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Here in the UK we're used to $100 = £100 as far as lens and camera prices go, but i'd bet foldin' money that $100 ≠ £100 for this discount :-

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I am | Outta Here

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lb77: "The new reality of photography [is one] where users tend to take a lot of their photos on their phones - and take a lot more images in general. [Many of them want] a powerful tool that allows them to communicate but doesn’t require them to spend a lot of time to learn." - Adobe Director of Product Management Tom Hogarty (took the quote from the other article). Besides being a very depressing quote it's also a strategic mistake. Adobe core should be the pros or very enthusiastic amateurs / artists. I embraced the "digital darkroom" concept "developing" raw files myself and carefully editing, selecting and archiving when I started to have more interest in photography. No amateur I know of that takes tons of photos with a mobile phone or cheap camera will ever want to develop raw files or edit that much paying for it or even spend time learning about it. There are hundreds of apps like instagram covering that ground and software like picasa, google photos etc. For free.

miksto - the thing that worries me as a Lightroom user is that if I stop paying my subscription I lose access to much of the asset-management work I've done over the years. I can try to mitigate that by embedding metadata in the files (a practice I recommend Lightroom users do anyway), but the various sets I've made would have to be reconstructed by hand if I switched to another app.

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On article Throwback Thursday: the Canon PowerShot G1 (159 comments in total)

My first digital camera! I bought it (along with the 28mm-equivalent wide angle adaptor) to photograph model aircraft as reference for a storyboarding job, but I quickly got hooked on digital photography and never looked back.
If I remember, the G1 had pretty significant barrel distortion and horrendous noise at anything above ISO 100. It could produce some surprisingly good images at ISO 50 though. It also had the worst TTL flash of any camera I've ever used, but I've rarely had so much fun using a camera.
I sold it in 2003 to help pay for a Canon G3, which was so much better in a lot of ways - I still have it and occasionally fire it up to check it still works, nearly 15 years later.

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privater: Rule 1: Don't trust `free` service.
Rule 2: Don't trust any Google service.

Dante Birchen I'm suspicious of that rule

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MrBrightSide: I wish lens makers would stop trying to remove vignetting from their lenses—the gradual darkening of the corners and sides is what helps direct the viewer's attention to the subject of the picture.
Of course we all put it back in Photoshop (Effects>Post Crop Vignetting) but it's almost impossible to get that beautiful gradation from light to dark that we get from older glass

MrBrightsSide - When I learned black and white printing in the darkroom I remember being taught how to gently darken the edges of the print to create exactly the effect you describe.

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Michael Uschold: Does anyone know of an adapter of this sort that can be used on a Sony NEX 6 camera? Would a 1-1 macro work, or would I need more magnification, given it is a cropped APS-C sensor.

I want to scan many 100s of slides; most are for memories and do not need great quality, so this will be way faster than most or all scanners. Nothing to do but pop the slide in, press the shutter button, put the next slide in, repeat. Takes a few seconds per image.

If you have a slide projector, set it up with the camera on a tripod square on to the screen and with the zoom set so the projected image fills the screen. Then just project the slides one at a time and shoot each one with the camera. It'll record the projected image surprisingly well, and it's a very quick way of doing down-and-dirty slide conversions.

I did this for some of my Dad's old slides from the 1950's, and to my surprise the resulting digital shots were good enough to make 5 x 7" prints from when a family member asked for copies.

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disraeli demon: Can anyone tell me if setting the aperture ring to "A" with a Panasonic camera in aperture priority mode lets you disable the aperture ring and force aperture control to revert to the camera's control dials? I know it sounds like a weird question, but most of my shooting is done while out shopping and the like and being able to set aperture and exposure comp one-handed while carrying stuff is a real boon...


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On article Panasonic Leica DG 15mm F1.7 shooting experience (405 comments in total)

Can anyone tell me if setting the aperture ring to "A" with a Panasonic camera in aperture priority mode lets you disable the aperture ring and force aperture control to revert to the camera's control dials? I know it sounds like a weird question, but most of my shooting is done while out shopping and the like and being able to set aperture and exposure comp one-handed while carrying stuff is a real boon...

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Hanoise: Drug lords like Pablo Escobar would have killed (literally) to trademark the instagram name.
It would have made much more sense too....

But instead it has become the representation of the degradation of values morals and common sense of society.

Both only weigh a gram in our eyes, but both are so extremely poisonous.

Both are so destructive....

Hanoise - "...instead it has become the representation of the degradation of values morals and common sense of society."

Bullying has been around as long as there have been people. It's just easier to find out it's happening now.

If you look at actual figures, we're doing much better than we ever have at any time in human history - fewer people killed in wars, less violent crime, longer lifespans. There's still a lot for us to do, but honestly, I think your comment has more to do with a general human tendency to think the past was better (something even the ancient Greeks wrote about) than to the actual state of affairs in the world. Nostalgia is not what it was.

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Franz Weber: Since I live in Europe, how can I adjust the flapping speed of the bird to 50 fps?

Franz Weber - although Mato34's tip will work, remember that if you decide to update your bird you'll have to live the rest of your life remembering the look on his little face when you stuck the USB cable in

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"FPS" = flaps per second?

