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ddtwenty: I like to add another point.

As a compact enthusiast user, I just want to use a high grade super zoom like 400-500 mm. range. I can only find the super zoom on travel zoom compact like canon SX 260 with 25-500 zoom. And the quality of images are quite good.
Only if it come with larger sensor , that would be better.

Let's say ... if panasonic will do the LX8 with the specification I said below..
(24-90 zoom with large 4-5 inch touchable lcd and 1 inch sensor.)

They should add another choice for super zoom users....for instance...
Panasonic LX8T which has the same specifications like LX8 24-90 but come with telezoom lens 125-500 mm. With f stop like f 2.8- 4 . The sensor is also 1 inch.

I think this will be a great choice for enthusiasts who want to use super zoom lens but can afford to pay more than 300$. yes I can pay 500-600$ for a high grade super zoom one, and in the same time I can carry this high grade super zoom with me anywhere because it's just a compact size camera.

Thank you Panasonics if you do these cameras for real.
LX8-W 24-90 f.2.0-2.8 1 inch sensor
LX8-T 125-500 f.2.8-4 1 inch sensor
Both cameras equiped with 4 inch high resolution lcd android 4.1 O.S.

the 500mm have to have a 46mm front-element.
Thats not too big for my opinion.
The length does not to have the real focal lenght(185mm) eighter.

(1" Sensors have a 2,7x Crop Factor. so the 500mm has to be devided by 2,7 =185mm. The F-Nuber is wished to be 4. So the 125mm have to be devided by 4 =46,3mm.)

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On article HTC One X Camera Review (76 comments in total)

In my oppinion the HTC one X is THE best camera phone, after the Nokia 808!
I had one, but the battery was shitty.

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On article Samsung releases 12MP EX2F 'Smart Camera' (370 comments in total)
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Raed Ameen: hi .. is this enter-changable lens camera?


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thumbs up for Smartcams!

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i cant memorize the name "KLYP" ...
and the product is usless in my opinion...

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z9z9z9z9: Looking at the mode dial, it looks like this camera does NOT have AP or SP, just program, manual, and a bunch of scene modes.

Well what do you want with a 1/2,33" Sensor? F8, F16? Its going to be soft as hell.

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malcolm82: Again with a horrible F1.4 lens.
A camera this size with a normal zoom should have an aps-c sensor with a lens of around F3.5-5.6 such as the standard zooms on interchangeable lens camera's.

Just look at the size of the panasonic powerzoom lens:

Its total length looks about 32mm so it can easily collapse in a camera size much smaller than this one.

A micro four thirds sensor would be ok for a camera this size with a 5x zoom lens or for a much smaller camera with shorter zoom range but for this size with 3-4x zoom it really should be aps-c.

@Timmbits: the LX7 has a physically larger lens opening than the M4/3 Kits!
You can calculate it like this:
actual Focal length/aperture nr.= actual size of aperture.
LX7: 17.7mm /F2,3 = 7.7mm
M4/3: 42mm /F5,6 = 7.5mm !

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I'll buy one!

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On photo Hunter in the Insects, in Their Natural Environment. challenge (18 comments in total)
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Erland Nielsen: Natural enviroment ? Looks like a photo taken inside a studio.

the speediest? also the lasyest! once they sit down, you can take like 20-30 pictures of them if you dont move to fast!
With the P&S I've managed to take a picture of one just 1cm away. :-)

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On article Concert Footage from Nokia 808 Pureview (256 comments in total)

Nokia, put Android or Windows Phone in this phone and you're good to go!

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happypoppeye: Whats a 1/1.2 sensor that big or small, I have no idea...

1/1.2 sensor is by far the biggest Phone-sensor.
Normal Smartphones have a 1/2,5" sensor.

The new sensor has a aprox. 6times bigger surface area.

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D1N0: you might as well get a point and shoot, when you are going to use lenses like this one

300$ for a DSLR with THIS lens, I belive *Greg VdB3* is dreaming...
But you asked for an alternative:
Fujifilm FinePix X-S1.
It only lacks the optical viewfinder and a little low light capabilities...

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On photo ISO_12800 in dpreview review samples's photo gallery (1 comment in total)

Can't tell if it's better than the 600D or 7D...

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On a photo in the Canon EOS 650D Rebel T4i Preview Samples sample gallery (1 comment in total)

Can't tell if it's better than the 600D or 7D...

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On article Just Posted: Canon EOS 5D Mark III review (672 comments in total)
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(unknown member): Offer less features + charge more than the competition = Canon's recipe for success.

At least Canon added something to the MkIII that we haven't seen on a DSLR for some time.......mushy jpegs.

BTW: more MP itn't a feature...
And the MkIII has the best AF on the market today.
You should shoot RAW anyway for best quality.
Jpeg's only get Mushy from ISO 12800 upwards...

Link | Posted on May 24, 2012 at 13:44 UTC
On article Just Posted: Canon EOS 5D Mark III review (672 comments in total)
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(unknown member): Absolutely gutless. $3500 and a sensor older than I am. On the other hand, incredulity will wear off quickly, and DPR can move on to the next order of business. If they had given it 81 or 83 this would drag out forever, and I don't think the DPR reviewers are up for that. Onward, valiant steeds! Shelter by nightfall!

"and a sensor older than I am" are you like one year old? :-P

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justmeMN: If you want a viewfinder, the Sony FDA-EV1S is an additional $ 349 .99.

For people who use viewfinders, entry level DSLRs are a better value.

True story!
Nothing better than an optical Viewfinder.
BTW, I liked the Rebels very much, the IQ is exellent.
They are not big. I even think they are too small...

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On photo Antennas in the Macro challenge (3 comments in total)

a May beetle! Great shot! Wow!

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On article Just Posted: In-depth Nikon D800 review (541 comments in total)

The Nokia has a higher resolution! LOL

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