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On article Upwardly mobile: Sony a6300 Review (2163 comments in total)
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NJOceanView: Did I miss the place where they pushed the picture 6 stops to see how much the picture breaks down, or is that just for Canon reviews? Not trying to be snarky, but I don't see it an "Exposure Latitude" page on this review. If I missed it, just let me know -- thanks!

If I was considering the a6300 for myself, I might actually end up with an 80D, after seeing some of the glowing reviews.

But I'm not in the market for APS-C, just reading out of interest.

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On article Upwardly mobile: Sony a6300 Review (2163 comments in total)
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bobfonte: You can not say that this site has not done its best to promote the Sony products. First, it was Sony a7RII and now Sony a6300. Why do they not mention the poor quality of the lenses (like this 16-55mm) or the absurd prices of few good quality lenses. Photographers know that the most important thing in photography is the quality of the lenses. It would be irresponsible to leave a robust and reliable system like Canon or Nikon and jump into an adventure with Sony, with proprietary and few accessories. Remember BETAMAX. Let's get real!

Did you fail to notice that DPReview panned the kit lens in a single sentence, making it pretty clear its so bad, it doesn't even merit any further comment?

Further into the review, they also mentioned the poor state of things regarding lenses for the APS-C E mount.

If they have sufficiently weighted this in their rating is another question, but you can't say they didn't complain about the lens issues.

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On article Upwardly mobile: Sony a6300 Review (2163 comments in total)
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MattLangley: Great review. Don't know why there is so much hate about Sony cameras.

Just don't fall into thinking every criticism is "hate"

To even bother criticizing something, there must be something you like about it, while other things fall short and you wish they didn't.

This naturally excludes fan-boys who have some brand's name written across their forehead. These are unfortunate creatures, compelled by an irrational love for one or another virtual entity called "corporation", most of which are far too sleazy to justify any kind of love for them.

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On article Upwardly mobile: Sony a6300 Review (2163 comments in total)

Just how does it come, that the low light performance of the A7 II is worse than the A6300 - and - stunningly, worse than the RX100IV with its little 1" sensor...?

And the Nex5 N still beats the A6300 in low light performance.
Is sensor technology really advancing or is it a sort of ground hog day?

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nandbytes: I wonder if the sensor, image and video quality is as good as Sony RX100m4??

Afaik, RX100m2 and m3 only had Exmor R sensors. Sony calls its BSI sensors Exmor RS and only the RX100m4 got one.

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On article Hands-on with the Nikon D5 (398 comments in total)

This thing is probably best to carry around in a HILTI case...

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Peiasdf: I love how feeble-minded Samsung marketing trolls are. They come in hordes bad mouthing other brands and up-voting their own comments. I hope Mister Roboto is paying them in Dollar and not Won which is not doing very well.

Every single thing on this phone is copied from the market leader Apple.

Metal body - check
Glass back - check
Touch ID - check
Bottom speaker - check
TrueTone Flash - check
Waterproofing - check
0.8mm camera protrusion - check
12MP - check
Apple Pay - check
NanoSIM - check
60fps UI - check
4:3 sensor - check

Samsung cannot even come out with a new exterior design because Apple haven't released iPhone 7 yet.

All this "stealing" of "intellectual property" is absolute nonsense. Native Americans had it right, when they puzzled over the British Invaders' idea a human being could "own land". After all, they considered themselves merely stewards of the land.

They had the true hierarchy of things on earth correct. So the British took their land and committed one of the most incredible genocides in history.

Now, we've expanded this insanity of "ownership" to mere ideas - which never belong to any one person. Synchronicity.

We all die after a short 70-100 years. We cannot "own" anything. At most, we borrow from the earth what we use. Our whole society and "culture" is barbaric and idiotic with no direction, where something as stupid as money matters more to people than their honor.

This planet must be the loony bin of the galaxy.

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Glenn Barber: I think a lot of this is the NDH (Not Developed Here) attitude which leaves them restricted to what they've engineered in house. I think a lot of us Canon users that switched to mirrorless would have stuck with Canon if they had just adapted a Sony sensor as Nikon did successfully several years ago.

