and support for the WP.

Microsoft must also prove it can be trusted. A few years back, Microsoft suddenly dumped Windows Mobile, and left thousands of users without support. That act by itself made me say goodbye to Microsoft phones. I never looked back.
Once bitten, twice shy.

They had to dump windows mobile, it was the continuation of Windows CE. They should have axed it earlier. Windows Mobile didn't stop RIM from making Blackberry the corporate IT standard - Microsoft dropped the ball. Then when the iPhone launched, Balmer failed to recognise it as anything other than a fancy iPod / feature phone. 2008's iOS 2.0 added full enterprise support to the iPhone, exchange active sync, remote wipe etc - Windows Mobile and RIM began their steady decline. Google didn't have their blinkers on; early Android prototypes had a trackball qwerty keyboard and no touch screen. But they quickly went back to the drawing board and modelled Android after iPhone instead of Blackberry. As Microsoft should have done, they'd be in a much better position now.

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Fuji X-A3 just came out. Acclaimed sensor from the X-Pro2 and X-T2. As an EOS 650D and earlier who has switched to Fuji with the X-T1, well... each to their own but I'm not going back.

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Some slight errors in the comparison table.
"Maintain zoom when changing image in playback"
X-T1 does this if you Zoom in (e.g. hit focus assist to move to AF point) then roll the front command dial to roll through photos. I use this often to compare AF on eyes across shots so I know it's there. "Unlike the X-T1, which lets you punch in to a 100% view of the AF point, but doesn't maintain it if you switch between images," Not true, maybe was true on old software.
X-T1 has 7 assignable buttons now, not 6. The Movie record button can be remapped.
Also the new advanced AF tracking modes aren't mentioned, the X-T1 and X-Pro2 both have these but X-Pro1 doesn't. These are pretty important IMO.
Also from page 2, there are 4 metering modes now, not 3.

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I am not dumping photos from a reliable SD card onto a spinning disk and then wiping the card.

Good product though.

Current setup works well:
Fuji X100 -> 32GB Eye-Fi mobi -> iPhone 5s with iOS 8 -> iCloud photos in the cloud.
They automatically appear on the iPad and Mac, if someone pinches my gear when travelling I still have all my pics.

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The front facing camera limitation is a well known method to limit installation on incompatible devices.

The new iPad has 1GB ram. The iPad 2 has 512mb. The original iPad only has 256MB. iPhoto needs ram to load up a 19MP file and edit it, provide undo levels etc. That is the real reason for the limitation. When you multitask on an iPad 1 it keeps having to reload everything, it was ram crippled from day one unfortunately. I know this is frustrating, but what can you do.

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