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On article Striding Forth: Canon EOS 5D Mark IV Review (2142 comments in total)
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tbcass: DPR said "As for us, we like it, and using speedy and accurate touch-to-focus on a rear screen instead of laying on our stomachs in the dirt for a low-angle shot is always an added plus."

Since the screen is fixed you will still have to lay on your stomach for a low angle shot.

There's always the angle finder which does a fine job.

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On article Striding Forth: Canon EOS 5D Mark IV Review (2142 comments in total)
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tbcass: DPR said "As for us, we like it, and using speedy and accurate touch-to-focus on a rear screen instead of laying on our stomachs in the dirt for a low-angle shot is always an added plus."

Since the screen is fixed you will still have to lay on your stomach for a low angle shot.

The 5D IV is my preferred hitter, uses the current lens stable and I like the results. After an early foray in digital, I moved 20D (still have it) 5D1, 5D2 and 5D3.

The 5D IV shutter slap is sweet, distinctive in the way the film Leicas were, the M9 is okay, not the same. (I'm collect Screw and RF Leicas). A substantial investments in lense says Canon. I was looking at the same question on the 80D you mention.

I bought the 80D as my sorta Canon lite. It's not a lot smaller, but it is lighter as are the smaller format lenses. I shoot most when I travel. At home and retired, it's with18-200 Tamron, mostly for my 7yo and 16wk old German Shepherds.

I use it with a long FF 70-300 DO and a Sigma Bigma (50-300) for wildlife in suburbia or the lighter weight 18/200. I would prefer the 5D IV but the 80D is there without breathing hard. I love my film cameras, but -- that really gets involved and digital does things film doesn't - or makes it much easier.

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On article Canon EOS 5D IV: What you need to know (181 comments in total)
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Ruy Penalva: A mirrorless killer? I think so!

I've got a while yet - I have no idea, but thanks for the thought. Mr grandfather made it to 99 and still coherent. But there are times I feel like an overloaded 20 terabyte drive.

I/we still travel like crazy. The dog needs to see us occasionally (and if the other shows up, her too) . I started shooting in the 50s in school, worked professionally in the 60s and then took a different related path.

Life is a bit like a series of photos in a series in an oval room, each having some connection to the other. The cameras aren't central but I do like gear, I'm incredibly prolific the iPhone of late is a bit like the old Leica or Nikon RFs with a wide lend.

I sometimes miss working alone (but not too much)or with other shooters, planning a shoot., looking at the light and coming back.

Fwiw, Kareem AbdulHabaar said something in an interview, that we need to,strive for is to see, in particular each other.

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On article Canon EOS 5D IV: What you need to know (181 comments in total)
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yabba dabba doo: Does DPR purchase their sample cameras or does Canon give them to them?

Consumer Reports is the only place, I think, that buys what it tests I don't know if I trust a writer all that much. I'm usually more interest led in the detailed breakdown technically.

I've found them a bit too,vritical on occasion. Not usually over the the top. I own a lot of gear I.e. Lenses etc.

As an ex film shooter it can be disappointing to see something good obsolete.

We're at a point where I might be be more interested in my next I phone than whatever. For a lot of people, and sometimes it's not just the best because it's the only thing Imhave, but in a few circumstances it's it's the best.

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On article Canon EOS 5D IV: What you need to know (181 comments in total)
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sdgreen: Like the Mk3, a versatile camera, especially with GPS & better DR but the price is too much.

I understand your pain, you do what you can. In reality it strikes a price point fairly well for end players and pro shooters. In Pro work,p, weddings etcs., it's probably a 6-year life span, 3-4 in primary use, the rest in a first reserve. Maybe longer as a trainee.

I still have a 5D2 and a 5D3, that are in great shape, look new. I'm planning or selling both plus a GOS for the 3.

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On article Canon EOS 5D IV: What you need to know (181 comments in total)
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Ruy Penalva: A mirrorless killer? I think so!

I think it is for some. I have one coming to replace my 5d3, perhaps the IV will be my last. I began with the 5D and taken each successor. I've never been disappointed and the only compromise is weight, I'm old and arthritic-hands work mostly. I have enough lenses. The Gps resolved a long time irritant. Have the unit, pain in the as to remember.

