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I hope this will end well

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marike6: Sony made a big gamble by dropping the OVF on all their cameras. A top level pentaprism OVF will always be the state-of-the-art, while in one or two years time, the A99 EVF will be old technology, superseded by new models. Just ask Fuji X-Pro1 users how they felt when the X-E1 came out with a higher specified EVF.
So perhaps one of the negatives of adopting an evolving technology like EVF is an increased need to upgrade. Whereas a 100% OVF of a 5D3, D800 or A900 will always be about as good as it gets.

of course! technology that keep improving is worse than technology that stop improving...

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zodiacfml: An RX1 around 1000 USD.

with collapsible lens

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Denton Taylor: What we really need is a revised price. Then I might buy one.

but it have premium features. Zeiss lens, FF, compact body

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nicolaiecostel: Wow, so Nokia releases a phone that has video as good as a DSLR, is cheaper than an iPhone 4s and people complain about it. No wonder Nokia has gone so far down hill, people these days want to buy marketing catch-phrases and hype-devices.

that is not the problem

Nokia 808 Pureview has the best camera phone ever. But as a smartphone, it fail.

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Rupert Bottomsworth: Is WPO an independent organisation or is it a Sony creation?

Independent. but it seem Sony is big sponsor

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