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Funkyd3121: OK, here is my complaint - anything over 1,000 images one has to pay $49.95. But -why are some people having say 12,000 images on their site pay the same amount as one who has say only 2,000 images?? I keep getting reminders that my account is about to be blocked & I have 991 photos & have yet to get near 1,000. Really getting tired of having to delete photos, & I Still have to log on with my Yahoo e-mail addy & password.

Did you ask in the Help forum, and what did they say?

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Horshack: I've had a Smugmug paid account for many years and have enjoyed 99.9% availability and usually get my emailed support questions answered within 30 minutes. I would guess handling Flickr's enormous customer base and enormous data load is a bit more challenging for Smugmug.

@P10004K: no, not yet.


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tripler6: My first tripod (around 2005ish) was a slik and.. yeah, it was garbage :/

@BattleBrat: Yup. ;-) Have that one -- it's a beast.

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Tom Wilkinson: If you want an account you must agree to this statement: "Canon may collect information about the images you upload, including EXIF data, tags, and information about the features of the objects/individuals depicted in order to create a trainable dataset for the artificial intelligence engine currently being developed by Canon. Images of residents of Illinois, Texas or Washington are not permitted on the Platform and may be taken down. ". Notice how Images of residents of Illinois, Texas and Washington will be removed. Very strange.

Yes, that caught my eye too. On a hunch that it was about privacy, I Googled and found stuff like this:

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On photo Perspective - FoV in Mike CH's photo gallery (2 comments in total)

Nicely illustrated!

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LensBeginner: There was a nice chart floating around some time ago with perceived and actual skill levels... food for thought.

This one, I think... :-)
...which I first saw embedded in an article...

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Dante Birchen: Software fixes exposure and white balance errors from crappy phone pics does not equal DSLR-quality

...but....maybe I can run it on my DSLR photos to get medium-format quality images!

PS -- I wasn't quick enough -- 'Jos van Eekelen' beat me to it. :-D

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Mike Engles: The latest update on offer is 6.13, so what is this final 6.13 update coming later in the year?

I think they're talking about a planned 6.14.

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