I moved toward mirrorless. A Canon M. Major disappointment, not useless. A Sony NEX-7, very useful, weight and lenses (adaptor ps work well with 30s-70s Leitz RF lenses. Sony A7r, great 36mp sensor, image quality. A lot of mobs for HDR.

The mirrorless have their issues with me. I grew up with RFs, Nikon F dominant. I find EVTs agreeable sometimes. At 73 My eye-hand can still clip the moment faster than the EVTs. The A7r EVT literally died last year in Italy - early. Fifteen months, pristine, out of warranty, $695 incl. parts. 21/2 months.

Back to 5DIV, Leica m9 for frivolous nostalgia and fun.

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On article Throwback Thursday: Canon EOS 5D (232 comments in total)
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Archiver: Back in the day, I drooled over the 5Ds owned by the professionals I met. At that time, I still hadn't made the jump to large sensor cameras. I'd look at the 5D images on the internet, and dream of the day I'd go full frame. And yeah, I did. Canon 5D Mark II. Then the Leica M9. It was glorious.

Ironically, I now shoot mostly with m43 and aps-c sensor cameras like the Pana GM1 and Ricoh GR. Heck, I'm even toting the Pana LX7 with its tiny sensor all the time. Full frame cameras just aren't quite small enough for me yet.

You are obviously a nut - which means so am I.

I've owned the 5D, 5DII and the 5dIII. And own a Leica M9 MP.

The 5d gave back the perspective of the Nikon F from 1960.

I eventually gave mine to a fellow retiree, pro. He loves it. I use the 5dIII, less than I should, but it's primary - at least until the IV Arrives. I use Sonys for travel,but still,prefer the 5D 3DSLR as the core.

Explaining the Leica M9 is pointless . You know it. I'm been a Leica collector and probably own 30 and as many lenses. It's not everyday. I exercise the old bodies but do much work with them.

Age and joints pushed me toward some lighter gear FIR TRAVEL. A Sony A7r
36mp and NEX 7, good image quality. I don't really likE EVR.

The 5D Mark IV is probably my last - I'm 73 this year. I've this as buying tools. I have a lot of lenses for it.

even when I've got gear with me, the iPhone 6+ Is often the weapon of choice.

Re the Sony A7R and the smaller sensor relatives. I really prefer the real

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On article Sony Alpha 7R Review (813 comments in total)

Reliability is an issue.

The EVF on my lightly used Sony A7R died early during a trip to Rome in December, making it useless for the duration. I just got it back from the Authorized Sony Repair Service and paid $543.

The minimum charge is $376. The added cost was parts.

The camera was not dropped or damaged, ever. It just quit at a bad time. I bought this was a great sensor and light weight. I prefer my Canon FF, more lenses, etc., but on travel weight matters (I’m old and arthritic).

I used my NEX 7 afterward.. I missed not having the full frame 36 mp for some things.

EVF problems with the 7 Series appear to be fairly common. The classic is that it dies in the EVF mode, rather than the back live view. You can’t get back to the rear screen view. There are some reset approaches that work for a few temporarily.

Sony should have replaced this even out of warranty. It’s a known issue. Otherwise, nice camera.

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On article A look at the Lomography Petzval 85mm F2.2 lens (185 comments in total)

I received this lens as a gift and I'd like to say I love it etc etc. unfortunately if can't say much of anything because mine very attractive lens sits month after month on a shelf.

Why? Waiting for lomography to get its sorry completely disorganized self off its ass and actually deliver the Waterhouse stops.

It's not the first time a premium buyer through kickstart has had problems with so-called extra service being worse than anything subsequent.

I'd love to complain about the Waterhouse stops. They are absolutely worthless if lomo doesn't bother to send the,.

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Klaus dk: Could someone please explain to me why it is so important to criticise everything with a Leica logo? Leica's pricing policy clearly states that Leica wants to be in a class for themselves, where the financially less endoved need not go.
Let the wealthy spend fortunes on Leica gear if they please and it makes them happy. This is not what rocks the foundation of society.

