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  • Very different skill-sets, though. I took both video and film (movie) production classes in school, in the film era. Much more different than digital and film still cameras. Aaron
  • As others have said, you could probably use the N90s lenses on a digital body -- but that ties you to Nikon, and if you are interested in (digital) photography it might be more cost-effective to ...
  • Well, it wasn't that costly before the pandemic -- slide film was, but color neg film could still be had pretty cheap. Aaron
  • Doesn't seem too shabby considering this is supposed to be a digital photography-focused web site. :) Aaron
  • Color neg film seems to be the problem -- B&W film is still plentiful and cheap. Lucky for me I prefer B&W! :) I think color film will come back down to Earth as supply restraints ease. Aaron
  • Your camera's meter tries to average everything out to middle grey. It sees that big wall of white and reduces exposure. Notice that the shoe is a little dark. Couple of things to do (and I'd try ...
  • Sorry, overdue answer: I would buy another FG for the parts supply. These cameras are largely unloved and go for cheap prices (by Nikon standards). Which is a shame as I think the FG is a ...
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    Ilford's survey says otherwise -- one-third of the respondents stopped using film and went back to it. I'm one of those people (who grew up with film and went back -- I didn't take the survey, ...
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    Well, for me, I like the hybrid workflow. I do the parts I enjoy (futzing with the camera and developing the film). I was never much of a darkroom hound -- I'd run my test strip and try to get my ...
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    Are you using Flat View or Threaded? Aaron
  • Gorgeous photos.
  • Film is actually on the rise -- though a little hard to find right now as demand is outstripping supply. (Glad I bought hundred-foot rolls recently!) For better or for worse, though, APS-C is dead! ...
  • The fastest shutter speed for both cameras is 1/1000. In terms of the slit-in-the-curtain thing -- I think you're thinking of the flash sync speed . For cameras with a focal-plane shutter (ie most ...
  • Already happened! I wanted to get back to basics with an all-manual camera, a 50mm lens, and B&W film. I did that three years ago, and have shot almost exclusively B&W film ever since. Aaron
  • I still have trouble understanding the appeal of an OVF on digital. I mean, I've read a thousand messages about it, but it still seems like fitting a Prius with a two-barrel carburetor. Aaron
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    Marketing doesn't necessarily reflect your customer base; it reflects either the target customer you want to attract or, if you're more sophisticated, who your target customer wants to be. Look at ...
  • Will the N65 focus the AF-S VR lenses? (Oh, forgive me, you answered that later on.) I disagree. The answer is: Whichever camera you prefer using. That's one of the many advantages of film over ...
  • I don't think it's so much the niche market as that digital is *far* more profitable for the camera mfrs than film. Think about it: A good-quality film camera can last 10, 20, 30 or more years, ...
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    Ah, the myth of the film hipster. In truth, surveys show that most film users are not new to film, but people who either always used film or returned after a hiatus. Happily, there are also many ...
  • Interesting idea. I would disagree with the premise, though. For me, one of the best aspects of film is operating the cameras, and manual-focus lenses are part of the challenge. (To me, a newer, ...
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