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    Thank you, Sattva!
  • Replied in Grumpy finch
    Caught feeding, at some distance, through a double-pane window. Heavily cropped from original - sdQ, 50-100/1.8
  • I shot lots of ORWO in my Werra 3 camera back in the early ‘70s.

    Lots of memories - sadly very few of them exist in any physical form.

  • I bought my 50-100/1.8 off eBay a couple of months ago, for a very good price. It’s spotless, and was delivered very promptly. I wouldn’t place any hope in any ‘new’ SA-mount lenses any more, ...
  • I only have the one prime, the 30/1.4 ‘kit’ lens that came with my sdQ.  I’m quite partial to it - it’s the lightest lens I have, and therefore has its uses in certain circumstances. So, obviously ...
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    In the sky, and down to earth. sdQ, 50-100/1.8
  • Replied in Lakes and Clouds
    A couple more from my walk on Monday - sdQ and 18-300/3.5-6.3 DC. Lake Susan A nameless pond near my house
  • Replied in Lake Susan
    A perennial subject for me, as I walk by it frequently. This time with sdQ, 18-600/3.5-6.3 DC.
  • No such adapter exists, and I don’t think it would be technically feasible either. The reason the sdQ has the ‘snout’ is that it was designed to use (D)SLR lenses, and L-mount, being mirrorless, ...
  • No, I think he got it right. To get an 85mm equivalent on an sdQ, you need to start with something around 57mm. Hence the recommendations from a couple of us for the 50-100/1.8 - 75-150mm equivalent.
  • That was going to be my suggestion also. I rarely take portraits, but in the short time I’ve owned this lens, its qualities have impressed me so much that it would be my first choice if the ...
  • We visited Drake’s Farm, in Hillsborough, NJ a few days ago. There’s a rather fine orchid house there. I took these with my Q2 - all SOOC JPGs, natural light, with some minor cropping and tweaking ...
  • The geese are back. First real sign of spring around here. Q2, OOC JPEG with a crop and a tweak.
  • Of course it was personal preference - clearly stated up front.

    I enjoyed it, despite the Sigma dig at the beginning. I’m one of the rare troglodytes who owns, and enjoys using, a Sigma sd...

  • Thanks for taking the time to comment, David. I do see the fringing you mention if I zoom in on the upper RHS. For a shot like this, which is really unlikely ever to see the light of day outside of ...
  • Replied in 30/1.4, anyone?
    The Sigma 30/1.4 DC Art lens, often found bundled with the sdQ, doesn't seem to get much love around here. I took mine out for a walk this morning, and I have to say I'm quite pleased with the ...
  • Replied in Q2 Handgrip
    I like the handgrip. I carry the camera on a wrist strap, by my side, and without the hand grip it’s really hard to hold onto for any length of time. I prefer it for shooting also, along with the ...
  • Congratulations. I bought the same combo in 2019 for the same price. It’s about the best bang for the buck out there, IFF you understand what you’re getting, and IFF you’re prepared to use it in ...
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  • SOLD - thank you, Tom!
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