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  • There's a lot more standard sizes now than when I was printing 35mm (in England). It tended to get fitted to a 10x8.
  • The GM5 doesn't even have a standard USB port, that is annoying as I have to make sure to have a cable around especially for it (or use a card reader).
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    I don't count in camera charging (by which I assume you mean charging from USB) or USB-c ports as advanced technology. The rest of the things you mention played no part in my decision to go to ...
  • I prefer 4:3 for most things. Sometimes I find a shot can benefit from a wider aspect, and I'll crop the 4:3 to 3:2 (or maybe 16:9). But most of mine are best in 4:3. I always found 35mm film too ...
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    4:3 was the standard for 35mm movie film all the way back to 1908. When 35mm was adapted to stills it was run sideways through the camera (instead of vertically like a movie camera) and two movie ...
  • Those olds Zenits can be hazardous to your photography. Check the bottom of the mirror box, if it's a shiny enamel you need to do something about it, or it can give you really bad flare ruining ...
  • You might be able to work that out for any particular scene by looking at the exif data for the image. The white balance used is usually embedded there in.
  • It'd be useful to have exif data in the examples. Are you shooting RAW or jpeg? What processing are you doing? (Show one straight out of camera, and your final result would help.) The G7 is a ...
  • There's very obvious differences, in aspect ratio and framing, not a lot to do with any "medium format look".
  • I have compared medium format (from a GFX 50R) to a smaller format. I don't see anything I can identify as a "medium format look". As I said, the GFX does produce very nice images, but most of ...
  • It could be all or none of the categories, it still doesn't describe my favorite sort of photography.
  • I have a GFX 50R, and I've no idea what the medium format look is. There's nothing in that video that is convincing as a comparison, sounds more like confirmation bias. The GFX does produce ...
  • Lots of things missing in that poll. How about travel?
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    UI design is a highly skilled specialized occupation, and there's very few people or companies who are any good at it. Then a variety of people from CEOs down to marketing hacks think they have a ...
  • Google images thinks it's McLaren Lodge in Golden Gate park: Maybe you should try again.
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    For completeness, I've just got a GM5, which does suffer from the disappearing bits. This is what the histograms look like for that. You can see the absence of bits as missing values down the dark ...
  • Again, that could happily go to 20". But I'd expect it to be sharper. It looks like there are parts of the image where detail is missing, so I'd suspect noise reduction. I'm also not sure the ...
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    I got a GFX 50R in addition to my m4/3 stuff, it handles fine, if you can get used to it's brick like properties. It makes the GX9 feels tiny, I used to think the GX9 was a brick.
  • The locals claimed to only get about 1 inch (25mm) of snow a year, but Wikipedia claims about 20". The costal areas of Alaska are actually quite mild due to the warm Japan Current.
  • I like it. That is considering it's a really enormous brick, and the lenses are mostly similarly weighty (except the 50). I've never used full frame digital, and I'm coming from micro-4/3rds so ...
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