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Derrick B: Love Sigma. Always find gaps in the market that don't need filling.I have a few nice lenses though.

Didn't say that I was not thinking of getting one. I like Sigma's quirky approach and have exhibited images from a Sigma SLR.

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Love Sigma. Always find gaps in the market that don't need filling.I have a few nice lenses though.

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photoMEETING: Thanks.

But I don't need more photos of this (probably greatest) evildoer ever lived on this planet.

oh, which evildoer do you prefer?

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I really don't care what Huwai do,,, I'm not buying a phone from them anyway. My ancient iPhone is still working fine and I'm not getting caught up in any marketing campaign for a replacement. Even if it has 12 cameras and folds into my wallet.

Surely it is better, when purchasing a new product to weigh your needs against all the models that are out there, rather than take any notice of the hype and nonsense.

Otherwise you will begin to believe that climate change can be cured by taxation.

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On article Lytro is officially shutting down (207 comments in total)

Damn - now I want one....

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Very basic stuff. Far from suitable for my operation. If a company wants to compete with Lightroom - perhaps the interface should mimic Lightroom? It can't find my NAS server - so useless.

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Had a quick look. Looks like software for enhtusiasts/amateurs. Presets? Textures?

Please - sticking to Lightroom (with all it's faults)

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No wonder it's free..... took a quick look. Got stuck on one Cr2 picture. Gave up .

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OK - so I managed to borrow an M5 from Canon, keen to look at a "back-up" camera for extended trips. I use a 1Dx for most pix, and although hardly what Canon would call a "travel camera", it has all the attributes that I need. Maybe the 5D4 would have been a better choice, had it been available - but I went from a 5D2 to the Dx. Enough.

The M5 takes great pictures. Fact. With a 16-35 f4, fabulous. I even managed a couple of decent portraits with a Zeiss 85mm. Loved it. Then.. wot no GPS!! Even the M1 could use the GPS-1. And The 7D ?, so why not the M5? and no decent folder options? (daily or monthly only) Was this designed by a focus group of children?

oh - I can sync the GPS from my cell phone. Thanks. Some of the places that I go are still, thankfully, cell-free and to be honest, I'm not much of a cell phone user, I don't bother to get a SIM, if I'm only in a country for a few days, or I just use Viber for the odd call over wifi. Sorry Canon, another, not quite there camera.

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....and always mention climate change, if you want an award

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On article Sigma 12-24mm F4 DG HSM Art Lens Review (275 comments in total)

Sigma have never cracked the centre focus problem. I had a 12-24 some years ago. Gave it away. Simply out of focus in the centre and shocking vignetting,

have other Sigmas that I love - 70-200mm. Wouldn't part with it for a free Canon.

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Extreme Connectivity?...still looking for the CF slot!

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Yawn.....It's right up there with "portrait" cell phone videos on the news........

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On article Second Time Around: Canon PowerShot G7 X Mark II Review (327 comments in total)

"As you can see, lens focal range, touchscreen and battery life are what separate the G7 X II from its competition."

The lack of a viewfinder would seem to separate the 2? I'll stick to Mr. Canon's SLRs for now , thanks.

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