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On photo Big family in the Nikon D7000 Series challenge (4 comments in total)

Amazing shot……..stunning!

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On photo Hunter in the Insects, in Their Natural Environment. challenge (18 comments in total)

Amazing pic......congrats......well deserved :)

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On photo Fresh snow in svuori's photo gallery (1 comment in total)

Beautiful :+)

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On GalleryItem:1302074 (1 comment in total)

Stunning :+)

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Bjorn_L: *Useless review*
This sort of rubbish is FAR below DPR standards.

You left off several rather important criteria.
How about print quality from a printer?
How about cost per page? This is the tie breaker for most printer purchases. For example, the Canon & Epson a3+ printers have nearly identical out put (edge to Epson), but the cost of ownership of the epson is 3-4 times as high.
Actual print speed vs claimed?
Speed in other areas (power on, etc)
Is there a power consumption difference? Might be useful for small shops/home use where the internet capable printer is likely to stay on 24/7.

All you covered was scanning. I mean.. yippy, skippy! Scanning is the least used function in the digital age. Nice to have for older stuff, but this is not "what to with old analog" photo review. It is *DIGITAL* Photo review!

ps: how about more reviews relevant to this title. Why even bother branching out when lens and camera reviews only cover 10-20% of available models?

I agree with Bjorn. This is a great website.....BUT when it comes to reviewing lenses it appears to fall way short of the mark. Sure the dearer are reviewed, but I believe many people are like me and on a budget and cannot afford these lenses. However the lenses we can afford and " HAVE " to buy are almost never reviewed.

I do like that you are branching out to printers, but in truth this site should be concentrating on reviewing as many lenses as possible ( and cameras ) first before branching out to other things. There is an old saying there which says " One world at a time ".......meaning do one thing at a time. This site needs to concentrate on the needs of all photographers, and not just those who can afford the " Top Spec " gear. Poorer people have to live too..........just my 2 cents!!!

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On photo Under The Canopy in the The Best of the Series challenge (4 comments in total)

Beautiful shot. Wow!!!

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On photo Nanxun, 16th Century in the Authentic old street (please read all rules) challenge (12 comments in total)

Wow this is beautiful. Possible one of the most beautiful pics I have ever seen. IMO it has everything. I would be so proud if I had taken this. It's like looking at a beautiful painting....absolutely stunning!!!

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On photo Waves Clogher Beach Ireland in the Magnificent to Behold challenge (1 comment in total)

Congratulations .......beautiful picture :+)

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On photo Old Man's Treasure in the Low Key Portrait challenge (9 comments in total)

Wow......simply the best !!!

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On photo Ballet in the ISO 12800 or More... challenge (1 comment in total)

I'm just blown away by this pic..... it's beautiful...... congratulations on First Place :+)

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Brilliant. It really doesn't get any better than this :+)

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On photo The Faceless Portrait color in the Interpretation: Face Off challenge (2 comments in total)

Yes I think the color shot is brilliant! The B&W shot is great but I think the color is far better:+). In any event it is a great shot. Very well done:+)

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On photo Sommelier in the Composition: Still Life challenge (5 comments in total)

In my eyes this is a true work of art - absolutely amazing!!!

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On photo Red drops keep falling... in the Colours - Red challenge (2 comments in total)

Absolutely beautiful - Well done!!!!

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On photo Sky Flower in the > Fireworks challenge (5 comments in total)

Absolutely amazing!!! Beautiful!!!

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On photo Vertigo in the Olympus DSLR Only challenge (5 comments in total)

What can anyone say. This is truly breathtaking. Amazing. It's so beautiful. I feel cold just looking at it:+). thanks so much for sharing it!

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On photo Convergence in the Dreamy Falls challenge (1 comment in total)

Very well done. Amazing pic!!!!!

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