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  • France is an obvious guess. Along the Seine somewhere?
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  • When I was collecting Minolta MD Kit, I got one of just about everything, so I ended up with most of the Auto-bellows III set. That includes the Auto-bellows III, 100mm bellows lens, and the ...
  • Are you sure what you're trying to do is change the exposure compensation? because changing it in fully manual mode, makes no sense. You are setting the exposure, so you don't need to compensate ...
  • I did. I tend to use manual, unless I have a good reason not to.
  • Created discussion thread Extended low ISO
    On my GX850, the base ISO is 200 (and then up to 25,600). There's also an "Extended" ISO range lower than the base, down to ISO 100, noted as "L.100". ISO 100 produces some very fine low noise ...
  • Nice. The SRT series were very nice cameras. My first Minolta was an SRT-303b, which was the last SRT they made, with all the high end features. I got it second hand with a 1.4 lens. I could ...
  • The other focus modes are not available with the II. You can only use AFS (of MF). It's supposed to be to do with the way the lens focuses, which as you've discovered is not fast. I doubt it's ...
  • I used (and still have) Minolta kit, but not the XG-1. That was the basic SLR, with aperture priority only. One reference I found says CdS metering, that's very primitive (compared to silicon ...
  • You are correct. This is my previous shot, not cropped.
  • I am definitely interested in a zoom with that aperture. It'd have to have great optics at full aperture to be interesting. I'm put off by the size and weight, which I haven't yet seen hard numbers ...
  • New thread: Don't forget to subscribe.
  • Where is this? I'll take town or the name of the place, because I'm not too sure of the street address.
  • Created discussion thread Guess the Place 175
    This long-running thread started way back in 2009. Number 1: This is number 175 in the series. GUESS THE PLACE RULES These are the rules for this ...
  • I'll start a new thread, we're running out of posts here.
  • That's easy then. Henry Campbell-Bannerman, Stirling.
  • For my next guess, mayoral chain and Samuel Bourne Bevington, Tooley St at Queen Elizabeth St, London.
  • I blame a nasty case of the flu on having no brain, and missing the "his". I'll still go for Parliament Square.
  • In 1998 I worked on a system which was state of the art for consumer/business computers.  It was about as powerful as the most powerful supercomputers from 15 years earlier. The phone I bought in ...
  • My first wild guess was Parliament Square, but I decided to look in the antipodes instead. So I'm saying Millicent Fawcett. I can't find any pics from the back to confirm the chain.
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