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  • I understand that kickstarting something may fail. The money may not be enough, there might be unforseen problems cropping up, stuff like that. With all that in mind, I thought I knew what I could ...
  • Created discussion thread TriggerTrap Alternative
    I was one of the unlucky backers of TriggerTrap who got scammed. I have not really been keeping up with any new developments, but I was wondering if anybody here knows of a good alternative to ...
  • Some people actually find that process enjoyable, I know that I do. Within limits of course. I agree up to a point - often however this confusion is just because you have not yet done enough ...
  • Commented on photo That-Tree in the My Best Photo of the Week challenge

    Ok thanks - I hope to be able to catch colors like that sometime as well then :)

  • Replied in Aidana
    The few portrait shots I have done that might outdo this one are all private I am afraid. That being said I must wonder - have you ever been to the cinema and been thoroughly disappointed by the ...
  • Commented on photo That-Tree in the My Best Photo of the Week challenge

    Excellent shot!

    However, I am curious whether the pink/purple coloration is natural or mostly a result of post-processing?

    Your photo is great either way, I just don't think I have seen those...

  • Commented on photo Burnt Matchstick in the Macro - Burnt to a Crisp challenge

    Great shot, I really like this one. Simple concept overall, but the execution makes it a top notch photo.

  • Replied in Aidana
    Hmm, I like your other shot much much more. (1) The girl is out of focus (2) The background is weird/distracting and doesn't add anything to the picture.
  • Why? As far as I understand the i1 is considered superior to all of the Spyders - and this has been my exact experience as well.
  • Ah, the sample you posted is indeed a different one than the one I was thinking of. I had not expected dpreview to make this kind of mistake :S
  • To be fair, IIRC that was not a dpreview scene but a scene from some other camera review site.
  • Replied in Follow me.
    That last one is absolutely fantastic, I love it!
  • Replied in exposure
    If you are saying that the sensor and readout circuitry somehow behave different when shooting RAW, then you are dead wrong. If that's not what you are saying I need you to explain further what you ...
  • Replied in exposure
    Dynamic range that you usually only need if you want to process the file further (push shadows, pull highlights, change WB, etc...). If you don't want to do that, RAW gives no advantage.
  • Some people just don't care about that, or they will say "it's good enough for me". You have to care about the difference in the first place to appreciate it as being better. Clearly this (lack ...
  • Created discussion thread RAW vs JPG - End of discussion
    Given the right software and skills, any RAW file can in theory be processed to be at least equally good as the OOC JPEG. Without the right software and/or skillls processed RAW files can easily ...
  • This is normal - unfortunately I never quite understood it myself. I am hoping someone with more knowledge can chip in. For some reason you can't just calibrate your monitor to display accurate ...
  • I fully agree. I already use Linux as my main operating system. But how many "regular" computer users will ever do that? And how long before open source, freely modifiable operating systems will be ...
  • I agree completely, except for the last (basket) shot. Do you find that overexposed too? Somehow I think the "light and airy" description is quite apt for that one, I like it.
  • Interesting, I always considered focus breathing an artifact of multi-element lenses. But your explanation makes a lot of sense. I am curious though, how is the 50mm lens defined as 50mm? I am ...
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