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  • Not surprising. GoPro stock has greatly tanked and frankly, their cameras are cheaply made. They look cheap and feel cheap. Bought the top of the line Hero 4 Black. Completely went dead 1 month...

  • Which model camera with the OVF did you check out?

  • " Why wouldn't you want to know what the exposure looks like before taking your picture??"

    I think you're missing the point of why many people prefer an OVF to an EVF. It's not as cut & dry as you...

  • @Tommi K1. Well I guess Sony doesn't know what they're talking about then because they state battery life for the EVF and the back LCD screen based on the number of shots taken. Maybe you should...

  • If I only had a penny for every time someone said "EVF's are the way forward"....lol. I have both a D810 and a Sony A6300. While there are definitely benefits to an EVF, I still have a strong...

  • Haha, call me when MF is affordable for the rest of us.

  • What do you mean nonsense? I have a right to what I prefer. I'm not telling anyone here what they should like. Learn to be more respectful.

  • Doesn't matter. I still stand by what I said about m4/3.

  • Panasonic it's your turn now. While I'm only one consumer with one opinion, I won't buy any future main cameras unless they are full frame....and for a "B" camera I might still go for an APS-C, but...

  • Commented on article Leica SL Review

    "Leica is spelt correctly all over this web page, it's very odd that you "chose" to spell it that way,"

    Exactly and funny how you ignore that I spelled it correctly the first time I wrote it....

  • Commented on article Leica SL Review

    "And frankly your "misspelling of Leica looks to be on purpose."

    Very childish response. 🙄 Maybe you didn't notice, the first line in my OP spelled Leica correctly. The following misspellings...

  • Commented on article Leica SL Review

    "An example of your attitude from your first post:

    "And before the usual Leika [sic] fans come charging at me with their "reasons, points and facts" about Leika's [sic] worth,"

    And what I said in...

  • Commented on article Leica SL Review

    " Did you really just type that question?

    Plenty of "pros" use Leicas, that you're ignorant of this fact isn't germane."

    Once again you have a problem with reciting back what someone said. I...

  • Commented on article Leica SL Review

    @HowaboutRAW I think you're not understanding my point at all. I never said you can find Hasselblad's for $7500. I said that money could be better spent ON (as in towards) a Hasselblad camera. Be...

  • Commented on article Leica SL Review

    Correcting me for spelling is pretty lame. Let's remain on topic about the product., shall you??

  • Commented on article Leica SL Review

    I never understood what TRUE benefits a photographer would get choosing a Leica cam. While I'm not necessarily an A7RII fan, I beg to differ that the Leika's price being far more than twice (nearly...

  • Commented on article Hands-on with the Canon EOS 77D

    It's very possible. Many companies send products to reviewers even weeks before the release date. I happen to know this first hand based on the company I represent.

  • Commented on article Sony SLT a99 II Review

    So far "on paper" the A99II looks great.....but this isn't anything new with Sony because Sony's performance specs are always better on paper and don't always equate to real world. Nonetheless I...

  • Commented on article Sony SLT a99 II Review

    @MPS Photographic. I sure would like to know how the colored ring around a camera's lens mount describes how much a person paid for their camera????

  • Commented on article Sony SLT a99 II Review

    I'm so confused as to why Sony seems to think their menu system is superior. It's horrendous. Haven't they heard from customers? Don't they ever read customer feedback? My A6300 is a great camera...

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