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anyone else find it odd that DPR puts something like this up and then the price goes thru the roof hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

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On article Nikon teases mirrorless with video and microsite (1269 comments in total)
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Mortal Lion: Nikon will battle Sony with physics. A mount that can easily take a 85mm F1.0 lens. DOF at portrait distance 0.76 cm.

true but at what price for a Z mount 85mm 0.95 or faster newly developed and built nikon lens and people think sony lenses are too expensive just wait for the sticker shock on that one

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if you have to explain this much about a photograph that has no appeal it still doesn't make it a good photograph sorry there is no reason this should even be in photo contest finalist it belongs in a coffee table book about radiation

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a solution to a problem that doesn't really exist

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virtualreality: US people are sickening. If you don't want a gun pointed at you, why don't you start by banning fire-arms?

Karroly Nice try
take away suicide (which is not an accidental incident BTW) plus gang and drug violence committed by the "kids" ie anyone under 18 and those statistics fall to crap. even anti gun agenda driven media doesn't agree with you

"Most firearms deaths among kids and teens were intentional, with 53 percent of deaths classified as homicides, and 38 percent deemed suicides, according to the study. Only about 6 percent of deaths involving firearms were classified as unintentional."


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virtualreality: US people are sickening. If you don't want a gun pointed at you, why don't you start by banning fire-arms?

ya banning all firearms will definitely work..................oh wait it never works

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On article RIP Lightroom 6: Death by subscription model (1623 comments in total)
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mckracken88: "most households readily spend $10 per month for online streaming services, and many times that for mobile phone and data services."

Not this household - ever. Greedy so and so's. The subscription is just a money grab, only pros would benefit from that, the average joe doesnt need dozens of insignifanct updates on a daily basis.

Shame.. lightroom was good.

$10 a month for streaming service that is used on a daily basis is a good deal
$10 a month for a product that may only be used once or twice a month by a non professional casual user is a horrible deal
the free market will work this one out i for one will use something other than adobe in the future

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(unknown member): This is a great innovation. I always feel those drone operators are up to no good. It will be good that the law enforcement will have the power to figure out who these criminal drone operators are. I appreciate that America still produces excellent products like DJI. I also hope DJI will produce a device like this for still photography so they can identify those people who engage in street photography and violating privacy of America's constitution.

congrats you've just taken stupidity to the next level

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I'm optimistically look forward to nikon's 2019 offerings

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