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An excellent article and has been taken as “holy writ”by many.

What might alter the arguments is the explanation given:

“… the exposure and ISO system is, by design, independent of sensor size and equivalent apertures should only be used to understand camera/lens capability, not exposure”

This is quite clear. However lets imagine if someone were willing to let their ISO rip and be happy with the grainy result, or could wish it away through in-camera assistance or post processing. Then would they be right in believing that their satisfaction should be any the less because they had broken the nexus of equivalent by doing so?

Granted that you can do much the same thing with a lens supported by a larger sensor.

Much devilment has arisen on this very subject by those that see the end results that please and care not what internal camera body tricks are needed to improve the outcome.

Without the exposure and ISO results being examined (with respect) it seems a story half told.

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noshea: Many GR users, myself included, have been proposing such a camera. Kudos for Ricoh for getting on with it and choosing a sensible focal length sufficiently different to 28mm to make it worth it. I understand them not adding loads of bells and whistles to the GRIII. They are a small company and need to keep things simple, to get it into production. I will buy this, assuming the usual image quality is maintained.

Ricoh is not a small company - it is a major multi-national. They just make a small camera in a very select niche for a hobby.

Buying Pentax assets was a mistake, they must still be wondering what to do with it.

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Bencapturesimages: do the GR cameras have manual focus?

You found the achilles heel …. The GR manual focus was pretty ropey and I doubt it has improved. How do you manually focus a collapsing lens? Watch the slider on the lcd. That is why they had to “invent” snap-focus - but the dof on the larger sensor is not as good as it was on the GRD and f2.8 is not actually super fast.

But I have always had a soft spot for my Ricoh cameras - if that is a recommendation.

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jonby: Makes me wonder whether there might be a market for a "poor man's" GR, with an M43 sensor. Could be a bit smaller and cheaper than the GR and most of the 1" compacts, with a step-up in IQ over the zoom compacts due to the bigger sensor and better (and potentially faster) lens. If the price was right, maybe it could find a niche?

I have been saying for years that Ricoh missed its mark by not making a GR with M4/3 mount. Think of all those wonderful lenses that such a GR owner could lust for. I left the first GR for a Panasonic GM1 and soon enough I had me a GR size camera body (smaller in fact) and a 12/2.0, 15/1.7, 20/1.7, 42.5/1.2 and 35-100/2.8 zoom to go with it. And these are all actual focal lengths so double them to get the FF fov equivalent. Heck I have even used a 200/2.8 on it …. :)

The GM1 has not been made for years so they field is wide open Mr Ricoh.

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Smart move - the September sale price when you are not having a sale. Other firms take note. Buy now and the price increase will be forgotten in just a few months.

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On article Hands-on with the Sigma 150-600mm F5-6.3 DG DN OS Sport (142 comments in total)
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Old Cameras: It’s a shame that Sigma can’t (or won’t) sell these in Nikon and Canon mounts. E mount certainly offers a large audience but I don’t think L mount versions will be flying off the shelves.
You may now start another labored conversation about “open mount protocols”. If you must.

You breaka ma patent and I breaka your bank?

Extra connections with RF - different protocols, makes sense for Canon to get a free run with their expensive lenses for a while until the RF gets established. Then let Sigma “have a go” once RF has plenty of bodies out there to need entry level price lenses and those small volume fringe lenses that Canon could not be bothered to make.

Its hardly surprising that if Sigma were shut out from RF and Z that they found making for L so attractive.

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The Ricoh GXR M-Mount module had a fairly robust focal plane shutter that defaulted shut with the lens removed. On switch on with lens attached the shutter automatically opened. The shutter could be set to open if the sensor needed cleaning.

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It was a terrible camera in my book. The then Canon Pro90 IS walked all over it - probably had the same sensor but was throttled back to an effective 2.6Mp because of the image circle of the IS zoom lens that was grafted on to it. Canon screwed up a Pro90 IS sent for repair. They apparently lost it off their loading dock.

They sent me a brand new G3 with all the accessories (I think that was the model) as compensation. Used it twice and then gave it to one of my sons. Even the G3 was not a patch on the well used and loved Pro90 IS.

I bought a second hand Pro90 IS off someone who was updating to a Canon Rebel dslr - within a week of my taking delivery of the Pro90 IS he was badgering me trying to buy it back - he thought it a better camera than his new “Rebel”.

The Pro90 IS failed through the rash of OMG 4Mp bodies when they were released and the lack of a suitable lens to upgrade its image circle.

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nameless0ne: EF? ok.

That was what I was thinking.

However you can adapt EF to many other mount systems quite easily but of course with this lens you will need an electronic version to control the aperture.

RF/L/Z it would make less sense for M4/3/X/EF-M.

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ProfHankD: The infinity adjustment is a really good feature!

I know, you're thinking why would it be off -- but many of us adapt EF or F lenses to mirrorless, and the cheap adapters (and many not-so-cheap adapters) are often a bit off. In fact, it's very common that they'll be deliberately short within a modest tolerance, because focusing to a bit past infinity is ok, but not being able to focus to infinity is a problem. Of course, on lenses with focus distance compensation, being off on infinity would also mean the compensation wasn't right, so there might even be some optical improvement from this.

