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cosinaphile: i find it strange that only nikon uses this technology

It would be even more strange if true.

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stevenbrantley: I have seen seahorses being BBQ'd on a street vendor's grill in South Korea. is that "tragic"?

What IS tragic is that this is a small example of what is happening millions of times over, and the photograph is a way of helping explain the issue

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genrxr: News flash for the person who said this is so tragic!

Did it ever occur to you that maybe this Seahorse life is much better off because it found that Q tip?

It found a way to anchor itself while travelling and using little energy.

The much more damning and dangerous and well, I will call it tragic, is to elevate a ocean critter to the level of a human being.

Humans actually work to make the oceans better. I do not ever recall a Seahorse working to make the environment better for all man/animal kind!

The world we live in today is much better than it has ever been. Start cracking down on socialist/communist countries like China that pollute and it will be even better!


Yeah, like "socialism" or "communism" are the problems. The damage is humans who can't see beyond tomorrow, and feel entitled to lay waste to the future. If you think that the earth, beyond the small amount of space you take up, is better off today, you are watching too much Faux News.

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Fakultativ: "Don't worry about gear."

Uses $2,700 camera, $1,400 lens, $2,900 housing, and $2,000 lighting + misc. equipment.

And well worth it for the image is delivers. At some point, people will start to listen, at least in 1st world countries.

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tim fisher46: The D800 is not a wise choice IMHO - I own one and a touring bike too. It can be knocked out of calibration.

I switched to the Sony Alpha 7R. It's so small and with prime lenses, it fits very easily into my bar-bag, always ready. Add a small off-camera flash and I'm producing a set of less than ordinary, "stock" images, which is what I view here.

Besides, getting to the heart of a culture rarely involves landscape work, it's the details, the interplay of Men, a more documentary approach would bring us closer, more time with the subject matters.

The images I view here could be achieved backpacking & taking side tours, so to me, the whole "cycling around the world" is taking precedent over the photography, such that these are stock / travel pictures, nothing more.

Furthermore, there as many people out there doing long trips, by bike or backpacking, such that the saleable value of these nice pictures is I believe rather limited.

Just my $0.01's worth.

Tim. Looked at your Corbis site. Not much there worth the bandwidth.

D800 may be heavier and bulkier than the Sony, although it produces better images, but "out of calibration?" Stick with your iPad, Dude.

You could learn from this guy. I'd be pleased to show any of his images.

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Paul Storm: Their criteria was "the pictures that moved us most in 2012". A photographic chick flick. Morally obvious, sentimental and lame.

How very sad for you...

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Alexsfo: New camera with the largest photosites. Finally, megapixel race is officially over. Waiting for the photosite size to become the next marketing thing (like DR, ISO, etc.)

D7000 has an edge when it comes to noise. 7D slightly sharper and 10% more expensive, worse autofocus and bracketing. Unless your zoom lens costs more than the body, the D7000 is the winner in my book, on all measures - more expensive zooms and it wins everything but resolution on very large prints, and then not missing by much. I can live with slightly soft more than slightly noisier.

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Francis Carver: One of my favorite short stories of all time is Edgar Allan Poe's "The Premature Burial." Heck, I had no clue that he had actually wrote it about the Canon 1D X camera, phew....

Hey Scottelly - Will you loan out your 1Dx so we can see how bad our D4's are? My D4 won't be here for about 5 weeks, so maybe you could loan it out for a day sometime during that period so I'll have a real pro camera to compare the D4 against.

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Frank C.: silly pointless article, this read isn't going to change people's behavior one iota, his time would have been better spent reviewing some photo gear

Less pointless than at least one comment...

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Don't Like It? Don't Read It!

This isn't Digital Professional Review, but professionalism does include some obligation to teach to improve the profession.

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