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On photo Alaska Sunset in the Sunset in the mountains II challenge (1 comment in total)

So where's the mountain then?

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Just skipping over the text I first read that "Nikon has launched a new 18-35 ... $18000". Ouch ;-)

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On photo Guilin in the China--Anything other than of people challenge (3 comments in total)

That's the Yangshuo river. Unless the river is named something else from the village where this was taken...

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On Challenge:7783 (12 comments in total)

I've sent in quite a few photos to the various challenges but the only thing I ever learned from any of them was that I do not understand voting criteria. At all.

How are we supposed to learn from seeing a bunch of numbers underneath each photo? That just tells us that other people either liked/disliked the image, the appropriateness of the image to the challenge, or the technical merits of the image, or were just plain trolling. We don't even know which of the four it is!

I'm also at a loss why a beginner would be using semi-pro equipment.

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On photo Huangshan in the China--Anything other than of people challenge (2 comments in total)

What says "China" to _you_ is shaped by your knowledge of China. Would a picture of a wall mean China to you? Why? Because you already know it is in China, that's why.

These mountains are fabulously beautiful, drawing countless visitors from all over China. And when you walk their paths you quickly come to realize something: all those Chinese drawings of weirdly-shaped mountains? They were inspired by this very place. These are not just a bunch of rocks, they were the inspiration for an entire culture.

But if that is not good enough for you and you'd rather see a bunch of boring samey great walls and forbidden cities, I have those as well.

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On article New image viewing options for forums (152 comments in total)
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RoelHendrickx: This sounds really good.
I hope it works as well.
I'll try it out on posts by others and my own (always image-related).
Does the new system apply to older posts too?
What I DO NOT like is the very clearly labeled option to "DOWNLOAD ORIGINAL", as a default option.
What if I only want to SHOW images in a forum post, but not allow other forum members to download my images?
I believe this should be up to the image-poster to decide, whether or not he allows downloading (just like on eg Zenfolio).
If not, I will limit image posting to small versions with a clear watermark.

Websites simply cannot control whether an image is transferred to the browser for viewing or for downloading, that's a decision that's purely up to the browser. If you don't want others to download your images, your only option is not to post them to the internet.

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On article Best Camera of 2012: And the Winner is... (1413 comments in total)

Not sure what the point of an election like this really is. Has anybody who voted used all those camera's? Or even a small subset?

So these results either represent sales numbers (people voting for the camera they own), fanboyism (people voting for the brand they are invested in), or what people feel is probably a good camera (people voting for review scores) - but one they have never used.

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lawdog: Those are hands down some of the most boring, pedestrian photographs I have ever seen. Reminds me of the artist who puts up a blank canvas and everyone stands around ooh and aah-ing over the esoteric statement about the emptiness our our collective existence.

Precisely what I wanted to say. One huge collection of everything you wish people would filter out before they actually show you their photos, and because this man is an "artist" we are suddenly supposed to like it? Or even worse, now it suddenly has meaning?

And we get some great tips like "date your photos". Because, you know, cameras don't already do that by themselves...

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On photo Lake Marian in the A view you had to work for challenge (2 comments in total)
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Crooty: Beautiful view, I want to go there!

This is not Lake Marian, though (Lake Marian would be at the end of that valley in the background, between the two peaks… a stunning place too). Is that from Key Summit?

Yeah, I know! I forgot the name of the track, but I still wanted to give some indication of where it was.

...wouldn't mind going back there :-)

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On Challenge:6335 (8 comments in total)

The whole challenge is bogus, isn't it? Vibration reduction does not remove motion blur in the first place, so why ask for it?

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On article Samsung US announces rugged and waterproof SD cards (49 comments in total)
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wlachan: About time. The fragile plastic body of SD is a major weakness. I had some working SD which had to be trashed just because the plastic bodies cracked beyond usable condition.

Are there known cases of cards failing after going through security?

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On photo Georgetown, Malaysia in the One in a Million challenge (1 comment in total)

I can understand that this picture may not be quite so spectacular as some of the others, but is it really so bad or inappropriate that it warrants no less than 4 0.5 votes?

If you voted 0.5, please come forward and tell me why.

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