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steven_k: I love m43 even though I don't own one anymore.
I just could never get over the noise even at base ISO.
Yeah, I guess I can shoot in JPEG and have the camera apply noise reduction yet that limits the detail. Just look at any of the new m43 cameras here on DPR, check ISO 200, RAW and look at the blue square on the color checker chart, noise. For me I would have preferred m43 stayed at 12MP, I think this is / was the sweet spot for the 4/3 sensor.

Look at the very same blue square, set ISO 200 and RAW and pick a Canon 70d, even 5dmIII or a Nikon D610 or even D800. You will see noise too.
Or even better, look at the bottom of the scene and zoom to the space between the first bottle on the right and the color chart. Wow, a noise on all cameras, least visible on the Fujis. Surprise, surprise.

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