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Tom Nelson: I was looking forward to buying the new G5 with 4K. I really liked that the G5 had a hot shoe. But the new G5 no longer has a hot shoe, so maybe not.

No hot shoe, no swivel, what I'm guessing is a smaller EVF. Sure, I'd love some enhancements, like 4k, but I'd settle for some better firmware. Not a fake G5X that loses such important features.

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jonby: One of the big suppliers in the UK now has the G1X III at £999 and the G5X II at £899. Might be a tough choice for some.

I wouldn't take a G5X Mark 2 if you paid me to. The removal of the swivel. And I'm wondering how much smaller the EVF has to be to fit in that silly popup.

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pgm944: How does the view-finder work with glasses? If you need reading glasses, can it compensate?

The REAL G5X Mark NOTHING has a perfectly fine EVF that works well with glasses, and, of course, has that wonderful swivel screen, unlike this imitation. The new thing is a gussied up toy pocket camera.

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deep7: Any time a manufacturer loses a fake prism hump in a camera with an EVF I want to applaud them. Good on you, Canon.

I get your reaction. But dropping the swivel screen means this is a huge DOWNGRADE. Someone at Canon really hates these swivel screens that so many of us have found so handy.

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On article RIP Canon's Chuck Westfall, 1952-2018 (70 comments in total)

I just heard today about Chuck. Chuck helped me on multiple occasions, starting with my entry into Canon cameras, the EOS 10S - a fine camera that we still use once in a while after 28 years. He helped me pick out everything I needed to get started, and sent me a copy of his EOS flash guide book. And that was just the first of many times he aimed me in the right direction or helped in some way. My wife and I found out today at Canon HQ in Melville when we brought in some equipment to get serviced and she asked if he'd retired - and found out. The staff there is still devastated by his loss, as are we. We never saw him as a legend, just as a friend who would always help out if he could. Rest in peace! And we wish the best for his family!

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