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I can understand why with increasing tech improvements, mirrorless will ultimately dominate. However, I don't really see full frame as the only option unless the target market is people with big dollars for $2000 +camera bodies, and a collection of $1000+ lenses. For many fairly serious pic and video shooters, I believe a smaller sensor, smaller camera, smaller lenses, and hopefully lower prices is still adequate. I am not satisfied with using just a phone, but I am not willing or able to dump all my gear and buy into a new system especially at current prices. Full frame only will serve to drop more people out of the market.

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If Canon wants to move more into mirror less that's great. However they need to assess their features vs price and competition. I believe the current offerings are overpriced.

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If Canon wants to move more into the mirrorless market, they need to more competitive on price. To me, both the M50 and M5 are overpriced in comparison to more sophisticated cameras from other brands including m 4/3. Yes, I know smaller sensors but many potential buyer don't care because they are still excellent imagers. I can't see why the M50 body should be $220 more than the Sl2 or almost as much as the Olympus M5 mk2. Certainly the canons are decent devices but if I was not invested in canon lenses and flashes, they would be down the list.

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plantdoc: Seems like the only phone with a camera is an iPhone. Another approach is to buy a less expensive but capable phone and spend the difference on a good compact camera. Do you really need an $800+ phone these days for texting, calling, internet? With a 2 year or so life span before batteries go or update app issues. My .02

Nothing against iPhone because I currently use a 6S. Got a fairly good deal and my wife, who has the same, isn't interested in learning anything else. i plan on using the battery replacement program keeping this phone until it is either dead or not functional. Spending $800-1000 every couple of years for modest improvements these days just isn't in my budget and really isn't necessary. My 6s takes fine snap and share pics. Without deals for long time customers, I would not be shelling out $800-1000 (times 2) for phones.

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Seems like the only phone with a camera is an iPhone. Another approach is to buy a less expensive but capable phone and spend the difference on a good compact camera. Do you really need an $800+ phone these days for texting, calling, internet? With a 2 year or so life span before batteries go or update app issues. My .02

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How about some testing on a more common PC? What % of LR users have PC's in this performance and price range? These results aren't meaning to me with a 4 year old I7 PC with 24 gigs of RAM and SSD and Nvidia card. Import and export speed are the least important aspects compared to zoom, editing, etc.

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I hope my 6s is included because I have no need to replace the phone other than the battery. The new models don't offer anything that I really need. Call me a Luddite but I think all devices with a battery should have battery that can be replaced with basic tools. Otherwise, how may millions of devices end up in landfills as toxic E waste losing valuable metals. Second option would be a manufacturer recycling program

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The ultimate objective is develop AI that will take very good pics without having to know anything or learn any skills. I believe this is just what most people want. You can then jump into your self driving car because you don't know how to drive. Can't type either because voice AI is perfect and can translate immediately into any language. No need to learn one anymore. Travel and see the world? Not necessary. Artificial reality is just amazing and no crowds to deal with. So it goes....

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I use LR 6 and Elements 14. These changes seem rather confusing especially the synch process and limitations described in the article. I don't need more complexity and more time spent on updates, new features, bug fixes, security threats, etc. Life is increasing getting too short for this type of "sit" activity. Not healthy according to all reports. While I like the combo I am using, I realized a limitation compared to my previous work using other software. There were always to folders in the end result. The original pic files and another with the edited files. With LR if the catalog gets trashed or some other major bug, I still have the originals but not the edits. Recently, I have started to export the edits to another external drive that has both the originals and the edits. These files on this drive are not linked to LR or any software. However, they are archived on a cloud storage and some are linked to a digital photo frame via wi-fi,

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Seems like a G5x but with a bigger sensor and less lens zoom and slower lens. A larger sensor and more megapixels is usually only an upgrade if the lens is up to the task. The G5x was not noted for a consistently sharp lens and my G9x has some issues with only a 28-80mm range. A weak link in the push towards larger sensors. Of course, low light performance can be better, but slower lenses off set that advantage. And, if lenses aren't sharp then more megapixels don't help much. Both factors need to work as team.

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I believe the objective is remove as much of the human element or skill learning as possible. Just take the pic and the AI software will try to make it the perfect picture. No learning, skills etc necessary. Then jump in your self driving vehicle and head to the robo eatery. No driving skills, no cooking knowledge. However, I will admit that fixing closed eyes would be very helpful in our family pics. I suspect in the future you will have a small sensor on your hat that will automatically recognize a great pic and take it for you without any guidance.

