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Daft Punk: I do not believe those who say that EM1Mk2 quality is as good as APSC.

I have spent some time on the FredMiranda site looking at the galleries. The D500 galleries from members are definitely a step ahead of the EM1mkII shots in detail and richness. There are a LOT of birding shots in there to compare and the better IQ of the D500 shots is quite noticeable.

@LordNelson: For small prints m4/3 system has been very usable even with the old sensors in the first PENs. And where are we now with the E-M1II? The future will deliver another improvements in IQ.

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CallumG: Got really confused when I saw a Panasonic lens on an Olympus body! Then realised it's M4/3. LOL

@NicoPPC If you have slightly shaky hands Oly's IBIS help a lot + you can lower your ISO for static subjects as well. There are also clever features like focus stacking/bracketing or live composite.

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J2Gphoto: These forums seem to draw the same mindless talk. How many of the nay sayers have ever even picked up and shot with an Olympus? When you knock a camera or system based on other peoples opinions who have never used the system or are complete die hard Canikon fan boys, you sound like an idiot. I've shot with Canon, Nikon and use Olympus. I really like how Olympus always pushes to top their last camera and cram as much new technology in their new bodies as they can. In addition to the obvious things to like ( size and weight) I have always liked that they offer some amazing glass in comparison at a much lower price and size in many cases. When they say they are dust and weather sealed, they are dust and weather sealed. I've been on photowalks where people with weather sealed gear is treated like it will melt if it gets a little wet. I've shot in blizzards and downpours and none of my Olympus gear has ever had any issues. Other camera companies seem to update just enough so u want it.

PAntunes "For the price of the EM1.2 you can get a FF camera. Same size, same price..."

Really? I didnt know that FF lenses are for the same money as m4/3 ones. Not to mention the size and weight difference.

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mcshan: Longer reach aside I am curious how image quality will stack up vs the 12-35 2.8? The Pan-Leica 15 1.7 is one of my favorite lenses. I would pass on the steady 2.8 if images showed this new one to be better.

The PL has 12 lenses inside vs. 9 lenses in the old 12-35/2.8 which is prone to flares and CA on Oly bodies. But PL lenses are better and better every year. The 15/1.7 is very good piece of glass. I mean sharpness have never been an issue with these lenses but behaviour in direct/backlght causes issues. I would like to buy this new one to finally get rid of the Zuiko 12-50.

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DPR makes a bear service to this camera or is that IQ really that bad? Pics of skiers in movement are blurred and noisy as hell. What is that? Reviewers praise the camera capabilities but the output I've seen so far is disappointing at least. Good thing though is the E-M1II is in stocks so within few days there will be a lot of independent reviews.

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