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attomole: I have read all the comments, and it's over priced wrongly spec' d on firmware. however, I still think the concept, ergonomics and general layout is bang on, I still want one,I've had it with SLR and rangefinder look-a likes because the conservative American market won't buy anything else. throw the rule book away and build cameras that make sense with modern technology rather than the constraints of roll film from half a century ago, Bravo Canon! ( specs aside)

My thoughts on why the Canon XC 10 is not a fame changer -


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Let me just go ahead and say this, because i think it needs to be said- this article has absolutely nothing to do with photography let alone street photography.we dont need a psychologist's theory to tell us which camera to buy, and in this case, a photographer's version of a psychologist's theory.i would have been much happier if he would have given a detailed account of the specific needs of street photography and what it demands (which,by the way we all know to some extent) and what cameras suit that profile (which again we know to some extent).it is most unfortunate that this trend of being "preachy" and writing unnecessary articles like this as well as having some sort of marketing device ("film is better than digital" "b&w is better than colour" or "mid format better than35mm" for egs.) is required these days to sell yourself and create hype because lets face it, nobody (galleries and magazines included) is buying street/docu work as they used to.period. totally pointless article

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jskrill: Can you please define PL, EF, F, MFT and E mounts.

PL is Arri's mount.
Stands for Positive Lock.

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What we all need is this!

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grafli: wired LAN? seriously? no WIFI?
I love to jump around with a cable attached to my camera... NOT!

Yeah, you do, I have this Chinese/Korean /Taiwanese portable wifi modem, plug in a usb internet dongle at one end it converts it into a wifi hub, you can also take a wired lan out from it.

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