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On article Luxi turns your smartphone into incident light meter (43 comments in total)
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mr_ewok: Luxi turns your smartphone into incident light meter.... an Android version is not anticipated.

would be nice if there stands "iphone" instead of smartphone!

Agreed! I wouldn't have wasted my time opening the article.

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On article HTC One: Is it the ultimate camera phone? (76 comments in total)
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Digitall: I had an HTC and not want any more. HTC is poor in after sales service and troubleshooting software. My experience.

Can't agree with you more! I'm still stuck with an HTC Flyer 3G tablet on a 2-year contract, and I promised myself never another HTC product again after my contract expires!

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On photo a yosemite sunrise in the Classic HDR Landscape challenge (6 comments in total)

Brilliant work of art!

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Polaroid seem to be good at announcing, but poor on delivering!

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It may be expensive but 3G connectivity should expose it to the contract data cellular market, and thus make it way more affordable to a larger group of potential buyers!

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I don't see the lens and sensor size being the main issue in trying to get the cost down. The Sony RX100 sells for $180 more than the Canon Rebel T3 with an 18-55mm kit lens! The IQ-gap may be filled by a 1" sensor, but the price "consternation" still remains! I think the biggest challenge lies rather in optimizing the overall design to a more competitive price. I would typically want my DSLR to last 6 years, but I'd be happy if I can get 3 out of a P&S.

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On article Just Posted: Sony Alpha NEX-5R hands-on preview (127 comments in total)
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NomadMark: I get a kick out of most who complain about the size as well, to be honest. While a nice flat pancake might be nice, even with the Kit 18-55mm or Zeiss 24mm, the camera is still so light. I own a 5Dmk2 and 7D along side a slew of lenses, and I love them, but they are a task to carry around ALL THE TIME. I bought a Nex7 a few months ago, and for real, I ALWAYS have it. I never miss an opportunity. I have a super small fossil "man purse" (lol) that I've grown used to carrying. It always has the body and 3 lenses in it; The Sigma 19, 30, and Zeiss Planar 50mm f2. Size wise, this equates to the size of my 5D body, alone, with no lenses...maybe less. Or, I can strole out of the house with the camera and one lens around my neck for the whole day and never notice it's there and there is no issue with handelling. Even with the kit lens, or the Zeiss 50mm I own, the camera is light enough to rest on one left hand finger while held in the right. There is zero issue with balance for me.

The 5D is larger than the Rebel series? I know the 7D is huge!

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On article Nikon Coolpix S800c Android camera first look (103 comments in total)
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Cheezr: Kudos to Nikon for being first with the next gen compact.
Who woulda thunk it?

As far as I'm aware, the SCH-W880 was only sold in Korea. The Polaroid SC1630 I've only seen in write-ups dating back to Feb. 2012. Neither of these products can be found on B&H's website. In my opinion thus Nikon is the first company to actually deliver, as you can pre-order your S800c as we speak!

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So it's curtains for the Polaroid SC1630! If you snooze you lose!

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On article Is Instagram 'debasing photography'? (291 comments in total)

I do not agree with Kate Bevan. In my opinion, photography is far more than just a picture telling a story. It can also be required to convey emotion and illustrate artistic expression. Software like Instagram plays an important part in fulfilling this role, and really opens the creative realms much further than the mere technical requirements of framing a shot and getting the lighting correct. When your camera hardware has limited optical capability as is the case with cell phone cameras, I found by using software like Instagram/Vignette/LittleCamera/etc these shortcomings can quite often be creatively exploited. People who think photography is nothing more than producing a "pin sharp" image with expensive equipment may agree with Kate, but I prefer to be more open minded.

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I think a 460kdot display is a bit marginal for a camera without a native viewfinder and a $800 kit price tag!

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On article Kodak to stop making digital cameras (146 comments in total)

The problem in today's business world, is that senior management teams tend to be composed of legionaries working on contract for the highest buck! Their passion is more focused on the currency they're earning than on the product generating that currency! Without passion for the product, it's nothing more than gambling with experience, which isn't always enough!

The management team of Kodak took the company out of the high-end market by discontinuing their premium cameras! It's like a famous restaurant saying "Although we established our name with french cuisine, in future we should focus on burgers & fries". What the big Kodak probably did not realize, was that they dropped into the street-corner mass-market segment where the players are quick and light on their feet.

It will be sad to see them disappear! IMO licensing a good name is just another "epic fail" decision. They need a "Steve Jobs" turnaround plan rather!

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I don't want to play devil's advocate here, but I feel I must mention that in South Africa wedding photographers are fortunate (or exceptionally talented) if they're able to get a couple to pay even $1500.00! Adding further insult to injury, the cost of photographic equipment is generally between 20% & 40% higher here than in the USA or Canada.

I must also say that $15 000.00 weddings are quite rare here, except for the relatively wealthy. The wedding budgets I often observe, are in the region of about $7000 to $8000!

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On article Just Posted: Nikon 1 V1 and J1 review (429 comments in total)
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Altruisto: Shame on Dpreview. I have always believed their judgements, but it happens that I had the opportunity lately to try a big number of mirrorless cameras and enthusiast compacts, and by far Nikon 1 system was the most satisfying. So I'm very upset for all those who would be fooled by this journalist masturbation. "oh! po po po, it's a camera for beginners, so I don't care about all the unique advances made by Nikon, like a sensor better than units more than double its size, or the best and most accurate autofocus in its category, or the fact that that sensor size permits the smallest 70-300 equivalent zoom, or that continuous autofocus in video never hunts, or that adapter don't compromise use of Nikkor lenses. Noooo! I punish Nikon for the conservative auto-ISO taking into account the small sensor; for the less perfect manual focus and lack of customization and no in camera RAW conversion, in a camera supposed to suit beginners and serve as a fun straight forward backup for enthusiast."

I don't own either of these two cameras, and I'm not sure what to make of the DPR review? What I can make something of, is the fact that the V1 costs nearly $1000, which I think is way too much for the offering - even if it is very nice. I'd be very tempted to seriously consider the J1 at $400 cheaper, though, if only it had a proper flash hot shoe, or even iTTL wireless commander function.

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On article Just Posted: Canon PowerShot G1 X samples gallery (425 comments in total)

Very nice camera, but a pity about the high price tag.

The prohibitive price will keep me way in the background until, or even if, it shows a substantial decrease!

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On article Just Posted: Canon PowerShot G1 X samples gallery (425 comments in total)
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Michael Thompson: Thease photos are awfull! we have had 3 days of frosty nights and crystal clear blue sky weather here in the UK and this is the best DPR can produce?

Once upon a time DPR had photographers who had skill experiance and passion i fear those days are gone - Amazon what have you done.

No wide angle Landscape photos in sunshine this to check image detail near and far, i could go on but what is the point.

A photography website without skilled photographers what a joke!
my neighbours 12 year old doughter could do better (with her mobile phone lol!

I agree with eoonline. These shots tell me all I need to know about the camera. The photography skills can be assessed on a different forum!

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On article Just posted: Fujifilm X10 hands-on preview and video (69 comments in total)
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jonesi: Have it, and yes its every bit as good as expected. Easier to control than the big brother x100, but great build quality. If the sensor is half as good as the x100 it is a hit. First impressions are v good.

Fuji have quite a few sample images on their website. It's definitely not DSLR-level, but still very impressive.
The problem I perceive locally (South Africa), is that there are always good deals on end-of-range DSLR starter kits, for eg. Canon 550D (T2i) with kit lens, bag & SD-card ($625). We pay about 25% more locally over the B&H price for a camera like this, so at $750 it's going to take a while yet.

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