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Years ago, on April 1st, Phil Askey had a story about a new type of sensor that had pixels that could detect three colors, instead of just one. A good chuckle.

And then 18 months or so later, the Foveon sensor came out. :-)

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I had been thinking about the Canon 270EX II ... that can also do bounce... for 170 Dollars... and it seemed fine, but now I wonder. Probably the 270 is fine.

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MikeFairbanks: Really. Bad. Idea.

I teach middle school, and we have a lot of kids into drone racing and fpv. This is a really poor example to set for my kids (who will definitely see this). They are impulsive enough without this type of encouragement

And, of course, the person who did this is bound to ruin it for everyone. This is a big deal, and the FAA will probably have a lot of meetings over it and create stricter policy.

To whoever did this: You are selfish.

It is odd that whenever we read something, we often instantly think of the other side of the coin.

I understand why people are suggesting to really, really punish the person (probably somebody fairly young )... but maybe if we saw the poor fool in front of us, as a judge would, we would hesitate to ruin his entire life, for such stupidity.

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I am sure that a problem like this needs to be talked about, but I am less sure of the value of photographing it and including it on the digital camera Web site.

Regrettably, some people will look at the photos just to see “what money can buy”.

I am not sure about this, but I am merely saying the “positive value”, as a force of change for better days, I think ... this article is debatable. At best.

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Is it just me, or does the camera look huge there in the guy’s hands ?

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ZurichPhoto: Conspiracy theories aside ... I guess the one thing that really ticks me off is the sheer personal and economic inconvenience of this.

It's not just the $29. Unless you live in a big city and/or near an Apple store, some of us are going to be spending several hours of valuable personal weekend time dealing with a non-issue created by a reckless software upgrade.

My phone was fine, thanks. Want to make me happy? Give me the option to return it to its "pre-upgrade" state. I'll deal with it. I'll accept those consequences.

It would be interesting to add up the hours that everyone is wasting on this issue -- plus batteries costs as well -- and assign minimum wage costs and send the bill to Apple to pay for the economic and social costs of this debacle. Not only is that not happening, they are reaping rewards from their actions-- whether it's ill-intended or not.

Maybe I missed something, but, essentially, what you are asking for, it’s what this article is about, I would say. The beta version will have it soon. Figure April, I guess, to have it on your phone.

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For myself, I always do my best. Always essentially good intentions. I don’t want anything that I haven’t earned “fair and square”.

From time to time, I will still end up dealing with people that attribute the worst motivations to all of my actions.

I give others the benefit of the doubt, but I see that not everyone does that.

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On article Report: GoPro is looking for a buyer (160 comments in total)

I forget the details of why I thought this... but for awhile I have had the impression that it was a badly managed company that saw their future as being bigger than it really was. If they could have seen their limits better, they could have remained a very successful company in a niche market.

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Marty4650: I find it interesting that almost 100% of these harassment charges are coming from the Entertainment Industry, Media, the Arts, and Politics. All are chock full of ego driven people who assume they can get away with anything because they are special.

Almost none of them come from Business or Finance. Those places where people are routinely held accountable for bad behavior.

Some of the woman, but certainly not all, that work in the fields you cite, they are very interested in being “successful”, but don’t have any interest in doing a speck of hard work.

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The daughter of a woman I knew in college was a model in New York. There was some photo of her and Jared Leto.

Jared Leto is much better looking than Mister Richardson, but Jared and Terry are best pals, and I am not so sure that they are really very different.

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dmartin92: The lawyers in this are probably just as bad as Apple, or even more likely, even worse.

That it is a PR error, yes. The rest, no. The lawyers are just being parasites.

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The lawyers in this are probably just as bad as Apple, or even more likely, even worse.

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On article 2017 in review: a look back at September (10 comments in total)
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Nabilon: Who else scrolled down to the comments oonly to wonder if anybody is seriously reading all the 12 year in a review posts?

I can at least confess that I was considering making the same type of comment. Twelve “news” stories, talking about what happened, it’s going to be overkill, I would say.

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lightandaprayer: It never ceases to amaze me that people on this forum find reasons to criticize an image editing program that works pretty well, is actively being developed, has the potential of supplanting Adobe for many photographers and is FREE.

Now what is that old saying about a gift horse. . .?

Gmon750, in theory, you are right, but look at word processing software. All the free software for word processing has the essential features. For basic stuff, open software can be good enough. Some of the software I use has too many features.

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On article Season's Greetings from (85 comments in total)

That's nice. I was wondering if they would keep up the tradition. People remember ... ten years ago, Christmas morning, the yearly message from Phil. :-)

Same to you, the staff, and everyone else too. :-)

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On article Annie Leibovitz teaches photography in new MasterClass (175 comments in total)
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dmartin92: For those that don’t know why so many are suggesting that she is doing it for the money, Google : annie leibovitz financial problems

Ouf, she became addicted to spending. She could have easily « made a living », 100 times over, if she had managed her money well.

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On article Annie Leibovitz teaches photography in new MasterClass (175 comments in total)

For those that don’t know why so many are suggesting that she is doing it for the money, Google : annie leibovitz financial problems

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Hypoxic: The hypocrisy here is stunning.

"Oh, I only spend $2500 on a camera, anything more and you're a snob carrying jewelry."

Sony a9 comes out.

"Oh, I only spend $4500 on a camera, anything more and you're a snob carrying jewelry."

Income inequality? If you own a camera, are typing on a computer, and have running water and a toilet, you're in the wealthy group. Hypocrites.

I may be mistaken, but I have the impression the Leica lenses are far above average as lenses, and far, far above average in price. The bodies, are far, far above average in price, and average, or below average, as bodies. I may be mistaken, but that is the impression I have.

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junk1: Well, we would quickly turn China in a glass factory (nuke them) if they ever attacked us, so what can they rally do. They have satellites, plus google images, so it's not as though they can't spy on us from above.
Stealing secret defense information is the issue to worry about. But other than putting viruses onto computers (which should not have secret data on them if they have an internet connection to begin with, except Hillary seems to be exempt), how could DJI do steal such data...

If China really wanted to attack the U.S. the easiest thing for them to do would be to sell, in less than a month or two, the entire 2 trillion Dolllars worth of U.S. Treasury Bonds that they have in their central bank. It would be pefectly legal and peaceful, and would create havoc in the U.S.

But they don't want to attack the U.S.

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It's hard to think of a clever quip for this one. Because on one hand, it's hard to imagine the accusation isn't true. But then ... so many other things. In any case, it's nice to suspect the info is not of any real, significant, value.

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