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digitallollygag: Does Nikon even need the Nikon 1 camera line once these hit the shelves??

I think they never needed that line.

small 1" sensor with big clunky lenses. ewww.

A camera system designed for dorks and show-offs

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aramgrg: Why do all companies tend to be present in every category?
Pentax announces an FF dslr to join already quite full market, canon and nikin go with 1" compacts. I wait for Olympus to announce an FF camera and that's it :).
I don't see the specialization which should make the products cheaper.

Its usually competition that makes products cheaper.

If just one manufacturer specialized on one type of camera, they could charge whatever to those who need that particular type, cause nobody else competes.

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Arizona Sunset: The 24-500 could be the new king of 1" bridge cameras, as well bundled crop sensor DSLR two lens kits.

The buffer and speed indicates that they have some serious horsepower.

All the while being much smaller than most of those bridge cameras, yes!

But the lack of EVF on the DL24-85 would drive me back to Sony, if I somehow found myself leaning towards more light and less zoom.

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ajay0612: it would have been better if they had lauched at least one cam with 100mm (35mm equi) prime with f1.0 (or wider) rather than launching 3 cam none of which is good enough for shooting portraits (a primary usage).

I concur...

Was already a good and proven decision for Sony's RX1R to have a fast prime lens.

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Aroart: Really was hoping to see an apsc sensor in these things.. Common Nikon, Sony, Pani, and even Canon have very similar specs... But they do look pretty cool.. .Maybe the supper zoom might be a good alternative to a big dslr..

If I'm not mistaken, these aren't in the size range you're thinking of. These are tiny like the RX100IV, I think... there's just no room for APS-C

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endofoto: Nikon is losing it. If you are willing to pay these prices you can buy sony 6000. People are using cell phones, you hear me Nikon?

Or even a Sony a6300.

But I think 1" pocket cameras still have a purpose.

If I want to carry an a6000 without a rather large bag, I'm limited to a pancake lens with F2.8 at best and no zoom.

These cameras are much smaller and the zooms fold in, so they carry the same as if you had a pancake, but you get an all around better/faster lens.

Also, they have BSI sensors, rather than the a6x00 old style cmos sensors. All I can say is, that the RX100IV takes some awesome pictures for its tiny size: super sharp, good in low light and it doesn't weigh you down.

If you're trekking, a 1Kg a6x00 kit is far too much weight, but you'd surely find use for the 500mm lens on a DL over some no-zoom Phone camera with a plastic lens.

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Excellent! Something to give the RX100IV a run for its money.
Prepare for Sony speeding the schedule for the RX100V...

I do wish all the DL models had a view finder.

I would have preferred the F1.8 85mm over the long zoom, but not without EVF.

A fourth model with a prime lens anyone?

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SHood: The s7 is using the Sony IMX260 which is a 12mp 1/2.5" 4:3 sensor.

Sony never sells their newest sensors to the competition, so the Imx260 would be the likely candidate.

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Peiasdf: I love how feeble-minded Samsung marketing trolls are. They come in hordes bad mouthing other brands and up-voting their own comments. I hope Mister Roboto is paying them in Dollar and not Won which is not doing very well.

Every single thing on this phone is copied from the market leader Apple.

Metal body - check
Glass back - check
Touch ID - check
Bottom speaker - check
TrueTone Flash - check
Waterproofing - check
0.8mm camera protrusion - check
12MP - check
Apple Pay - check
NanoSIM - check
60fps UI - check
4:3 sensor - check

Samsung cannot even come out with a new exterior design because Apple haven't released iPhone 7 yet.

Here come the feeble minded Apple marketing trolls.

You must have missed the 'sheeple have to stay outside' sign by the entrance?

Seriously, the phone-religion wars are such an old, dead horse... can you come up with something new to bluster over?

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The only thing I miss is active noise cancellation built into the phone, like my Sony, which makes air travel a much less noisy affair...

Especially the larger pixels sound appealing. Maybe casual shots in the evening will be less of a mess than you usually get from tiny phone sensors.

If the speedy 1.7 lens is also sharp, it'll be a great camera!

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ummario: I want to buy this camera, but I'm afraid Sony can release an updated camera before summer, and I do't want to buy a almost outdated camera. Does anyone knows if this will happen?

Is people happy with it?

I think its smart to keep selling the old models at a lower price.

For the RX100 V, I hope for some improved ergonomics and menu, but I doubt it with Sony... they've been resistant to improving the menu since the nex5 days.

The other thing I'd like to see would be an extension of the zoom to ~ somewhere between 90 and 135mm at the long end, to improve the ability to get typical portrait shots.

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migus: Might be an interesting phone, except one 'feature', i.e., "Cloud storage" to which any serious user should take exception.

" alternative to those who want to access large numbers of photos from their gallery app without shelling out big bucks for a phone with a lot of built-in storage."

Local storage today is plentiful, fast, light and affordable; e.g. a 32GB uSD card costs practically only a few $, not larger/heavier than pocket lint, barely a gram. Also the 128+ GB cards cost a fraction of most data plans. Thus one could carry her personally private 'cloud' about, fast, cheap and secure.

Wanna show my latest shots to a friend met on the street, with voice comments? Presto, at local speed, no data costs!

Yet the local storage has become the anathema of Cloud Inc., the "big data" companies monetizing their users' data. A uSD card is cheaper, lighter, faster than ever... if only a port would exist to use it!

I'd never buy a device w/o local storage ports built-in.

You're forgetting Greedle's motivation to have access to more of your data - why they outright forbid any manufacturer who wants to make a Nexus device to include a MicroSD card.

And of course, corporations have no intention for us to go on keeping control over our own data. We're supposed to be dependent on them.

Wanting to dip into our bank accounts on a monthly basis is actually secondary, believe it or not...

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photogeek: Things people will do to avoid giving you a micro sd slot. Guys, a 128GB microsd card is $30 on Amazon and prices are dropping like a rock. Who needs this?

Cloud is fine to add as a backup, but it can never replace a 200GB MicroSD card.

@fuego6 - I have never lost a phone yet. If I did loose one, I have multiple backups and a credit card sized case holding 10 MicroSD cards - I don't just use them for my phone, of course, also for camera and field recorder to swap etc.

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N13L5: Sounds fine for people who never leave their urban high speed internet area, who believe the internet will never be shut down for reasons of martial law or war or whatever.

I keep saying, the NSA should just offer cloud backup and they wouldn't have to go to so much trouble to get your data, you'd give it to them out of lazyness and airheadedness.

I carry a 40GB library on my cell phone, including tomes like "ditch medicine" and "a ship captain's guide to medicine when there's no doctor and no supplies" etc.

There is no better way to keep handy a lot of information than a cell phone. I don't know what you use yours for, but for me, its mainly a tiny computer and storage for data I may not be able to look up on Google some day soon, given the speed the warmongering Globalists are moving towards crisis.

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