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Tonkotsu Ramen: Can you comment a bit more on the speed of the G7 X Mark II?

How is the:

Initial AF acquisition time

Shot to shot speed with review on

Shot to shot speed with review off

Time to clear buffer after filling with jpg+raw

Overall operational speed vs G7 X and Nikon J4/V3/DL?

Thank You

That would be useful to know, amid all the feeble minded statements that Canon/Nikon/Whatever is "the best".

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tigerw: When I saw the new Pentax K-1 only offers 1080p@30fps and the new Sigma sd Quattro does not even have video capability, I felt Canon was doing well. But when I saw the new Sony A6300, I put my Canon gears on sale. Being a Canon user for 10+ years, it's time to let them go. That said, I still love Canon lenses and I've decided to keep them for a while. There are people out there who like the Canon "style" when it comes to camera bodies but I can only say for myself I like to try something new.

@ PhotoRot

It seems you can increasingly get cameras that do both really well.

Much better than having to carry 2 different cameras if your horizon includes more than still shots alone.

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PhotoPhoolish: I just don't understand all the people who post simply to bash this brand or that brand. If you're truly happy with your Sony, Nikon, Fuji, etc., what do you care what Canon does or does not do to make you happy? You are obviously not their intended audience or buyer. I can only assume people bash for one of these reasons: 1. You're looking for an audience to join you in your crazy behavior (misery loves company); 2. You're looking for a reason to jump ship and leave your brand because of some unhappiness; or 3. You're jealous of the loyalty of Canon users and just can't fathom why they won't leave Canon and buy one of the "obviously superior" cameras made by their competitors.

Meanwhile, you have no basis for ripping any of these new cameras, as none have been tested. I suggest devoting that time you use now for irrational behavior and nonsensical posts to work on your photography skills. We would all be better off! Personally, I think complaining for the sake of complaining is better left to 8 year olds.

Good luck in life haters. Remember, nobody likes a whiner.

sounds like you have an axe of your own to grind too...

and... "Loyalty" to a corporation? Give me a break.

That's akin to being loyal to the mafia who's been blackmailing you, or a rabid dog that bit you.

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On article CP+ 2016: Hands-on with Nikon DL compacts (310 comments in total)
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jimmy.walsh: Exciting development in Nikon's 1 series lineup. I wonder if there will be a waterproof DL?

An AWDL18-50 would get my money.

agreed, I hope there will be more variations...

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On article CP+ 2016: Hands-on with Nikon DL compacts (310 comments in total)

I expected a space saving EVF to be integrated, to consider it an alternative to Sony's RX100IV.

Without that, even if lenses and sensor turned out to be superior, I think I'll be forced to ignore these. I just don't like a detachable viewfinder very much; extra cost, chance to loose, blocking your hot shoe, making it harder to pocket if left on.

If I didn't care about it fitting into my coat pocket with ease, I'd be looking at some full frame mirroless camera instead.

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RaghavBaijal: Sigma 30mm 1.4 = $340
Sony 35mm 1.8 = $450

If the Sigma AFs as fast as the Sony, here I come Sigma...

Note: To its credit, the sony has OSS, but still...

@ nandbytes Yeah, I wasn't trying to claim that it was. I could have worded that better :)

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Svein Eriksen: Finallly a replacement for the CP 8800! Hope AF speed is improved!

Wonder why I cant get these lenses for the Nikon 1 series.

With the lenses, that seems to be the same for every company...

They can do awesome lenses for certain fixed lens compacts, but when it comes to the mirrorless cameras, there's nothing that compares.

For Sony APS-C mirrorless, the only available *native* lens that I consider somewhat above avarage is the 50F18. (DxO lists it as the third best prime for the a6000, behind two FE Zeiss lenses) Everything else I tried feels of inferior quality to the lens of the RX100
Putting on FE lenses has drawbacks and multiplies the price.

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JJ1983: Wow, I am actually impressed Nikon has brought something new to the table (and it looks fantastic). Looking at the comment section depresses the heck out of me. A lot of 'upset' or 'let down' people missing their niche requirement, complaing that it's the end of the world. Has everyone been eating pickles or something?

lol I'm all out of pickles.

But comparing one's personal needs to a newly introduced camera and comparing to how well it would serve those by comparison to certain other existing cameras can never be wrong to do.

After all, a camera isn't an art object, but simply a tool that needs to fit what a person wants to do with it.

Calling that someone's "niche requirement" is kinda condescending. And don't be depressed by what other people say. Just look at it for your own purpose and if its great for that, excellent. You do not need the agreement from everybody else here.
And I hope you're not talking cause you feel sorry for Nikon - Nikon is just another greedy corporation you shouldn't "love", even if you're happily using one of their tools.