... and if you are so damn smart, why aren't you rich yourself?

PS - just for the record, I have no wish to own a Leica.

Good way to put it. I do own a digital Leica, a black M9-P. I had a good year that year and it was my reward to self. I enjoy it, but it's not my primary camera or close. It is one of the more enjoyable because it takes me back to the early 60s and a Leica I worked with. I've got a sizable collection of vintage Leicas and lenses from the 40s through the M6. The M9 lets me use the vintage lenses. I'm in no rush to buy another one.

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On article Sony a6000 Review (902 comments in total)
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thx1138: dpreview clearly sets the bar low on AF performance. Not one of those frames is acceptably sharp on the face. Sure the hat is acceptably sharp in quite a few and it's clear the AF has been caught out focusing on the front of the hat not the face.

I'm happy with the NEX 7 and A7r. I'm primary Canon 5D3 and others but needed lighter weight for travel- old and rheumatoid arthritis. I still like the Canons, but I heard the same complaint's about the NEX series and lenses. Still I found both the sensor and lenses first rate. Got full benefit of the 24.6 C sensor and Zeiss lens.sam wit A7r and 36. it's different from what I was used to, but okay. Mirrorless focusing misses it on moving targets, at some angles, but I can live withit, I.e. In many ways I prefer manual focus sometimes. I added the A7r for obvious reasons,it's small and lightweight and imaging is first rate with the Zeiss 24-70 and the fat sensor. There are quirks in places, but with 50 years of Nikon, Leica etc, Sony is batting major League. There is a shortage of lenses in the E mount. But I'm having a lot of fun using the collection of Leica RF lenses with both the NEX and A7r --get an F1.1 50mm in focus on the A7s ... Cool. Add a few lenses.

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On article Sony Alpha 7R Review (813 comments in total)
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Maaku: $2300 and no charger?

I already have the charger, actually 2, but it's the same damned battery as the NEX-7 which is otherwise a great camera. People bitch about the Canon 5D2 and 3. They're good for roughly twice th frames. But most cameras or lenses have some shortcoming of little consequence. One thing that mattered to me was size and weight. The NEX-7 served well as a travel sub for the 5D3 and the 7R should make a good sub and more.

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On article Sony Alpha 7R Review (813 comments in total)
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Galbertson: With Metabones for nikon f mount to e mount, i had read in blogs, there is no apeture control. I an only assume this incorrect, my older nikkor manual lenses certainly have apeture dial/apeture control. Anything i am not understanding? This would be on a7r.

If you are dealing with older lenses,you should be fine just setting the aperture that way -- assuming you don't plan to open wide then stop down, I.e. It's manual.

Newer lenses usually are missing both f stop on lens setting as well as DOF marks,. I use Leica lenses, vintage and modern lenses, on my NEX-7, because it's relatively easy.

It was a factor in my buying the 7R - not yet here. It might be more difficult if you use the Metabones Speed Increase. I haven't tried it yet.

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On article Hands-on with the Panono panoramic ball camera (112 comments in total)
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lylejk: Other then the weird looking dudes with their arms raised (lol), this is a fantastic way to capture panos. Guess the dudes can later be cloned out of existance. ;)


What the hell, I figure if Jonas Pfeil can answer questions here, I'm inclined to look at the links etc. and see what's there. It's pretty interesting. Don't know what I'd do with it, but I'll think about it. Fwiw I don't dive etc, but Jonas this sounds like a natural for underwater, e.g. Coral reefs. Given any thought to water tight enclosure with place perhaps to hook monofilament?

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On article Canon EOS 70D Review (718 comments in total)
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Alsone1: Sounds good but needs 4K @ minimum of 30fps given that 4K tv's are now appearing everywhere albeit at a (fast reducing) cost.

Personally I couldn't spend this much money on something I feel is already out of date.

