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  • After over ten years of shooting RAW, maybe even close to 15 years, I stopped shooting RAW. Other people may look at things differently, but I just found there is a lot of pleasure in photography ...
  • I was trying to plan the details of my trip next month to New York. I was looking at a hotel over near the « Hudson Yards » area. Via that research, I came across a photo of a pizza, that somebody ...
  • Yes, pretty much. I went up to Skagen, Denmark last August with only that, and it did fine. Pictures from the top of the lighthouse, beaches, et cetera. But it is long enough so that it can do ...
  • « I noticed on EBay ». So do spend a lot of time studying market trends on EBay ?

    Sounds like a lot of fun.

  • I don’t want to have a camera with me that says « Sony » on it. It is as simple as that.

    « Nikon », ok. « Canon », ok.

    But not « Sony ». Sony is a company that makes televisions and other...

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    Very nice. Colorful.
  • Even though it is longer, and that lessens the choices, if I head out the door with only the 135, it almost seems like it is more likely that I will come home three hours later with something ...
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    Fifteen years ago, this image, from my previous 135mm, it was the first time I really felt that I had created something a bit above average. But I am not sure how much of it was me, and how much ...
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    My 85 f/1.8 is my second best lens. Up until 5 days ago, it was my best lens. I went up to the tip of Denmark last August with only the 6D and the 40mm pancake, and I came back with plenty of fine ...
  • I would think that the numbers shot up, 15 years ago, when affordable, decent quality, digital cameras became available. Everybody wanted a digital camera. Now the smartphones take what many ...
  • Thanks, I guess that I was hoping somebody would ask. Not the super best photos … but a heck of a good start, for one morning. I know what this lens can do, and these images remind me of what it ...
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  • Created discussion thread my 135mm f/2 L story
    A long time ago, in the spring of 2003, I bought a 6MP Canon 10D. It was a fine enough camera. My first lens was the Canon EF 20mm F/2.8. On the 1.6x crop 10D, the 20mm was a usable focal length, ...
  • Dual card slots ?

    A heavy duty photo guy like me is not interested if it doesn’t have dual card slots.

  • his ignorant. her ignorant. their ignorant. my ignorant. your ignorant. ???
  • I don’t exactly know, but I was thinking this talk of a « start network », with the remotes being 150 meters away from master, it must provide for a more robust wireless connection to the drone....

  • The Animal on Lou Grant.
  • I wonder, if Flickr is free, and all you need to give them is an email address, maybe just create a second email address and then you use it to get a second Flickr account ?
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    Six or so years ago, there was one person, or maybe two or three, upset about the wording « 100% crop ». He, or they, argued, quite logically, I guess, that if you cropped 100% of the image, then ...
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