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On article Why 'droid is the OS Samsung is looking for (27 comments in total)
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Bruce McL: People do not want to take pictures. Getting an image into a camera is not anybody's goal. Even getting images on to a computer is not anybody's goal. The goal is to look at pictures and to share pictures. Cell phones allow people to achieve those goals, most cameras do not.

In the sense of helping people use their pictures, nearly every phone camera is far "better" than nearly every dedicated camera. Adding Android to a dedicated camera would help them catch up to cell phone cameras.

Eh.... Yea.... So many so wrong here undermthis comment, i just wish you guys suicided really >.> you have proven your more ignorant than george w bush!

Also guess what? My goal is NOT to share my photos. My goal is to take good photos and professionals doing professional work will NEVER upload straight from the camera. Why? Photoshop, thats why they are the best and thats why they arent like you (a "noob" in photography)

And munchmeister.... I can hear chase jarvis in the distance laughing at you after reading your comment... >.>

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MikeNeufeld30: It just takes Fuji a wile to get going, like a year later on x100 and x10.. Great cameras no doubt, Just like their updates like the Af, a little slow and sluggish..

And what has this got to do with this thread? Are you an employee for Fuji?

The X10 has orb issues which are now being fixed, and both have got very slow AF.

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Jim Evidon: To the person who made an issue out of the name of the camera being E-M5 rather than OM-D: I don't know about your camera but my OM-D says prominently on the front OM-D, and in small letters next to the mode dial E-M5. Since this the first in the OM series, OM-D is perfectly acceptable. You're just being picky.
When they come out with the next model, you may have a point. Until then.....

Another post says it isn't a problem until ISO 6400. That being the case, I'll sleep well tonight and worry about banding the next time I take my camera into a coal mine to shoot available light at f/1.7.

Bah the name matters more than the camera... or so it seem's a lot of people like to think >.>
I am curious... how many people that comment here know ANYTHING about photography?! I mean seriously they complain over the name being olympus and not canon or over it being called OM-D because "its nothing like the old om camera I had"

It's a sad day when people start behaving the brand name is more important than the gear and photographer.

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thewhitehawk: Aaaah crap... *looks at the 20mm Panny behind him*

Let's hope a firmware update fixes it.

give it to me, i am unemployed and poor I don't mind.... *waits for you to give it to him and then smiles when a firmware update fixes it.... hopefully* XD

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makeitworst: The days of responsible engineering at Olympus that produced wonderful top of the industry film cameras in the OM series is long over. I still cherish my early 70's OM-1 and OM-1MD, and my other OM-1N and OM-2N.

But since entering the Digital market, Olympus has repeatedly stumbled, often big time, with cameras that were seriously flawed by Engineering. I had (have but it's dead) an Oly E-10 DSLR, which for the time was a wonderful camera even though it had a fixed lens, because that lens was tremendously versatile and accurate. BUT it had a flawed Battery Circuit board designed that failed every two years like clock-work (Oly paid to fix it once, I paid the second time), then the AF circuit kicked the bucket at age 5. That's BS, even a DSLR should last as long as a Film SLR. ONLY recent Oly I loved is the C-7000. Spot on colors, a range-finder, great video recording, fast lens and it still works .. so far.

Sorry Oly, no buyer here till you get your Engineering chit together.

If it has got a FIXED lens well then it's not a DSLR now is it!

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pacogwapo: I've been to a theme park the other day, it seems that nikon is the camera of choice by the visitors...

In Iceland 80% of the market is Canon, so your point is?

It depends on what country/city you live in which camera brand is more popular & everyone has they're own flavor.

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Douglas F Watt: Troubling that ideology trumps observation here too often. Although rants about the 'megapixel war' are most popular posts ("24MP for entry level camera is absurd" is highest rated comment), these unfortunately don't square with the scientific and technical story of DP over last 10 years - which is that sensor (and to a lesser extent software) evolution have allowed cameras to have both higher resolution and better low light performance simultaneously. Although at any given point in time, higher pixel density sensors generally have poorer low light performance than lower density ones, there is wide spectrum of performance on this (witness LL performance of latest m4/3 sensor in the new Olympus ILC). More importantly, over time, newer (higher resolution) sensors have at least equaled, if not exceeded, the low light performance of the older generation systems. Witness the surprising low light ability of the D800 sensor, which is remarkably close to LL performance of D3 sensor.

As long as they can balance noise vs megapixels I celebrate more megapixels. If Noise reduction started to suffer against the megapixels then I would not be happy. But so far it seem's to balance out nicely.

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forpetessake: DSLRs is a dying breed. Nikon should focus their attention on mirrorless market before it's too late.

I have used a lot of DSLR camera's and own my second mirrorless now the E-M5 and I can safely say DSLR is here to stay as are mirrorless camera's just like Rangefinders and Film SLR's stayed together since the dawn of time.

They simply can't be seperated no matter how much you wish they would.

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infiniti55: Canon vs Nikon vs anything else, how about just take photos and quit complaining about witch one is better because if you can't produce a good photo from any of the cameras regardless who made it... you have no buisness having one in the first place.

Bah Kodak rocks them a..... hang on isn't it bankrupt? Yup nevermind, As long as your having fun with your camera and photographing that's all that counts really.

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micarr: The best Photographer is the one who can adopt to all types of photo media, whether its a camera phone or a high end DSLR. The photographer makes the photo and not the camera. The Nikon-Canon war is nothing more than a brand marketing. To all of you who still believes that one brand is better than the other, go sell your gear and quit photography. Photography is not for you.

I have gone between cameras so fast I did not even have time to learn where the on switch is hehehe.

