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Jefftan: "many GR lovers, it's a very emotional attachment. That's why we need to listen to customers about where we should go.』"

Most wanted in order of importance
1. Weather seal
2. in body 5 axis IS
3. brighter aperture like F2
4. wider lens like 24mm
5. 24 MP copper sensor as in A6300

Please Ricon, #1 most important, give all of us (the whole photographer community) a large sensor weather seal camera

All they need to do is to give us an update GXR camera back with built in evf and a professional level shot buffer. These were the two biggest GXR weaknesses. I am sure that everyone that still has GXR modules would buy one and be in business straight away.

Surely this most basic, relatively low investment, step is so obvious it hurts?

Create a mount module for PK lenses and preferrably M4/3 (for the lens variety) and if a FF mount module for Leica M was on the cards then Ricoh's genius for innovation would be set in concrete.

No need for us to ask for the earth.

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zakaria: What about many versions of GR like what Sigma did with dp models.
GR with 14 mm f 4. GR with 35 mm f 1.8. GR with 70 mm f 2.4.
I prefer to buy 14 mm and 35 mm versions. Forgot to mention the sensor must be APS-C and the body comes with built-in VF. Ricoh is working for premium. OK this body is a premium for me.

Proof provided - "I want and I wish to be selective" - impossible. These become bespoke hand built objects in small production runs and Ricoh cannot be set up to make goods in that manner. R&D for one particular design - guess $100,000 - front up the crowd funding and anyone will make it.

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Rob890: How about a new GXR. I think they really had something there if only they supported it some more

Yep, the GXR looked like it was just about "getting there" and then it was abandoned for the Pentax Q and the K-01. Enough said.

The multiple GR camera bodies will never work because you couldn't get a dozen GR owners in the same room to agree on what lens they needed. Furthermore they would expect every GR lens to collapse into the body just like the A16 zoom lens module for the GXR :). (Great camera, great lens)

For every GR owner that needs a compact camera per lens there is a Panasonic GM1 winking at them and if they truly need an evf as well then there is the GM5 per lens. The GXR winked and went because the world thought it "odd".

In other words would-be multiple GR camera owners are just wishers who want to buy one specific version of their personal choice - hardly something to give Ricoh the confidence to design and make them. They just think of the innovative GXR experience and shudder.

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Tungsten Nordstein: I never see Ricoh listening.

GR/GRD line:

Drop the CMOS. It just makes your results look like all the others. Plastic, smooth and Boring. Go back to CCD.

Forget video. It's nice but not at the expense of good stills.

Drop all the Pentax-like extras you dumped on the GR. All those Tx modes. A, M , P – that's all we need.

Don't listen to people who want swivel LCDs on compacts.

If you had been on the ball you would have remade the original GR1 digitally with no LCD and the same ultra fast phase-detect AF as the GR1 had. Pity Leica beat you to it.

The GRD 1 was your best digital camera. Don't forget that.


Bring back the GXR. For heaven's sake, was Pentax worth the cost of losing that much loved line?


While we're at it. bring back the GR1. People are getting tired of digital and we need a good compact film camera of the GR1 stature.

Tungsten, well said. Pentax imagination destroyed Ricoh imagination none of it for the better. Now they make products because they think that there is a market for them with the emphasis on "think". Great product though, but at the cost of the death of other great Ricoh product with the Ricoh signature on it.

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I am a Ricoh fan. Pity that I have abandoned the dslr concept, have no modern Pentax lenses, not interested in Medium Format, am also not interested in 360 degree images and my GR is working fine and will do for many more years. Maybe the GXR line concept can be resurrected but no mention was made.

All very bullish about what they can do but I would be a little more concerned that quite a few others would not share this enthusiasm.

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On article Photokina 2016: Hands-on with Olympus OM-D E-M1 II (663 comments in total)
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itaibachar: Oly needs to rethink their naming strategy.
It used to be OM-1, 2 etc.
Now its a weird bunch of letters and odd numbers.

We all know what giving someone the old "one-two" means.

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On article Photokina 2016: Hands-on with Olympus OM-D E-M1 II (663 comments in total)

I don't like the fully articulated screen to the point it is a deal breaker for me. Has Olympus decided that fully articulated LCD screens are now an "Olympus signature"?

Have the managed to put two batteries in the grip? as having to remove the grip to replace the inner one is idiotic.

Have they reworked the menu system that has been growing like Topsy and quite out of control.

Nice camera but I am afraid I am not a videographer and I can already create more images with the E-M1 than I can rationally deal with. I need even more images like a hole in the head. It is not necessarily good to be able to gather images like confetti.

Two SD cards? Why not just one larger card?