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On article Hands-on with the Panasonic Leica 8-18mm F2.8-4 (165 comments in total)
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disraeli demon: I'd been saving up for a 7-14mm but this might suit me better... the Pany 7-14 was nice and compact but not weather sealed, the Olympus was faster and weather sealed but huge and heavy... this seems a good balance, weather sealed and big but not too heavy.
Downside: losing 2mm on the wide end, 1 stop slower on the long end, no clutch-focus MF
Upside: gaining 4mm on the long end (I know from experience I'm more likely to use a wide zoom with a 35mm equivalent long end than one that only goes out to 28mm), ability to use filters, smaller and lighter (than the Olympus) means I'm MUCH more likely to carry the thing...

kpaddler - I tend to use manual focus for depth focussing in street photography, so in general I prefer Olympus' clutch-focus because 1) I get a proper distance scale for calculating depth of field (sorry Panasonic, "flower" to "mountain" isn't a real distance scale) and 2) clutch focus means my focus distance is preserved when the camera is switched on and off. I believe the G80 finally allows focus-resume, but none of my current Panasonic bodies do. The result is, I use clutch focus all the time with my Zuiko 18mm and 12-40mm zoom, and constantly miss it on my 25mm and 14mm lenses.

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On article Ten ways to shake 'photographer's block' for good (90 comments in total)
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munro harrap: Download and read a pdf of Susan Sontag's On Photography, rightly credited with giving me my first and very necessary photographer's block!!

You might ask yourself.... and you might ask yourself....and you might ask yourself

as you might after and during the experience it gives you, and I DO recommend it, as fair comment on the medium

I got about halfway through that book and gave up because she was making me feel like taking photos at all was kind of pathological :-)

I'd recommend reading the first essay in that book though, just to see her sum up everything Barthes takes a hundred pages to say in Camera Lucida in FIVE BULLET POINTS (and a couple of years before Barthes said it, to boot!)

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If you own a camera with a multi-format option, try limiting yourself to an aspect ratio you wouldn't normally use - I just spent abut six months shooting almost entirely in square format, which was an exercise in frustration at first, but now I'm starting to get some good images out of it.

Also, the "pick a prime" point works in reverse - I'd spent about two years trying to be all hardcore, shooting with primes, and a couple of weeks shooting with the kit zoom again has been a real refresher...

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On article Throwback Thursday: The Canon PowerShot G3 (98 comments in total)

Ohh... this wasn't my very first digicam (that was a Canon G1), but this was my first good one; it was far snappier in operation than the G1 and the ISO 400 shots were much more usable. I still have a kit with the G3, wide and tele adaptors, 480EX flash and a Powershot S45 as a smaller "carry anywhere" cam. I bought it in 2003 for a six month stint living in Vienna, it served me without a hitch, and I loved the panoramic setting (which gave you guides to let you take multiple photos for sticking together with supplied software on your PC, much better for low-light work than the modern sweep panorama system).
I retired it for street shooting in 2006 when I got a Nikon D50, but I was still using it as late as 2008 for shooting model dioramas, since it had good wide angle macro and the ability to trigger off-camera flashes. It was finally phased out completely in 2009 when I bought a Panasonic LX3.

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DualSystemGuy: Still no 32GB option on the MBP
Still using DDR3 RAM
Kaby Lake processors are getting replaced in 1-2 months
Still no hardware calibration for the screens
Still no matte option for the screens, or touch screen option
Still no convenient port configuration

How they get people to pay the huge premiums for these things I don't understand anymore. It's one thing to like an OS an and a brand, which is totally fine, but how much are people willing to pay for old tech and average specs just so they can have an Apple? For the prices they are charging, at the very least they should be offering cutting edge specs and useful RAM configurations for today's professionals.

One thing you can't fault them for is their marketing - selling grossly overpriced hardware to people who don't do any research has been their specialty forever. It works and it makes them tons of money, so really who can blame them at the end of the day.

Yeah, I'm a commercial artist and long time (20 year) Mac user, I love Mac OS, but they lost me as a laptop customer the moment I tried a Cintiq Companion (basically a Microsoft Surface with a Wacom Cintiq pen display bolted onto it). Two years on I still hate windows, but for working purposes a small, portable device with touch/stylus capability that can run full versions of graphics software has been absolutely transformative. Plus the Cintiq has a matte screen and both SD and Micro SD slots...

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Hopefully the shift to 12mp will bring the image quality of the TG more into line with the old premium XZ series cameras.

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On article Analog gems: 10 excellent, affordable film cameras (819 comments in total)

I have happy memories of the Pentax K1000 and later Mamiya 645 from school and college photography courses. The only thing I disliked about the 645 was the faff of handling it in landscape orientation - I longed to try the college's RB67 with its rotating back, but it was reserved for "serious" photography students (I was a mere designer). I finally got to try an RB67 about 15 years later and the blasted thing had so many safety interlocks I could barely get it to fire off a shot! Disillusioning, but it made me much more content with my Mamiya C330 TLR...

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On article Throwback Thursday: Olympus C-8080 Wide Zoom (104 comments in total)

The Magnum photographer Alex Majoli shot reportage with the C-8080 back in the day. You can still see some of the work in his section on the Magnum website.

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