My "niche" is simply that I require an EVF. "At this size??" you may ask and my answer would simply be: "well, Sony happens to give me one, simple as that. If someone offers it and its something I definitely want, it becomes a requirement.

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raztec: Someone at Nikon has finally woken up after some deep hibernation.

However, in typical Nikon fashion they have decided to cripple each camera in one way or another. No ND filter in one and no EVF the others.

This should have been only 2 cameras with identical feature sets except the lenses. An 18-50 and a 24-200. Both with EVFs and ND filtes and macro capabilities. I might have even bought both.

I think think the RX100IV has all the boxes ticked and isn't another cash grab like these cameras.

I must say, I agree with you. I was hopeful they'd be an alternative to the RX100, until I figured out that 2 of them don't even have EVF.

Truth is, Nikon isn't the only company that 'strategically' cripples cameras to better extort more cash, Sony certainly is no stranger to that. But in this case, Sony's package is just the more complete package as a sole travel camera, while the DL500 is disqualified because of its overall bulk.

That's just for me though, for a wild life photographer, the DL500 may be by far the smallest camera you can get with that kind of reach.

And the sample pictures look sharp enough, even though Nikon fails to give you the full size images for inspection, which is kinda lame.

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nandbytes: I wonder if the sensor, image and video quality is as good as Sony RX100m4??

Oh well, the landscape and portrait models have no EVF and the tele model is too bulky.

Without EVF, I'm just not interested.

I guess its still the RX100IV or soon RX100V

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RaghavBaijal: Sigma 30mm 1.4 = $340
Sony 35mm 1.8 = $450

If the Sigma AFs as fast as the Sony, here I come Sigma...

Note: To its credit, the sony has OSS, but still...

We'll still have to see if its as sharp at 1.4 as the Sony at 1.8...

Here's hoping :)

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digitallollygag: Does Nikon even need the Nikon 1 camera line once these hit the shelves??

I think they never needed that line.

small 1" sensor with big clunky lenses. ewww.

A camera system designed for dorks and show-offs

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aramgrg: Why do all companies tend to be present in every category?
Pentax announces an FF dslr to join already quite full market, canon and nikin go with 1" compacts. I wait for Olympus to announce an FF camera and that's it :).
I don't see the specialization which should make the products cheaper.

Its usually competition that makes products cheaper.

If just one manufacturer specialized on one type of camera, they could charge whatever to those who need that particular type, cause nobody else competes.

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Arizona Sunset: The 24-500 could be the new king of 1" bridge cameras, as well bundled crop sensor DSLR two lens kits.

The buffer and speed indicates that they have some serious horsepower.

All the while being much smaller than most of those bridge cameras, yes!

But the lack of EVF on the DL24-85 would drive me back to Sony, if I somehow found myself leaning towards more light and less zoom.

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ajay0612: it would have been better if they had lauched at least one cam with 100mm (35mm equi) prime with f1.0 (or wider) rather than launching 3 cam none of which is good enough for shooting portraits (a primary usage).

I concur...

Was already a good and proven decision for Sony's RX1R to have a fast prime lens.

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cityofdust: ugly again................... designers need wake up. specs don't sell a camera anymore its about fun at least for pocket cameras

I think you're in the wrong price range.

$200 pocket cameras are about fun.
$900 pocket cameras are about capability and ergonomics to get shots you'd normally expect from a DSLR.

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Aroart: Really was hoping to see an apsc sensor in these things.. Common Nikon, Sony, Pani, and even Canon have very similar specs... But they do look pretty cool.. .Maybe the supper zoom might be a good alternative to a big dslr..

If I'm not mistaken, these aren't in the size range you're thinking of. These are tiny like the RX100IV, I think... there's just no room for APS-C

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endofoto: Nikon is losing it. If you are willing to pay these prices you can buy sony 6000. People are using cell phones, you hear me Nikon?

Or even a Sony a6300.

But I think 1" pocket cameras still have a purpose.

If I want to carry an a6000 without a rather large bag, I'm limited to a pancake lens with F2.8 at best and no zoom.

These cameras are much smaller and the zooms fold in, so they carry the same as if you had a pancake, but you get an all around better/faster lens.

Also, they have BSI sensors, rather than the a6x00 old style cmos sensors. All I can say is, that the RX100IV takes some awesome pictures for its tiny size: super sharp, good in low light and it doesn't weigh you down.

If you're trekking, a 1Kg a6x00 kit is far too much weight, but you'd surely find use for the 500mm lens on a DL over some no-zoom Phone camera with a plastic lens.

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Excellent! Something to give the RX100IV a run for its money.
Prepare for Sony speeding the schedule for the RX100V...

I do wish all the DL models had a view finder.

I would have preferred the F1.8 85mm over the long zoom, but not without EVF.

A fourth model with a prime lens anyone?

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