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fatdeeman: I still have the non video G1, a nice red one. I use it occasionally when the mood takes me.

I'm still impressed by how fast the AF is in AF-S. It focused just as fast as my Canon 350d at the time in most scenarios. It's easy to forget just how good it was compared to contrast detect systems that had gone before, still very much usable today and much better than my Sony 5n even though the G1 is a few years older than the Sony.

I love all the external controls too, it's impressive that they hit the market with two models that were so enthusiast oriented. I do wish I had held on for the GH1 though, especially after the hack!

I have a red G2 (basically just a G1 with 720p video) and I agree about the snappy focus in AF-S.
I still occasionally use mine as a "disposicam" for shooting in situations where I'd be afraid of losing or breaking my GX7. It's still a pleasure to use, and I have no complaints about the responsiveness even now. The only thing my GX7 has over it is a smidge better dynamic range and resolution and my own preference for the rangefinder-syle form factor.

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I could see this being very useful for simple, regularly used tasks like switching tools and triggering undos.

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disraeli demon: I'm sure Panasonic know their market but instead of this I really wish we could have some good, sharp, reasonably- priced f2.8 14mm, 12mm and 10mm lenses with clutch focus.

For the kind of street shooting I do, for a 14mm or wider lens, f2.8 hits a sweet spot between low-light performance, smaller lens size, optical quality and lower cost. I can see why you'd want f1.4 for astrophotography, but that's my not my thing, hence I don't wish for one.
I happily accept that Panasonic understand their market, and that making a 12mm f1.4 lens makes more sense than making the lenses I want. I admitted so in my original comment. Doesn't stop me wanting something different.

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As a digital artist who works for print most of the time, I find the proportions of these devices very frustrating - a 13" screen with a 4:3 ratio would be so much more useful to me, I'd sell my existing 13" Cintiq straight away to get one. Come on Wacom, we're not all storyboard artists.

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disraeli demon: I'm sure Panasonic know their market but instead of this I really wish we could have some good, sharp, reasonably- priced f2.8 14mm, 12mm and 10mm lenses with clutch focus.

Vlad S - my thinking was, as a purely stills shooter, I don't need more than f2.8, and hopefully such lenses would be a bit smaller and cheaper than f2 versions....

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On article Apple revamps MacBook Pro lineup, adds 'Touch Bar' (871 comments in total)

I'm a freelance commercial artist and I've been a dedicated Mac user for nearly 20 years, but last year I bought a Cintiq Companion (basically a Microsoft Surface tablet with a Wacom pen display built in. It's been absolutely transformative. 18 months on, I still don't like Windows (though I upgraded to 10 which was a massive improvement over 8) but honestly, unless Apple implement touch on their OSX devices, I think they'll lose the creative professional market they've held for so long. iPads are great, but you can't run any of the software I need on iOS.

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Tommi K1: Isn't it meant to be written as 21'650 frames per second?
As 21,650 frames per second reads like 21 and 650 fractions of frames per second...

Or in England in the 1970's, when I was at school. "21,650" has pretty much given way to "21650" here now, I think, but I don't think I've ever seen "21'650" before. What part of the world are you from, Tommi K1?

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It's nice to finally see a lensbaby in a suitable focal length for μ4/3 - but apparently at the price of having no aperture control or ability to move the sweet spot around the frame.

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On article Striding Forth: Canon EOS 5D Mark IV Review (2092 comments in total)

I know we're nowhere near this now, but if the on-sensor focus features (high precision, face tracking with servo AF, full frame coverage) continue to improve, I wonder if we'll one day hit a point where optical viewfinders start to look like a liability?

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On article Hands-on with Hasselblad X1D (811 comments in total)

Looking at this I can't help feeling Leica missed a trick - if they'd put the S2 sensor in an outsize rangefinder body with compact MF lenses and live view focus peaking on the rear screen it would have made a lot more sense as a niche product than the SL.

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I'm sure Panasonic know their market but instead of this I really wish we could have some good, sharp, reasonably- priced f2.8 14mm, 12mm and 10mm lenses with clutch focus.

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This product reminds me of a comparison test of on-camera flash diffusers and reflectors done by Amateur Photographer years ago - hilariously, they found that by far the best reflector was a 2ft square polystyrene ceiling tile held at 45% over a flash with the head tilted up. "Best" in terms of light quality of course - it was completely impractical as a device. This thing's probably the closest I've seen to that.

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On article Video: Meet the Nikon D500 (182 comments in total)

I gave up my Nikon DSLRs for mirrorless cameras about five years ago, and found they suited my style of photography so well that I've never looked back. Gotta say though, this camera gives me a real twinge of acquisitiveness...

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loitokitok: Actually Leica aren't really in the photographic market any more. They are to cameras what Louis Vuitton are to shopping bags, or say a Bulgari Magsonic Sonnerie Tourbillon is to a watch. In other words they are now luxury goods manufacturers and the fact that their products happen to take photos is almost coincidental.

In a sense the more out of step with other cameras their products are, the more they appeal to a certain kind of customer and I guess the only way they could further increase their appeal (to some) is to make them out of precious metals, possibly with a sprinkling of jewels.

I don't have a problem with that at all. Good luck to them, it's probably the only way they could have survived in today's market.

I'd never thought of it in those terms, but the more I think about it the more I agree with you. Certainly Leica's problem is that image quality is now strongly dependent on sensor design, and Leica don't have the resources to develop any sensor (let alone a class-leading one) in-house. Finding other selling points is a sensible strategy, and given that Leica are still around when other premium brands like Contax have long since gone to the wall, one that's hard to argue with.
From a nostalgic point of view, I feel a little sad that, for me, Leica has drifted so far from best practice in terms of handling and ergonomics that their cameras are no longer the objects of desire for me that they once were. However, given that I'll never have the resources to choose to buy Leica anyway, my preferences are irrelevant :-)

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I love my GX7's and I prefer the smaller form factor of this to the bulky GX8, but that rear thumbwheel puts me off - with repairs, I've now broken four rear thumbwheels across two different GX7 bodies and have given up getting them repaired. I'll be seeing how the price of the GX8 comes down over time.

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BarnET: Bloody hell why did i buy that I40 3 months ago.

The i40 only has a 105mm maximum zoom range compared to the i60's 200mm, and the GN goes up the tighter you focus the flash output. What reinish was saying is that the higher GN could be an artifact of the longer zoom range. If you're shooting at focal lengths wider than 105mm, you'd probably not see a significant (if any) difference between the two models.

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On article Design, looks and desire: Olympus does it again (391 comments in total)

One factor not considered in the Pen F/GX8 comparison is what happens to the prices of those models over their lifetimes. If they follow previous form, the Pen F will probably settle around the £750 mark and the GX8 around £500 (though it will be interesting to see whether the lack of or presence of 4k video affects that trend this time round.)
So if you're like me, and content to buy models at the end of their lifetime, price becomes a much bigger factor in the equation than it does when new models are introduced.

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I was about to be impressed that there were 21 different lenses for the Nikon 1 system but there are a lot of repetitions there - presumably each different colour option has its own entry?

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On article Retro through-and-through: Fujifilm X-Pro2 Review (2499 comments in total)

Page 3 last paragraph there's a bit missing - "However, when shooting modes, exposure is locked when you hit the REC button,"

shooting "in movie mode?"

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This is brilliant, but I wish they'd spent half the money and effort on a firmware update that puts a proper distance scale and depth of field scale into their standard manual focus interface. Also, focus resume so your MF distance doesn't re-set every time the camera powers down. These should be basic features and I've been waiting seven years for them to fix this.

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