Think, think ... oh and the body still has too many buttons on the back plate with to little to do. Olympus should check out the other brands who seem to actually make fewer buttons do more things quite gracefully.

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On article Olympus PEN E-PL8 First Impressions Review (75 comments in total)

Much is made of hipsters and new users. But the GF7/8 was for new users and hipsters coming to Panasonic. But it seems that hipsters still prefer their "free" latest model mobile phones to hipster fashion cameras. Furthermore they might not know where the lens release button was let alone find the need to swap a lens out.

The proof in the pudding is that despite the efforts of the marketing departments real camera users prefer their small cameras to be solid, well made, proper cameras like the GM series and not fashion statements.

Would I be seen dead clutching a fashionable PL-8? Not very likely.

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4K video, super high frame rate and slow motion movie are not very high on my needs agenda. I must be maturing.

What makes or breaks a camera for me is if it is actually nice to use. Sony can pack all the tech into a camera it chooses but until it makes a camera that I actually like using it is all uphill for my custom.

Maybe the M5 isn't too bad at all ....

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On article Canon EOS M5: What you need to know (548 comments in total)
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graybalanced: Those posting this will sell well are correct. It's just a good camera, and with the kit lens it will sell very well into the kit lens crowd (Costco etc.)

I'm almost sold on it, I like it a lot. My only two misgivings are the limited lens selection compared to other mirrorless platforms, and 4K video. If I want to wait, I'm sure that situation will get better with the next generation. But if the reviews come back glowing enough, maybe I won't wait until the next generation.

Don't suggest that the lens selection includes connecting my massive constant aperture Canon EF/EF-S zooms with an adapter. To me that doesn't count because most of the reason I'm going mirrorless is to save space and weight for travel.

Has mirrorless always to be about saving weight for travel?

There are plenty of smaller format mirrorless systems (think M4/3) - what sells best? The biggest body that can have a hand wrapped around it. If you have EF lenses then any saving is a plus and a smaller body is one of them but why do we have them? Because EF lenses are good.

So small-body, large-body? who cares if the idea is to use EF lenses?

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On article Canon EOS M5: What you need to know (548 comments in total)
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Richard Franiec: Finally, M5 looks like nice, capable all purpose camera from Canon. Compact body with what appear to be a nice ergonomics and UI. I can see it as my next travel cam since I already have lenses i need for it (via adapter).
It is a great addition to already excellent Fuji and top M4/3 offerings making our choices harder but not for someone who already invested in excellent Canon optics, like myself.

I agree, the meat is in the EF lenses that will be used and the focal reduction lenses in the adapter that will supercharge them. Are Sony and M4/3 mount cameras going to be the only ones that can focal reduce EF lenses on to smaller sensors? Forget the EF-M lenses it will be twenty years before the range comes anywhere near that offered by EF lenses. Remember EF-S - how many lenses in how many years?

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On article Canon EOS M5: What you need to know (548 comments in total)

I might wait for the focal reduction adapter for EF lenses to turn this little baby into a real powerhouse.

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Toselli: Ok the old optical design, ok manual focus, ok the price (more or less), but why would I want a new (and pricy) lens that can only be used in stop down? For mirrorless it's ok, but it's not a great fun shooting on a reflex with dark viewfinder... Given that you can have the same shooting experience and lens character with something like 20 dollars...

One tends to become a rather sick collector when the lens gets remade with modern materials and slaps down the resale value of that old collectable that you bought six months ago for a motza.

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On article Throwback Thursday: the Samsung NV10 (77 comments in total)

The up-market relation was the NV7 38-270mm f2.8-4.0 and a quite good camera even if the lens bulb on this model is quite substantial unlike its little brother fold-away compact. No way that this camera was not going to put a big bulge in pocket.

dpreview rated it "above average" and criticisms were fair but it was not a bad camera - if anything battery life and a slippery back panel thumb rest were my main objections.

I think that Samsung were actually on to something with the NV7 and it is a pity that they seemed to give up after this classy model and concentrated on el-cheapo models for years afterwards and gave their name a down market reputation.

The NV7 was a really solid attempt at making a quality camera and it is sad that such innovation did not spark the market to look more closely at what Samsung were doing at the time.

In any case the NV7 was a hi-tech curiosity that has a worthy place in the digital camera history books and that model should not be any figure of fun.

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On article Throwback Thursday: Canon EOS 5D (222 comments in total)
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GeraldW: I have long looked at 5D's. This article has me thinking again. Well done.
I have owned a couple of the little brother 30D. Looking back of my shots, the 8 MP 30D still has some of the best looking images.