As far as the D80 - I can't imagine why they didn't think 4K was the feature they needed now. I have a 70D which my wife uses and see nothing particularly interesting in 80D.

And Sony isn't doing any of this to make us happy... They just kept loosing money on a lot of divisions for far too long, so it was starting to become one of two options: become bait for hedge funds or do something drastic. So they latched on to the one thing that was working the best and looked into how to leverage that further.

And here we are - without anybody really caring all that much about the arts, photographers or videographers, we suddenly got a rush of sudden advances from Sony to create some high margin products with.

And they will keep going... TV's, phones, tablets are dead as cash cows, entertainment and cameras is going to be what feeds Sony for now.

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Glenn Barber: I think a lot of this is the NDH (Not Developed Here) attitude which leaves them restricted to what they've engineered in house. I think a lot of us Canon users that switched to mirrorless would have stuck with Canon if they had just adapted a Sony sensor as Nikon did successfully several years ago.

As far as the D80 - I can't imagine why they didn't think 4K was the feature they needed now. I have a 70D which my wife uses and see nothing particularly interesting in 80D.

@ moawkwrd That would indeed be the worst thing that could happen.

As soon as any corporation feels they dominate, advancements stop dead in their tracks.

But at the same time Canon should quit being in denial that they are falling behind and will have to spend money on engineers in the midst of already declining sales.

I know that's not pleasant for a company, but with sensors being the heart of it all, can they really afford to fall any further behind and hope to keep their business?

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Kharan: Speaking of respect and proper addressing: it's mister Tokura, with an "o". There's two instances of "Takura" on the last paragraphs.

Other than that, fairly useless interview. I'd much rather hear from the people at Fuji or Sigma, who actually try to honestly answer questions. This cat-and-mouse game that some senior executives play might be extremely Japanese, but it never ceases to disappoint me.

The way he talks,
he might as well be management drone #2345890

His name and its spelling is as arbitrary as his evasive double speak.

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Everlast66: I just read one question/answer and didn't need to read more.

"Some of our readers were disappointed that the 80D does not include 4K video. Why did you decide not to include this feature?"

"As you know, in our DSLR lineup we incorporate both video functions and traditional stills DSLR functions."

Man, what a start, is this guy retarded? Of course the interviewer knows, he just asked why there is no 4K ?

"We’re promoting our DSLRs as providing both stills and video features - the best of both worlds, you might say."

Or maybe not!? He was just told that people are DISAPPOINTED that the D80, that's not even shipped yet, is missing a feature, that's been available in competing products for a while.
Then with the last sentence he admits what they've done.

"Then, with the aim of increasing the user base, we add movie features to this established stills shooting feature set."

Basically, more of the same, we're safe for the next 5 years. This guy is in denial of whats happening.

Bean counter talk.
Afraid of shareholders, if he messes up the balance sheet with engineering bills.

He'd rather his company slowly die than having to stand up and face his seniors / superiors...

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tnj86: I only want a mirrorless camera from canon if it's EF mount. Tokura is right, lenses are one of the big reasons canon still has customers.

All I want from Canon is an ironically retro looking 5DsR, EF Mount, with a Hybrid EVF, a tilt-able LCD, 4k, and a little dynamic range improvement.

Then they can have all my money.

Yes, EF mount would make the camera deeper, but also keep the lenses shorter! So really, you're not gaining or loosing anything.

Canon could just make fat cameras that are more compact in other dimensions. Fat is nice for holding it. They could just reduce height instead and things would be dandy!

Not every camera needs to be a flat slab like the A7 series.

Think of an a6300 that's 1.5 times as thick: awesome handle, more space for battery and EF lenses fitting perfectly. Big top plate with enough room for dials / LCD display.

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PhotoDiod: Speaking of respect, I get a feeling that Mr Tokura has little respect for what we call 'enthusiast' market, choosing to steer conversation to professional equipment and requirements.

I am not a pro, but I do want to be able to fly a larger than 1" sensor on a pistol grip gimbal while shooting 120fps HD for slow motion. Because it is 2016. With Canon, I can't.