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On article Canon EOS Rebel SL2 / EOS 200D Review (558 comments in total)

Without micro focus adjust, this camera is missing a sometimes critical function (like all Rebels). I discovered that 3 of my best lenses (100-400 mk1, 70-200 f4, (from film days) and 15-85mm) won't focus accurately on my sl1 except in live view. The stm kit lens and an old 17-85 are fine. Great AF without MFA isn't great in my opinion. Fortunately, my 70D can correct the problem with a few hours of work. I returned a new sl2 and sprung for the M5 for a very compact travel camera that can use all my EF and EFS lenses without AF accuracy problems. I would have preferred the M5 to be more the size of the sl2 and not need a lens adapter. I wish the sl2 hotshoe could take an EVF. Best of all worlds. Always compromises.

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Automation may be good for reducing costs for a company and it assumes that the "gone" workers will find other employment so they can still buy the products. However, the end result if almost all jobs are eliminated by automation and AI for think jobs, who will have the money to buy anything except the tech workers. The positive thinkers believe workers will always find something meaningful and profitable to do. I challenge them with "what?" And how long will those jobs last before they are eliminated. Not everyone can be a coder. Can't stop change. Just something to think about.

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Good enough is the key. Most photos will never be printed or saved. They will be viewed on a small device and most likely not be around in a few years unless shooters take a special effort, which I suspect few do. Photography as a serious hobby is not what most folks want. They dont want to learn about exposure, shutter speeds etc. Not interested or too much work. Just take the pics and under any and all conditions, the pics should be acceptable without any knowledge or work. This is where smartphone cameras are rapidly heading. AI, software can do it. No knowledge or skill required. Just point and shoot.. perfect pic. Hit the road in your self drive vehicle. No need to learn that ancient skill of driving. Tell your 3D printer and cooker to make a nice steak. No skill required. No sense playing chess or Go because your household Bot can always be you. Ah... the future. But no need to worry about that need heart transplant. A cloned version is waiting for the robo surgeon.

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No debate about marketing, sales, etc. Just watch Mad Men for a good depiction. What bugs me is not more expensive hardware added to lower priced models, but apparently, intentionally leaving about capabilities that are firmware based while adding a confusing mix of features that I doubt many people use. My complaint is not including Micro Focus Adjustment on the newest Rebel models. This omission can create a significant problem that can easily be fixed with MFA.

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What will most people do with 4k and 60fps except watch it on their Phone? Then does 4k matter?

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The connection description has me confused. Does the printer support direct wireless connection to a phone or camera? All the info talks about using a network, which has me confused. I want to use phone, camera, tablet and apps to connect directly to the print and not through some other network connection. I found Canons directions for setting up my Pixma all in one rather cryptic and brief. Hope this has better instructions for the moderately computer literate.

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I think part of QC for hardware and firmware is the necessity for companies to create and produce a rapidly changing and upgrading stream of models. Thorough testing before release may not be adequate. Move on to the next new model with ever increasing complexity

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On article Hands-on with Canon EOS Rebel SL2 / EOS 200D (235 comments in total)

I don't find 9 Af points to be a big issue because I always use the center AF point for servo focusing and focus and reframe for still pics. With my 70D, I rarely use the cluster of AF points because I find the focusing to be less accurate. MFA may or may not be an issue depending on the luck of the draw with your lens. Certainly, fast lens with less DOF will be more sensitive but even slower lens can have a problem or perhaps not. The lack of MFA is the one significant error I think Canon has made with the new Rebels. Sending lenses and cameras to service for calibration makes no sense when firmware could provide a do it yourself solution. I don't think MFA requires more or different hardware because I believe it's a firmware feature. Correct me if I wrong on this.

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On article Hands-on with Canon EOS Rebel SL2 / EOS 200D (235 comments in total)

Amazing price for body only and overall feature set, especially compared to the M5. Is Canon really selling the M5? I see no advertisements or promotions for it. Strange. Just wish it had MFA but I will probably buy one in the near future as my travel camera. Overall a smart move by Canon in my opinion. Of course, there are higher spec and more expensive options if they meet your needs and budgets.

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