OK, for future Throwbacks, how about the Canon Pro 1? I still have one (it's #6). When brought out, the early review models had a number of problems that were mostly worked out over the next two years. Early ones had AF issues, fixed by the new firmware; the early ones vignette at certain combinations of focal length and aperture, and they eventually got that right. The differences between the earliest and last production is quite significant. Unfortunately nearly all the reviews were done on the earliest build and give a false picture of what a good one can do.
DPR, set the record straight with a re-review of a late production Pro 1.

Go one better : The Canon Pro90 IS - so far ahead of its time then and perhaps well and truly past time now.

The Pro1 had a better lens, and perhaps a better build, but no IS and I doubt if it was really a success as there was an enormous fire sale at the end of its run.

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On article Throwback Thursday: Canon EOS 5D (222 comments in total)

My 5D is still working - I still use it as a protest to otherwise having to replace one camera body with much the same thing every two years or so at $3,500 per body.

If mirrorless bodies were this expensive to upgrade then maybe there is a lesson there for Sony? Oh, sorry, they have already learned it.

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On article Rebel in your pocket: Canon EOS M3 Review (460 comments in total)
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Photato: One of the ironies about the M series is the ongoing criticism about the limited lens catalog.
However, the reality is quite the opposite. The M series in its humbleness can easily be the Camera with the most extensive lens collection from a manufacturer ever.
It certainly accepts more lenses than Canon Full Frame and Canon APS-C DSLR cameras.
Add to that gazillions of other lenses from other mounts that can be used with adapters and is easy to see why.
While is true that something similar can be said about all other mirrorless systems, specially 4/3rds, the M has definitely the edge given the Canon "natively" supported lenses namely EF, EF-S and EF-M.

The only edge is compared to Nikon now looking rather sheepish with their Nikon 1 diversionary experiment in disarray.

Making the M series without a built in evf model in its line shows that Canon is not yet serious about their M-light range. All the great lenses in the world will not disguise its intended market -"anyone but a dslr user".

Great camera for anyone that would truly like one.

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On article Rebel in your pocket: Canon EOS M3 Review (460 comments in total)
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BeefCoffee: I don't really see whats so terrible about this camera. For people that have $500 for a body, without a mirror, it really isn't a bad option. Is it great anything in particular? No, not really. But it does everything the average person would need and then some. When I worked at CameraMart in Pontiac, MI people would come in with EXPENSIVE gear...not knowing how to change the "orange cast" (wb) in their photos. Cameras like this need to exist, and I think everyone else just needs to get over it. If there's another option out there that's better for you, then just take it. Why complain?

Simply because I have been waiting 10 years for Canon to make a pro-level mirrorless that uses EF lenses. I have given up. Nothing wrong with making a cheap entry level wannabe but average body without evf but where is the really serious mirrorless camera body that we all now that Canon is capable of making?

If they keep ignoring the market change then there is every possibility of doing the impossible - emulating Kodak. But dslr bodies are a high margin product (like film) and mirrorless bodies are low margin product (like digital media).

There's the rub. I am past complaining, it never did Cassandra any good.

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On article Rebel in your pocket: Canon EOS M3 Review (460 comments in total)
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wb2trf: This camera, and in fact the entire slow rate of renewal of the Canon camera line, is what you get if corporate management gives the camera division a very low investment budget. It is entirely rational for corporate management to do that, since cameras are a shrinking market in which Canon already has high market share and Canon is a diversified company. Canon corporate is trying to find better, higher growth, markets to invest in while milking their brand in cameras for higher cash flow toward other markets. No surprises here.

Far out ... US$900m? Where are their bean counters? - what are they doing? They must be using the notes as fuel to tide them over winter.

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On article Rebel in your pocket: Canon EOS M3 Review (460 comments in total)
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kevindar: its stinks generally speaking. and the sad thing is, canon already has a much better sensor in the 80D, as well as very good dual pixel AF technology, and ability to at least shoot 1080 60P. there is only one good thing about the M system, and that is, the lenses, though very few of them, are optically very good, and pretty cheap compared to other mirrorless systems. I have the sony a6000, the I wish I could buy M lenses for it.

Mirrorless camera body users are second citizens from the Canon perspective. They just have to have a mirrorless body in their line up but don't make it too good or it would take sales away from the high margin dslr body cash cow.

Canon can do better than this effort but they don't choose to do so.

I gave up - my EF lenses work perfectly on M4/3 bodies via Metabones adapters and I hear tell that they also work pretty well now on Sony A7II series bodies as well. Why bother with a compact wannabe mirrorless with no evf when the new Panasonic GX85 with Metabones will blow it away when fitted with EF lenses.

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