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At Lee they are still not able to construct a reverse filter, which is better usable for most seascape situations with low sun.

For other scenes I would definitely prefer a stacking approach, e.g. mountain panoramas.

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Clark666: I like oil paintings of landscapes. When I see oil painting landscapes in an art museum, the same scene photographed appears to be flat and still. For example the oil paintings of Yosemite Valley in California exhibited in the De Young Museum and the Crocker Art Gallery appear to be real, the water and shading are appealing while the nearby photos of the same scenes are flat and don't convey the appearance of motion and flowing water.

Does the painter see something that the camera doesn't? Would focus stacking make the photos as good as the paintings?

Look at a film based slide show. This is much closer to paintings compared to life-less digital files shown by a beamer or TFT screen.

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Will we face a comparable situation with the Nik Collection? Since the Google takeover there is no development progress....

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Marcelobtp: I guess Dpreview made a error stating that ISO 102.400 can be used in video mode. Please confirm that.

No, that is correct according to Sony infos.

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Will it be possible to use Nikon AF-S G lenses with support for autofocus? Any information on the RAW file format?

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It would be interesting to see the variability of this issue for one type of camera. You checked 2x D750 bodies, but only one body of the competitors. Is this issue absent in every D4s? Are there differences between different Canon bodies?

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abolit: I'm not sure what could cause all this but one thing that comes to my mind that Nikon (probably) should slow down a little to pay more attention to the quality control. I don't know if Canon is any better in this regards , even if it's not , it would not make any excuses for Nikon dropping the ball in QC.
It looks like Nikon is unable to make the camera right in the first place.
Nikon 600 > Nikon 610, Nikon 800, Nikon 810, etc...
Now it's Nikon d750 (flaring / banding issues) - factory recall or free fix either of which is kind of pain in a butt ....

As an owner of all older Nikon cameras of the last 15 years including the analog models F65, F75, F80, F100, F6 and many of the newer digital once up to the D810 I can´t agree: Overall quality of bodies, mechanics and optics was getting better in the last years. True, there was trouble with the D610, but this was a problem of technological complexity of current gen cameras and not a result of cheap parts. By the way: I´m completely happy with my D810 - the best camera ever built.

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ealvarez: Is this manual focus lens? $599? I can get 135mm f2L canon for about $600 used and Nikon 180 f2.8D even cheaper used.. I don't share much of the enthusiasm. Maybe I would if I was Sony E-mount shooter.

@tkbslc: No, you are wrong. The Samyang shows clearly better performance compared to the Canon with much better edge performance focused for infinity and much lower CAs. So YOU have to reevaluate the link shared by Hubertus...

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This thing is very close to the Singh-Ray 105mm Thin Warming Polarizer, but significantly cheaper...both seem to be without any coating.

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Wye Photography: For me personally, and this may apply to others as well. Photoshop CS2 did everything I needed. Later version added nothing I wanted. I do 99% of my processing in Lightroom so paying a huge amount of money for Photoshop upgrades is just not worth it. I looked around for a Photoshop replacement, used Elements for a while but then found Pixelmator. For around £12 it really is a photoshop replacement, it does what I want it to do without all those features I don't need and use. After a large number of tests the Pixelmator healing brush is actually superior to Photoshop's.

The point of this, I guess, is that there are alternatives to the seeming Adobe monopoly. Save yourself money by looking around.

Thanks Adobe but I think you are an overpriced dinosaur waiting for an extinction event.

Could´nt agree less to this. There were some major improvements between Photoshop CS2 and the current status of Photoshop CC. May be there was no need to go with every renewal, but the differences between those two versions are substantial.

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Very weak performance of ALL companies for the world’s leading imaging fair. Two boring DSLRs from Nikon and Canon, nothing from Sony, an over-priced Zeiss lens, no new Sigma ART lens, no new Software from Adobe (LR 6?)....

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$799 for a Nikon lens doesn´t sound like high-end landscape lens matching the D810 resolution...let´s wait and see the first reviews.

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3systermuser: read DXO mark on this one, you will see the IQ is the same or extremely similar to that of the D800E.
and considering the price difference between the D810 and the D800E, there is no point getting it if you do not need a touch better AF, a bit better LV,etc over the D800E.
I think this is what D800E should have been, but it is now already dated even at this point, Nikon should focus its very limited R and D money onto FX mirrorless.
for me , the Sony A7R wins over all this extremely old dated D-SLR.

Why is it dated? The D810 delivers best image quality of all current full format sensor cameras together with a fantastic optical view finder, nice display, fast autofocus, huge number of lenses and this is all based on a technology platform which has been proven to deliver results under most demanding conditions. A true professional instrument! If you are as good as a photographer you should be proud of yourself!

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Wouldn´t it make more sense to wait for the final versions of the RAW converters like ACR or (better) Capture One Pro? Furthermore, does it make really sense to judge this high resolution cameras with sub-optimal lenses? Why not shooting with a Zeiss Otus 55, Sigma 50 Art or Zeiss Apo-Sonnar 135? To my opinion these sensors deliver such outstanding results that you have to work under perfect conditions!

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HappyVan: To be honest, I wouldn't depend on the phone for photos.

I would slip the Nikon AW110 into my other pocket. Its footprint is even smaller than my Sony Esperia S. It's rain and freeze proof, and comes with wifi.

You can even take semi-submerged shots of a flood. Of course, it has an optical zoom.

On a budget, there is the Nikon S32 $129.

Willing to carry a chunkier camera? There's the Nikon One cameras with PDAF and able to print a clean 18x12. The J1 kit is available for $249

I have two DSLRs and my Nokia Lumia 1520. If I need image quality, then I will take the D800E. For snapshots my Lumia is most time with me. There is no need for another P&S camera.

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HowaboutRAW: No mSD card slot; bad idea, assuming it shoots raw, like the 1520.

Ever uploaded a 20MP RAW file to Skydrive? Not a real fun...

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