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On article Sony announces NEX-FS700 '4k-ready' E-mount camcorder (237 comments in total)
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Francis Sawyer: Despite the use of the term "camcorder", there's nothing about on-board recording. The only mention of built-in storage is in regard to profile settings:

"Users can save up to 99 camcorder profile settings on a memory card and can copy the same setting to multiple units. Compatible media includes MS and SD memory cards and Sony’s HXR-FMU128 flash memory unit that attaches to the camcorder."

And there's no mention of bitrate, which makes much of the format information useless.

Wondering if Francis Carver works for Canon?

Have you even TOUCHED the FS700? It is STUNNING.

It does onboard recording with the FMU and SD cards.
It is 24 mbp/s but it ain't your grandma's 24 mbp/s. It looks INCREDIBLE and I defy you to differentiate it between 35 or 50 mbp/s. Same goes for the AVCHD codec. It is robust and looks great.

And if you want higher bitrate and a better codec (ProRes, for example) use a Nanoflash, KiPro, or the like. And with the 4K firmware you will get better than 800 mbp/s 4:4:4 in 10 bit.

13 stops dynamic range, multi-matrix allowing you to match it to an F3 or even F65... all for about $8,000. AND 240 fps @2K (480 @ 720). Gimme a break-- this thing ROCKS! I've used it and it is by far the biggest bang for the buck I have ever seen (I own several HD packages and owned a Sony F900 and F900R.) Demand is already through the roof.

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On article Sony announces NEX-FS700 '4k-ready' E-mount camcorder (237 comments in total)
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Rob Pirie: Just got off the phone to Sony Video Pro in Brisbane Australia , quoted 10.5k AUS with lens for the camera. My big question was when will I have in my hands an ACTUAL 4k camera , very uncertain answer 6 to 12 months maybe...... So Sony is asking you to pay maybe a year up front for a 4k camera but only supply you with a 2k.

Will Sony refund my costs for 4k camera hire in that time ? of course not so why don't they discount the 2k version of the of the FS700 and sell the firmware upgrade later when it's available , obviously there is issue's with the upgrade , so what is an acceptable time frame ? 6 months plus you have to be joking.

Worst part is I really want this camera but not as a 2k . Imagine walking into a computer store and buying a new computer and the salesmen tells you that the processing speed of the computer will be twice as fast in 6 months time through an update but you have to pay up front for the whole lot now.

Don't think so.

Rob: There is NO other camera on the market whatsoever that even comes CLOSE to doing what this camera can do, at any price. Not sure why you actually NEED 4K right now, but if must have 4K now, go buy a Canon C500 for almost 4x the price of the FS700: $30,000 US. Sorry, only 120 fps, and you can only get a PL or EF mount version.

The FS700 has a 4K imager, and its 13 stops of dynamic range and zero aliasing are stunning. You are getting benefits of that amazing 11.6 million pixel imager right now, and you will be able to output 4K, 10 bit 4:4:4 when Sony offers the firmware upgrade soon enough (for most everyone.)

If you prefer, Sony could have not offered this amazing camera AT ALL until it was fully 4K compliant, but personally, I will take this $8,000 amazing tool with 240 fps @2K and its 13 stops of dynamic range and it's terrific Cine Gamma settings making it look like the F3 or even F65 TODAY. I have zero clients requesting 4K right now. But then, I work in Hollywood...


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dkaleita: With all of these manufacturers coming out with 3D cameras and camcorders, I'm wondering why almost none of them are publishing the camera interocular (interaxial) distance between the two lenses. Is it because they think this is not important information to the user, or is it because they are not anxious to divulge a serious design trade-off?

I am waiting fora product that will allow me to capture 3D with a lens separation of somewhere near 65mm- which happens to match the distance between most adults' pupils). Does anyone know what the distance for these new Panasonics will be?

Some manufacturers do: Sony lists the I/A on the TD300 as 45mm, and 31.8 mm for the NX3D1U.

Average adults pupils are 54-78mm apart. With small, one-piece cameras like these, most people will be shooting 3D elements which are closer to them, making a smaller I/A more useful than a wider one.

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