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I love this and I am not a Pentax user and know little about their cameras and their capabilities. All the mirrorless users need to remember that DSLRs are all about the analog experience - unlike mirrorless that are almost fully electronic computers with a lens attached to them. People use DSLRs because they are looking for the analog, tactile experiences that are associated with picture taking. It is not about the final picture or about the AF - it is all about how you feel when you hold the camera and how it sounds when it takes the picture.

So, these collectible cameras and lenses is all about providing the best tactile and aesthetic experience to the people who seeks it

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Thank you for doing what you are doing, for staying positive and for encouraging us to stay positive!

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blink667: I'd rather buy a used D810 for about half the price, thank you very much.

Just do not buy if you do not like it. Why do you think your opinion is important for everyone to know it? I am tired of the negativity online.

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BazzzH: I bought Luminar 3 in January and now they want full price for this "upgrade". Might as well have taken a subscription to the Adobe ponzi. They are not getting my money for this, anyway.

Why future upgrades should be free? They need to keep people on the payroll to develop those upgrades. It is not Adobe model but close and one still can decide on upgrade decision or upgrade later. This is the only sustainable business model these day. The benefit to consumers is that software now is way cheaper than it was years ago.

Disclosure: I did try Luminar 3 but found it too slow on my machine and did not even try Luminar 4. So, I have no bias in this discussion.

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TheDarmok74: The G80/81/85 was one of those cameras that will be remembered for many years to come. Certailnly one of the best m43 cameras.
This one seems like an update to a great camera, but not more.

I personally think that m43 will only continue to be relevant if they innovate more. Get some people from Google or Huawei and concentrate on computational photography. You can't copete on sensor size, but smartphones have shown what is possible with smaller sensors. Can you imagine what a m43 senosr could do with the right software built into the camera?

Love the comment about the computational photography. I have been thinking about the same for a while. After using an iPhone for a while, I actually tried iA+ mode on G9 an it is pretty good, considering how good G9 is with understanding subjects. I will also try scenes and filters to see if they could be useful. Never believed in the Auto modes before but I now started to see that they could be trusted.

There are problems with G95 but the main two are: price and how good G85 is. For many the improvement over G85 is marginal and does not justify the upgrade, especially at a hefty price tag. In Canada the introductory price of G95 was $1,799 CAD, that was almost instantly reduced to $1,599, which is still absurdly expensive (i.e. G85 kit is $899 or Nikon D7500 + 18-140 is $1,399, which is arguably a great value for some). If there were no G85 and the price of G95 was G85's introductory price of $1299 CAD then it would get a Gold award and would be sold out.

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