Why do I want Mr Tokura to give me an idea if this is going to happen any time soon? Because I have invested thousands of dollars and my trust in his brand and its promise of customer dedication. Too much to ask?

Bean counters only have respect for balance sheets.

Customers are just a cog in the machine.

You can always tell if a company is dominated by bean counters or engineers. And every company starts and gets big while engineers are running it. Then comes the mature phase where bean counters take over and optimize profits from stagnant sales. If engineers don't return once sales on outmoded products start a lengthy decline, the bean counter's will eventually kill the company, with nothing left to do but sell off the pieces.

Well if they're really good fraudsters, they'll get a series of government bailouts first.

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ProfHankD: Did Canon say something? Nope.

The "read between the lines" is that Canon can't figure-out how to make really new products while keeping their very cost-effective standard guts in them. Sadly for them, they no longer have the infrastructure to compete with engineering-intensive companies like Sony.

My suggestion to Canon is to embrace the main sources of their innovation over the last decade: CHDK and ML. If Canon can't afford to do the research and development, especially in software/firmware, there are people in the open source world who can and are willing to, including academics like me. All Canon has to do is decide to support rather than ignore/frustrate these efforts....

Sony kinda took a sledgehammer to that EF glass lock-in.

As for infrastructure - I think they just don't want to spend money and make their balance sheet look any uglier with declining sales.

But hiring engineers to defend their business is the only way to avoid a long, slow decline, which will tarnish their brand.

I think nobody in Management has the guts to explain it to shareholders, even if its already obvious to every last one of them.

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Tonkotsu Ramen: Is it Takura or Tokura?

At least get that detail correct.

Shouldn't matter, he'll be gone with the next set of redundancies induced by declining sales.

Failure to hire enough engineers to defend the company's main business it'll say in his recommendation letter - carefully and incomprehensibly worded of course.

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Glenn Barber: The elephant in the room is the lack of the engineering skills in-house to build a high res sensor with high dynamic range that can be read out and into memory quickly and can be used with 4k video. They had the resolution in the 5Ds but not the DR and it is way too slow for general professional use. They have great lens and camera building skills, and fantastic service - if they could swallow some pride and use sony sensors they could certainly be on top of the heap - as it is they are starting to fall behind Nikon who have already decided to play to their strengths.

How about just spending some money and hiring the engineers they lack to save the company from a long, slow and sad decline?

Not to mention letting Sony get too happy, cause like any one of these miserable corporations, when they feel they're on top, there will be no further advances and certainly no service. Just gauging.

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"There are some features, such as AF, which have not yet caught up with DSLRs, so given the current state of affairs it would be a little unrealistic to say that we will suddenly start offering a professional mirrorless camera. There’s still a performance gap that needs to be addressed."

His use of the word "SUDDENLY" is just glorious! Wow, look! There's a glacier coming! So suddenly! Just a thousand years ago, there was nothing! Run!


I guess Canon wants to wait till Sony addresses all the issues before they get moving. Too bad about patents and other stuff that could muck up that strategy...

Bean counters at the top and a corporate culture that discourages people to speak up has strangled many a corporation.

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On article Opinion: Enthusiast compacts have finally come of age (471 comments in total)
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LEGACYMOMENTSPHOTOGRAPHY: It will be great if/when you can pick up a compact 1inch sensor camera for under £200.

I think you can! RX100 or RX100 II

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On article Opinion: Enthusiast compacts have finally come of age (471 comments in total)
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iudex: I wonder why are compact camera buyers so obsessed with looooong zoom. Once I had a pocketable compact (Canon S100) and despite it had only 120mm at tele end, I was hardly able to get a picture anytime but in bright sunny day because of luminosity f5,9 at tele end. I know a good OIS can do a lot but usability of a camera at 720mm eq. and f6,3 seems very limited to me.
Like many of us I am often asked to advise a camera and the demands are always the same: small, pocketable, with good image quality AND with long zoom. I tend to recommend enthusiast compacts like RX100 et al, but many people reject it because of short zoom. However people who took my advise were very satisfied with the outcome and didn´t regret it (and to their surprise they didn´t miss the huge zoom).

what do you mean, I can't have an F1.4 600mm?

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