But now I have gone for an e-m5 & couldn't be happier however I really wish I had something other than the kit lens, I am working on that right now.

Camera's are a lot like shoes, you need to find the size that fits you & stick with it.

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Gevork Mosesi: Im a nikon user, but to all those that say my *** is bigger than yours... just shoot pictures. It doesnt matter what you use. If one is talented, can shoot great shots with an iPhone. so stop with this "my *** is bigger than yours" like little kids and go out and shoot pictures. the reality is that these days, there are no bad cameras.

For this reason, I have moved back to large format and film. concentrate on the art of photography, rather than camera specs.

But... but... film doesn't even have an LCD this is blastphemy! ;)
Just kidding but yea the camera doesn't matter as much as the photographer however it DOES matter how good your camera is but not how big it is.

You can be a great photographer with a bad camera or a bad photographer with a great camera and get worse results than the great photographer, however we must not deny that Camera gear is important in many aspects like noise performance & focus speed in low light.

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Vladik: People need to stop saying that camera specs aren't important, that is the pure BS! if it wasn't important we'd all be using phone cameras and all of the camera manufacturers would be out of business. We are here for the technology, we discuss it, use it, love it. It makes our lifes easier and better every time they improve some aspect of it. Painters should stay out of internet and go paint something.

BTW, good painters use premium brashes to create works of art. If you are talking about people who paint with their tits and penises, then you're right, those people don't need any special equipment! :)))

Yes I agree, higher iso noise resistance for example makes evening photography MUCH easier & when focus systems are improved it makes life a hell of a lot easier.
Micro four thirds have made for example Street photography easier for compact users and users in general which don't like to pack big. And honestly? If I were not in micro four thirds right now & actually had a job, I would get this camera for portrait & street because I could crop quite a bit.

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Honestly? After seeing how little Canon changes in each of they're cameras and they're horrible excuse for what happen'd to my fathers Compact camera with no refund... If I go from micro four thirds to a DSLR again I will get a Nikon.
I have had it with Canon.

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On article Olympus M.Zuiko Digital ED 75mm F1.8 Preview (216 comments in total)
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Anepo: I really want one but then again I also want the 20mm 1,7 & 45mm 1.8 along with pana 100-300 and olympus 9-18mm

However the price alone of these lenses makes it unrealistic for me to afford the 75mm and 100-300mm. Being Unemployed is not exactly a very profitable career, Especially since in my country photography is protected under law as a profession that you must have gone through years of studying to be allowed to work in the field.

Also when I started learning on my own photography I was always told 50mm is a perfect portrait lens, then people started saying 85mm is the perfect portrait lens and now im reading that 100mm, 135mm & 150mm are the perfect portrait lenses.

So simple question: which one is the perfect one?
It seem's nobody knows, everyone seems to be biased.

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On article Olympus M.Zuiko Digital ED 75mm F1.8 Preview (216 comments in total)

I really want one but then again I also want the 20mm 1,7 & 45mm 1.8 along with pana 100-300 and olympus 9-18mm

However the price alone of these lenses makes it unrealistic for me to afford the 75mm and 100-300mm. Being Unemployed is not exactly a very profitable career, Especially since in my country photography is protected under law as a profession that you must have gone through years of studying to be allowed to work in the field.

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michel gaugain: I bought the lens for three weeks (Germany) in set with a pana G3 cam. I own already a Canon G6. I compared aprox 100 pictures I've took with both cameras in same conditions. The conclusion was horrible. The pictures with the old Canon G6 were better or much better as the pictures took with the new Pana G3 + 14-42 x. I didn't make other tests or other researces. I gave the lens back and I lost some money. I was pretty frustrated. As compensation I bought the 25 / 1,4. This was the beginning of a new life. I think Panasonic has a home-made problem to clear and has to find another signification for the "x".

So your comparing a micro four thirds to a compact camera... That shows how much you know about photography & perhaps its not the camera but you that sucks?

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On article Just Posted: Sony Cyber-shot DSC-HX200V review (131 comments in total)
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wb2trf: As a user of the very similar HX-100V the review seems generally fair to me and most of the comments here are wildly off the mark, reflecting the insecure clubby snobbishness that is typical of people who need to see their equipment as an externalization of their ego.

The comments about needing a tripod to use the 810mm and the uselessness of the long zoom reflect simple ignorance. Here is a handheld shot at 1/20 and 810mm in indoor light, taken only to illustrate the remarkable effectiveness of IS in the HX-100V, which I am sure carries over to the HX-200V, and is true of its competitors probably.

Eventually you will all give up the notion of looking at pixels. The Nikon D800 and other cameras will teach you to find some other club handshake than simply denigrating higher pixel count. Those of you who want fewer pixels can always buy old cameras and extol their virtues on some "collectables" site.

I don't buy that the camera is used at 810mm with 1/20 and no camera shake.
That is literally impossible without a tripod.
Even a DSLR can't get 810mm with IS on without being blurry at that speed.

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vlad0: Nokia kind of made all of these cameras irrelevant with their 808 yesterday..

Yea because it only delivers an actual 5 megapixel resolution >.>
They are just doing a stunt not anything of any real value

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AbrasiveReducer: Geesh. These guys need better lawyers. Over here, we pay top management huge sums to just go away when they lose a lot of money.

"I haven't seen a better one yet."

Are you actually being serious? I sure hope your being sarcastic.

Link | Posted on Feb 17, 2012 at 20:39 UTC

If olympus goes the Kodak way in completely stopping camera productions then I think congratulations are in order for Panasonic for being the only micro four thirds camera developers then.

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