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HopeSpringsEternal: Too bad they've refused to even support EXIF orientation flags in Windows since Windows XP.

If you import photos using Windows image importer it will actually rewrite your image to put it right-side up without changing the orientation flag.

If you import your portrait oriented photos with another program and then try to view it with Windows you will find that the photo viewing programs included with Windows and Windows Live will ignore the orientation flag embedded in the image.

This has been a known issue for almost a decade and is still not fixed!

The Microsoft Camera Codec Pack always displays RAW images with the EXIF orientation regardless of operating system.

Windows 8 and Windows RT display jpg files with the orientation set in the EXIF also. It is "fixed" in Windows 8 so your decade wait is over.

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joe6pack: Before I rush to install a codec pack. Will it be able to let me view RAW in proper orientation as specified in EXIF? How does the codec pack determine the raw photo's white balance? Does it apply any noise reduction?

Yes the EXIF orientation is supported so you see your RAW images with the correct rotation. WB by built-in named WB or Kelvin. I do not believe NR is applied.

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fed2man: When is Windows going to support DNG files? In Explorer in Windows 7 all my DNGs show up as icons only, no thumbnails. Or have I missed an update somewhere? Thx.

If the camera is on the suuported list and that camera only shoots in a DNG format the Microsoft Camera Codec Pack will render full image for those files in any WIC application but as you note, not thumbnails in Windows Explorer. DNG files created or edited in Lightroom are not supported by the codec pack. You would have to download a codec from Adobe.

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larryis1: Tried to install the 32 bit version and it failed. Got message "COULD NOT WRITE VALUE PROGID TO KEY". Had to escape out of install, as retries did not work. Anyone have any experience dealing with this problem?

You should be able to click ignore I think 13 times and continue the installl and it will complete. There is a complex workaround so you do not see the error. It is unclear how Windows gets in this state in the first place.

1. Start Regedit.exe and say yes to elevation privilege
2. Go to HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Explorer\FileExts 3. Right click on Permissions
4. Click Advanced
5. Uncheck "include inheritable permissions…"
6. Click Remove
7. Click Add
8. Type in Everyone and press Enter
9. Click the check for Full Control
10. Check "Replace all child object permissions…"
11. Click Yes
12. Click OK
13. Close regedit.exe
12. Run the Camera Codec Pack install again. You should not see errors.
13. Reboot/Restart Windows
After the reboot.
Do steps 1-4 again.
5. Check "include inheritable permissions…"
6. Check "Replace all child object permissions…"
7. Click Yes
8. Click Everyone in the top list
9. Click Remove
10. Click OK

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John-G: I still don't see RAW images in file explorer on Win7. I can click and view them in Photo Viewer but thumbnails are not showing up like they do for JPEGs.

I would suggest rebuilding your thumbnail cache. Right click on your drive and select Properties. On the General tab there is a button for Disk Cleanup. Make sure that thumbnails is checked to delete. Once disk cleanup is done reboot and then go to that folder in Windows Explorer. The thumbnails we be quickly regenerated at that point and you should see them. The exception to this is for cameras that natively produce DNG for the RAW such as a Leica camera. The codec pack is not generating thumbnails for that image type currently.

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Edmund17: I’m running Windows-8/64bit and I have the Nikon Code Pack installed (NEF Codec 1.16.0).

Does this new Codec Pack from Microsoft work along with the Nikon?
It’s a matter of choosing one or better to install both?

BTW: I don’t see the D600 on the Microsoft Pack, probably it was already included in the previous version?


Ed on Windows 8 codecs can coexist. The Nikon codec will be used if a camera supports it for desktop application and the fall back would be for the Microsoft one if on chance it does not. For modern applications the Microsoft codec is used. The D600 is not supported in the Microsoft codec yet.

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