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Sean_Jayhawk: From my experience on another forum, user rankings get abused. For example, if a person is reasonable and uses a Nikon but participates in a discussion on the Canon forum discussing the differences between the Canon 5D Mark III and the Nikon D600 then the Nikon user might contribute very factual information, yet this person will inevitably lose points by partisan participants who do not want to see negative information about their camera being mentioned.

Or, on my NEX forum, there are many discussions about the value of the touch screen on the 5N versus the lack of a touch screen on the NEX-7. People feel very strongly about it so I know, just as happens in political discussions on my other forum, that people rate down users who they disagree with even if the user is being very civil and contributing in a worthwhile manner. I would hate to see people who are valuable contributors being made to look like a troll just because they converse with people not wanting that information.

A good point, but I wonder if the example doesn't cover the vast majority of the cases. Take out the brand vs. brand and type vs. type arguments, and rankings would be more useful. But how do you take those out?

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I hope the roomier forum layout won't reduce the number of threads on a page. There are so many threads, it's useful to be able to scan a lot of them at once. If you can't stay with one line per thread, then I hope you let the user set the number to be displayed on one page.

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On article Buyer's Guide: Enthusiast raw-shooting compact cameras (271 comments in total)

Yes! Canon S100 review or comparison, please!

And I too miss the navigation pulldown (even though geeks can change the page number in the URL).

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