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What is all the fuzz about? When I look at those pics, iPhone and Google pixel, I see a slight improvement in overall quality compared to let's say a 5 yo Galaxy Note 2 or so, but any (!) system camera with a m4/3 sensor or larger easily trumps those cameras in any light condition, delivering much (!) better clarity, sharpness, noise levels, robustness of the files etc. Mobile phones are the solution for convenience, but they still fall far behind dedicated cameras.
You can buy today a used Fujifilm X-E1 for less than 200 bucks, maybe 350 with the excellent 35/1,4, and it wipes the floor with any available smart phone.
But of course the Nerd factor of a Fujifilm is much lower.

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On article Nikon announces development of D850 (538 comments in total)

Hmmm, the problem is not that this new camera will most likely not be good, but that there are already tons and tons of good Nikon/ Canon/ Pentax/ Sony DSLRs out there. Apart from maybe Canon DSLRs are no longer a product range that will sell as much as it did 20 years ago.
Why neither Canon nor Nikon have released a camera with the DSLR form factor, but with EVF only (no mirror!), bug battery instead, and full compatibility with existing SLR lenses. Which is what many would want. Later they can still come with a true mirroless and new lenses.

But traditional SLRs are a dead horse, even if they are good.

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Hmmm, the d810 may or may not be up to MF level in terms of noise and DR, but the skin tones in the first portrait above are awfully bad. Regardless of format, I could not live with those ugly Nikon skin tones. They were the reason why I sold my d700 years ago. No profile/ custom profile/ Raw converter could help it.

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I updated my Adobe components to the mentioned versions (LR 2015.9, Adobe Raw 9.9 etc) and yet I cannot open the Fuji GFx Raw files downloaded from the new sample series published here on dpreview. Has anyone managed to open those?

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DxO-mark gets way too much attention, they never publish any details about their measurings and tests, no samples, just numbers. They could write anything. Doesn't make sense to call them a reference of any kind. They badly lack transparence.

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True, dpreview got it right, it is over the top, the music is quite "un- cool" and sounds like a very typical ad song. Outer space, galaxies, what else? They say "sometimes less is more", would have been a good advice here.
I'd already be happy if they finally get color right in their cameras. Fuji, Canon and even Sony are better at that....

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Well, I am not too impressed. The price is beyond reasonable, the pixel count is a bit more than twice of what my a7rII gives me. When I look at the files at 100%, nothing of what I see is so exceptional after all. It just looks like any high end DSLR theses days at 100%, just more of it. a7rII with a premium lens can shoot detail that is "pixel sharp" at 100%, and I can deeply dig into the shadows without noise penalty. This here is similar, just larger (sensor surface), Colour doesn't impress me.

I may be wrong but the older CCD files were nicer...

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@ Mr. Roboto:
Well, generally no camera I have used in the past (DSLRs) could add anything via apps, and Firmware Updated were very rare. So as far as I can see, this app adds a really useful function, and does it in Raw even. So if you think this is not worth 10 bucks, then just leave it alone... So far, I know of no other camera that adds this in Raw or adds it at all, so I guess 10 bucks is not much.

But that's a bit the mentality of the "app age": Should be free.

10 bucks is below the threshold where I start to think...

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Wow, the older M digital cameras were already technologically behind the competition, but could counterbalance through their special lenses and nice color rendition. Here, I see nothing from it. The sensor feels like from 7-9 years ago (Canon 1ds II), colors seem pale and unappealing, and the noise (at only 24MP) is visible in almost every image.
Hard to imagine that this becomes a successful camera. How could they release such a thing...

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Epson lost me when my Stylus Pro broke after some 5 years of very moderate use and only Epson cartridges used. I'd expect such a unit to work at least 8-10 years, someone found out that they are meant to work no longer than 5-6 years. Too expensive for the printer and all the inks.

Will not buy an Epson large format again. As others have pointed out, the cost of ink exceeds anything out there. What an absurdity. Luckily noone has to buy it. I won't...

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I am still using Photoshop CS3, this version will work for me as long as I use XP, or Windows 7. I do not need the latest features of CS5, 6 etc., I can convert RAW files with other converters and use my older Photoshop version to work then on the tiff files.
The idea to constantly pay to a software company for having access to their software - just like kindle ebooks that you only can use as long as you have the Amazon account - is quite unacceptable for me. I cannot imagine to do that.

Sorry. But I can imagine to go on using my old PS version forever...

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Den Sh: Even though I'm not a huge fan of the zooms, kudos for having such a great prime selection! IMO the only thing that's missing from the roadmap is 90mm f/2 and 135mm f/2 (preferably with OIS).

Yes yes yes! Fast 90mm corresponding to a 135 F2: A true classic! Maybe even 1,8 for smaller DOF.
Anyway, it's the lenses that will draw half of the people to that system, not just the cameras.

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Since the iPAD Apple has not brought anything exciting to the market anymore. They now started to administrate their heritage.
Jobs was a fanatic, and he made Apple the Ersatz church for nerds, but at least he was successful. Now Apple goes the way every company goes: More of the same, new model with "200 new software changes" every 12 months and that's it.

I briefly had the 4S, sold it after a week, and got the "Note 2". Haven't looked back. Screen is large enough to read everything, and the Note does everything I need.

Apple can still raise their sales volume because they push into giant markets like China, but in the western world they left their peak already behind.

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ams1: Whether it's a sensor replacement or a total recall, that means by extension that Fuji is admitting that there is a real problem.
And if that's true, and they are announcing this week that they are waiting until March 12th to make the announcement, doesn't that really screw unknowing customers who buy an X10 today through March 11th?
If Fuji would be offering a hardware change or a recall, wouldn't they order all vendors to cease selling X10s today? B and H still has them in stock available today.
Unless... Maybe the cameras being sold today on March 5th are already fixed. I would be interested to know if anyone bought an X10 after say March 3rd or 4th if they notice the orbs.
BTW the orbs are VERY noticeable when taking night pictures in a city setting such as NYC. (in all modes, with many various settings)

Some people can never relax. Why care for people who might buy it between today and the 11th?
And yes, sure: If night shots of cityscapes were my favorite subject for photography, it would be stupid to choose the x10 for shooting it... Everybody should know by now that this is a bad idea! There are other cameras for that. Do you only have one camera? I have 5 or more.... And I know 1000 types of scenes where orbs will never show up.

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lensberg: Be it the fact that it probably uses Sony's 16 MP sensor which is fractionally larger than that of the Canon G1 X ... is seriously doubt that it will ever match the excellent image quality of the G1 X... especially at anything over ISO 1600... Absolutely hate the optical specifications... considering the premise of the portability factor... that lens is way too bulky! And... beautiful bokeh at F3.5 ... yeah right... perhaps for the aspiring ametuer... :-)

Fractionally larger?? It Canon's G1X ensor is closer to 4/3 than to APS-c, so I'd call that quite a bit larger :-)

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