One might wonder just how many rely on the hyperfocal to pull in the infinity focus. And as someone who only clings to the layman level of the technical side:
At what point in the hyperfocal distance at infinity is true infinity? Is this at its furthermost extent of focus adjustment when the image is still sharp before it goes fuzzy? Or is it “at infinity” as long as it is somewhere within the window of the hyperfocal distance of the lens in question? (Confused, but I know “sharp” when i see it :) )

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Compare Yongnuo YN455 162x85x56 670g and 5” LCD
With the new Olympus E-P7 118x69x38 337g and 3” LCD

Apart from anything else the extra weight must be in the 5” lcd and the provision for mounting it.

Roll on the same thing with a compact fixed lcd and GM1 physical size.

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Jefftan: with gcam stacking, this can easily take MFT to FF level in terms of noise and dynamic range
this is the real and only way to safe MFT but I doubt Olympus understand that

A touch screen can be very useful on very small lcd units such as the ones used by the Panasonic GM series cameras. This new camera in question is oriented to take a large screen to sell into the less involved use market. But there is room to push the “pure” camera paradigm with Android, smaller lcd and M4/3 mount to revive the tiny GM series type of camera. The M4/3 system opens up a wonderland of available lenses already out there in consumer land.

If only such a camera might be capable of being taken seriously by “photographers”. But small cameras are regarded as “cheap and useless” and veritable “toys”. Unless of course they are part of a mobile phone system :)

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On photo 20130614_116 1600 in Gardyloo's photo gallery (1 comment in total)

Lots of very similar abandoned houses in the Mid-North of South Australia where successive crippling droughts resulted in many over-ambitious settlers simply walk off their land.

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On photo Nobody's home in the Abandoned/derelict challenge (2 comments in total)

Interesting to see someone who obviously knows what gardyloo means.

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On article Nikon Z fc Review (2132 comments in total)
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CarmelSoul: I would be more excited about it if there was a better selection of lenses (only one dedicated Z mount DX Lens?). Right now it still looks like the Olympus OM-D Mk III is a better choice for me.

Unlikely to change - Nikon and all other FF ML camera manufacturers really want to sell expensive FF ML bodies and expensive FF capable lenses - so look at this as just a teaser to get buyers into the Z mount and start buying FF kit in time.

I don’t really think we are going to continue the dslr regime where aps-c and FF camera bodies happily co-existed. If lenses cost much the same to produce then why not make them all FF capable rather than make a special set of lenses only really useful on relatively small numbers of entry level bodies when it is assumed that users can be coaxed up to FF bodies in time?

Query - did Sony keep making lots of aps-c lenses after the A7 series of FF bodies was launched? I don’t know but at least the NEX and its successors had a considerable base of sold camera bodies to market dedicated lenses into.

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On article Nikon Z fc Review (2132 comments in total)
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sirhawkeye64: This sort of has me thinking... thieves would probably mistaken this for an old 35mm Nikon film SLR and not bother you.... I mean it does have enough of the retro look that it may very well throw off into thinking it has little to no value.. of course the "professional" thieves keep up with the times, but it doesn't scream "expensive camera" like a Z7 or other branded high-end camera does.

(Someone did once ask me if my Fuji XT20 was a film camera.... and I showed them the LCD on the back...)

Interesting to see that the hugely popular, well conceived, and expensive Nikon film cameras are now not worth thieving. :) More like the experienced thief will know that this new Nikon camera is entry level and not. Worth thieving anyway …..

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On article Nikon Z fc Review (2132 comments in total)

DPReview still preferring side hinged LCD screens when a large proportion of the buying public find this a turn off and prefer tilt LCD instead.

I think that this is more a personal preference situation and neither typeof hinge is necessarily preferable. Therefore to say that the side hinge LCD is “better” is only reflecting a point of view that many are likely to dispute and which of course puts the manufacturers researching on the wrong tram. Simply based, with all respect, on reviewer personal preference.

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With the popularity of the smallest FF camera body and equivalent size of the largest M4/3 camera body it would seem that the market has spoken as to the best sized camera for human hands to use. We are kind of used to lens sizes anyway.

Oh, but mobile phone cameras cannot compete with real cameras as soon as they have a mount stub and a regular lens. That might make more sense - but only for built in lenses. Storm in a teacup, not sure that the wonderful free camera in a mobile phone is about to take over the more serious business of the higher end photography despite all the worry that it has engendered.

Great stuff for axing the cheap low performance compact cameras but not so sure that those that like to have a meaty grip on their photographic adventure are about to change their course. There is a certain thing called “presence” that might have to be overcome.

…. Like how do you convince the crowd that you area serious photographer with a tiny camera or phone in your hand?

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On article Opinion: Do we really need all those buttons and dials? (897 comments in total)

We don’t need “retro” aperture and EV wheels on top. Waste of space - normal front and back wheels do the job better and are not a retro-fashion marketing statement.

Link | Posted on May 12, 2021 at 22:16 UTC as 44th comment | 3 replies
On article Opinion: Do we really need all those buttons and dials? (897 comments in total)

Making a camera more suitable for mobile phone users will not work as they are perfectly happy with their mobile phones already. Why do they need to carry a separate simple camera when they already have one in their pocket?

The vast majority of image makers just want a simple image to share and quickly forget - the phone camera does this. Every modern camera that I know has a catch-all simplicity mode for those that don’t want to make the effort to learn. Serious photography is all about balancing variables and is as much fun (interest) as the caught image itself. But this must be a tiny minority and by the fluff on fora it is surely the gear that makes the image (for you with little thought) that is desirable - and there is plenty of better-gear needed angst.

On the other hand digital cameras need to be designed from scratch. Too many manufacturers just took an slr and added buttons and wheels all over the place wherever they could be squeezed in. Designed not.

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