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jaykumarr: the videos taken by dpreview are frustrating. none of the videos are intended to show how the camera handles when pointed to light from shadow or from short focus to tele focus or heavy zoom.

It would be interesting to see how it performs in low light or twilight. It´s often a weak point in P&S movie mode and the FZ100 delivered quite dismal vids when the light was a little bit dimmer than a clean sky with only a few clouds.

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On article Sony launches NEX-VG20 Handycam Camcorder (9 comments in total)
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JCM_GDL: This is an advice for Canon to produce a Camcorder with the capabilities of the new DSRLs and the APS-C sensor, with all the manual controls and the camcorder formfactor, compatible with all the Canon lens lineup.

No, Sonys nightshot works with infrared illumination. Infrared filter in front of the sensor is removed and IR illuminator at the front makes something visible. Sure only B/W, but you see something. It´s more a gimmick but nice to have.

Link | Posted on Aug 26, 2011 at 23:59 UTC
On article Sony launches DSC-TX55 touch-screen CMOS compact (42 comments in total)

I hate it that Sony places the mics on the top and not on the front. I don´t want to pick up background noises. Thanks, but I think I will stick to my TX9.

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Sorry but I wonder what a Ricoh PX you tested. I´ve got mine a while ago and to be honest, this camera sucks. Well, it is waterproof, but the pics are dull and NR destroys details even at ISO100. Also it tends to chose absurd high ISO values even in good light. Everything over ISO200 is just unusable.
Movie mode - sorry, but "sharp" isn´t a word I would use for this. It is soft as an old VHS cam, sound is hissing and digital zoom makes it worse. But the files are eating card space.
Overall both stills and video are pretty bad. Worse than my old Pentax W10.

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On photo Katja in the Red hair challenge (3 comments in total)

She´s an east-european beauty ;-) .

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On article AVCHD 2.0 expands to include 1080 50p and 60p (40 comments in total)

AVCHD standard is useful as a 2nd hole in the butt. Really. Who needs it? Manufacturers should integrate video-modes regardless of standards like AVCHD.
Canon don´t has DSLR with AVCHD. Nikon, too. Both can make good videos.
Sanyo already had a camcorder with 1080p60 recording capability before the first AVCHD cams with 1080p50/60 came out.

Panasonic crippled their GH2 just for the standard.

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On article Olympus PEN E-P3 announced and previewed (84 comments in total)

Again a new camera that records interlaced video? Come on, are you kidding?

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