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  • Some more serious soul would have called BS on your 2,000 shot battery narrative, but I suggest you contact Ricoh and let them know your GR battery lets you shoot over 1,000 pictures. They’ll ...
  • A Ricoh brand battery is your answer. I've learned from my experience that the third party el cheapo batteries are not up to snuff to the oem, and may possibly damage the camera.
  • What is a big deal here? If it breaks for good, it can be fixed or a new camera procured instead.
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    I also just recently bought a GXR, which came with the above-mentioned EVF. After shooting it for a day, I came to the conclusion that GR III, if it ever comes to the market, must come with a ...
  • My only wishes are the built-in totl  Evf duplicating the screen, and much better low light performance. I could live with the rest of the GR the way it is, even with the anemic battery.
  • These shots could’ve been taken with just about any $80+ camera ca.2005 onwards.
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  • You had over 1000 shots on one battery charge? That is truly phenomenal.
  • This has to be a typo.
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    Did you take a photo of a tv screen? That's what it looks like to me.
  • How many you want?
  • Yes, indeed. Since 1998 I have bought cameras, lenses and numerous gadgets through Amazon. The experience has been nothing but stellar. I would actually dare the OP to cease buying from Amazon, as ...
  • Battery weigh-in continues - Wasabi - 21.8 gm DSTE - 20 gm Ricoh DB-65 - 25.5 gm So the third party replacements weigh noticeably less than the Ricoh DB-65, possibly affecting their marginal ...
  • Thank you for the explanation. I closed the aperture down to f?16, and didn't see much difference with the Aperture Preview engaged. The scene got just a tad darker, and that's it.
  • What you bought and what I bought look exactly the same, save for the brand names.I suspect they not only look the same, but ARE the same. The one you bought is almost $10 cheaper than the one I ...
  • I bought this Wasabi package - I must confess that I am underwhelmed with the ...
  • The manual, p.47. describes this function on the Effect button,  which I set to the Aperture Preview. I followed the manual, half-pressing the shutter button, the current exposure settings appear ...
  • Imho there's too much unnecessary baggage there. Here's how I  would frame it. I cropped the canvas and underexposed it just a little bit, enough to give a hint of the human forms. No other ...
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    Looks nice, a stop too dark to me, but that’s just my preference
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