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  • Commented on article Sony SLT a99 II Review

    I don't get Sony's inability to fix their color balance to get rid of greenish yellows etc...

    Apple, using Sony's phone camera identical to Sony's Z5 or ZX has much more neutral color...

  • Always been fond of Panasonic, cause they've never sold me a dud in any of their product lines, and past Panasonic purchases have outlasted most everything else I bought.

    The only thing that...

  • This Canon looks good, but not good enough to buy.

    I'll wait till either Sony fixes its Touchscreen and UI, or Canon fixes its specs, including 4K and availability of native lenses.

  • Awww, don't be like that :p I have no shaky hands and I drink neither coffee nor any of the toxic commercially produced "drinks" I own several tripods, but in many situations, they are not usable, ...
  • It actually amounts to praise, that this is the biggest annoyance, as I don't remember ever finding much else to critizise. But this is pretty annoying: To comment on something, you must log in, ...
  • try Capture One, I can delete rather quickly.
    Also its not rent-ware. No continual drain on your bank account.
    And Sony set up a special deal for their customers.

  • bigger grip with unchanged battery probably means Sony didn't feel like making a new, different size battery, but didn't have enough space to fit two of the tiny ones.

    I think with the A6500,...

  • @HenryDJP I called the price difference minor, because while the A6500 is brand new, still on pre-orders and won't be discounted for a while, you can find the A7RII for roughly a third less...

  • Hi DPReview, I have a question - regarding Single AF for video: Does that work better (or at all) when shooting video on the A6500...?

  • Commented on article Video: Sony a6500 First Look

    Its not a replacement, but an additional model, for more variety.

    And it seems because Sony opened their ears and listened to what users said they were missing on the 6300.

  • Can someone tell me if there is ANY reason to buy this over the A7RII, other than what's fast becoming a minor price difference..?

    Well, the lenses have a fairly large price difference also, but I...

  • If you don't mind a constant skeletal, muscular imbalance while walking about with your (usually weighty) gear, by all means, get a messenger bag.

    Well if you always just shoot out of your car...

  • Ugh...

    Your comparison is very stetched, but it does work 100% for one thing: People's irrational identification with one brand or or another, turning it all into a religious thing.

    This has...

  • If I was considering the a6300 for myself, I might actually end up with an 80D, after seeing some of the glowing reviews.

    But I'm not in the market for APS-C, just reading out of interest.

  • Did you fail to notice that DPReview panned the kit lens in a single sentence, making it pretty clear its so bad, it doesn't even merit any further comment?

    Further into the review, they also...

  • Just don't fall into thinking every criticism is "hate"

    To even bother criticizing something, there must be something you like about it, while other things fall short and you wish they...

  • Just how does it come, that the low light performance of the A7 II is worse than the A6300 - and - stunningly, worse than the RX100IV with its little 1" sensor...?

    And the Nex5 N still beats the...

  • Afaik, RX100m2 and m3 only had Exmor R sensors. Sony calls its BSI sensors Exmor RS and only the RX100m4 got one.

  • Commented on article Hands-on with the Nikon D5

    This thing is probably best to carry around in a HILTI case...

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