I bought a 52 inch projector Hi Def set 13 years ago while networks were still debating 720p vs1080i and oddly it's wound up at 1080p. DVD format was still debated, blu-ray vs HD - turns out DVDs have a hard time competing with Streaming. My early adopter friend spent $11,000 on a large screen plasma before the HDMI standard. And many said network obsession with high def was crazy because no market had been demonstrated. Whether there's a mass market for 4K might be argued, but broadcasters and other content providers buy equipment on replacement cycles and 4K was high on the industry list at NAB shows with a lot of gear aimed at that segment, from production, sending, transmission, editing to receive end. I wouldn't try to call a cycle on it, but 4k would be is immense use in a significant number of areas outside consumer demand. It's coming quicker to affluent consumers that we believe. Some cinema cameras, Red, Black Magic, already there for quite a while.

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On article Canon EOS 70D Review (718 comments in total)
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Daxs: Got my 70D!
It is better then you think!
Simple! When you start taking pictures you don't want to stop!
And all these negative comments just, just making me laugh! :D

The one thing I wish commenters could do -- but intend no criticism about -- is how does this compare to manual focusing which is what I grew up with on Nikon Fs. The reason I say that is because some autofocus lenses/cameras don't really allow easy switch to manual and there are times you suddenly discover auto is screwed. With Manual, frinstance, if someone walked into a frame, it didn't as a rule affect focus unless you wanted it too. AS an old pro said a few years ago, autofocus is nice, but be sure you got something on the backstop when there's money involved. It's like 10 frames a second seems dynamite unless your drive missed the critical millisecond. Ten frames a second (twice the old Nikon F motors) still leaves a whole bunch of open space if each frame is 1/1000 of a second.

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On article Canon EOS 70D Review (718 comments in total)
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prodrone: Do not want to sound negative, but looking for a mid-range camera and this thing costs much more then of the old trusty Sony A65 (2011), Canon has less megapixels, slower burst, no IBIS, no GPS, compared to that old 2011 Sony. Looking at video, again, D70 has only 30fps video while lower priced Sony got FullHD 60fps progressive two years back.., what is going on ? Second, why the gold award ? Where is the innovation ? Where is the spec worthy of 2013 ? Even Nokia sports 40 MPx cameras today.

My relatively limited experience with Sony, 18-200 OSS and 10-18mm wide says Yabokkie and Naththo don't know squat. I own Leica, Canon and tons of other lenses going back 100 years, shooter turned shooter-collector. The Sony lenses that I have are excellent, buy Zeiss or others if you like. The problem sometimes is that the lens is a bit slow in f/stop and that doesn't help with movement, etc. My primary is a Canon 5D3 and generally the Sony isn't too embarrassed by the company it keeps.

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On article Canon EOS 70D Review (718 comments in total)
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Timetraveler333: Between the EOS70D and the Nikon D7100 using a 3.5 lens (Canon & Nikon) on both, which would provide the best low light capability? Camera will be hand held and venue will be stage performances with moderate movement and occasional ice skating events. I am currently using the Canon T2i and hope to step up to a camera offering better image quality under low light conditions.

I've found the iPhones useful and in specific situations very useful. The iPhone 5s (whatever, not the 5C) is better than the 4. But saying that there's no way I'd recommend the iPhone over either of those cameras, even with a 3.5, although one would hope there's a longer lens. One flaw of the iPhone for that kind of work is that it's too much of a wide angle -- and noise is likely to be a problem. The worse the light is, the noisier it gets.

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On article Canon EF-M 11-22mm f/4-5.6 IS STM Preview (80 comments in total)
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Tropical Photos: I had the EOS M...Great image quality...need to fix the autofocus. Canon really needs to put out more lenses. The lens adaptor idea is cool, but really, if you are going to buy a small travel camera, why would you want to put your big lenses on it? Defeats the purpose.

I sold my EOS M and purchased the Sony NEX 6. LOVE IT! I rarely pull my 5D Mark 2 out. The NEX 6 smokes the EOS M!

I've still got the EOS M, but I acquired a Sony NEX 7 to fill most of the purposes intended for the M - a second travel camera etc with 5d3.It isn't perfect,but it's head and shoulders above the M. I'm not a great fan of EVT but it's a finder. Image quality is first rate - so was the M if in focus.

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