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On article Sigma updates L-mount lens roadmap through 2020 (64 comments in total)
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mosc: Is it possible they've purposely split the lens lineup with panasonic in a much more co-ordinated way? Like panasonic can deliver 12-24, 24-70, and 70-200 f2.8s, a 24-105 f4, the other typical stuff, while sigma brings the primes?

According to Sigma interview https://www.dpreview.com/interviews/1588388811/photokina-2018-sigma-interview they break anti-trust laws if they would agree on such things: "We do not exchange information [between Sigma, Panasonic and Leica] about our roadmap for products for the new system. It’s a matter of compliance [with antitrust legislation]."

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So they have the money and time to travel there, but not the wits to behave themselves.

Hey I know, considering the #followme document mentioned yesterday, the Easter Isladers need to set up one statue with green screen in the back and for a small fee, people can have their nose-picking photos taken there (just add proper footing and they can pick the statue's AND their own nose at the same time, whee!), pick any sunny weather background they want and get a bunch of likes included in the price once they post their pic. Like totally solves the problem, right?

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For once I remembered I have to plug the camera into that specific USB-port for the update software to find the camera and run the update successfully. I really wish Sony would change the procedure so that the firmware is read off the memory card in camera without any plug and pray.

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I wonder, considering that at macro distances you'll set the aperture to f8 or so, if it were worth to anyone to make 100+ mm f5.6 macro lens? Sounds like it could be quite a bit lighter, though you lose use for portraits and hence maybe too many sales. (I have a 100 mm f3.5 fully manual macro with E-mount adapter weighing 364 grams. Not even 1:1, which may contribute to the weight.)

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grasscatcher: But will it do focus-stacking?

If you can get deep enough area in focus by reducing aperture, a sequence of images with identical focus processed to reduce noise might work. If you choose to under-expose rather than bump ISO, it should be ok to increase exposure or push shadows on the clean image without noise becoming disturbingly visible.

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Jikada: .exe? Where is the Mac version? I spent $3200 for a camera and now I have to buy a Windows computer? W T F!

DPReview provided you with a link to Windows file. Just find Drivers and Software for A7RIII and then select the OS to see the files available: https://esupport.sony.com/US/p/model-home.pl?mdl=ILCE7RM3&LOC=3#/downloadTab

@PhozoKosmos, copying the update file to memory card root directory, inserting it into camera and having camera find the file and do the update would be nice. Having the camera connect to wifi and download and install the update is probably too much to ask of camera companies currently.

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Shlomo Goldwasser: Can't you photoshop a safety wire away?

I figure it never occurred to him. Or he felt it would have been inauthentic. Also based on descriptions of the video I read here (I haven't and am not going to watch it), it never occurred to him to pull himself up sooner. Or to have an accomplice outside the camera view be ready to help, preferably secured with a wire to something sturdy so the said accomplice would not be pulled over the edge accidentally. And it never occurred to the unnamed sponsors of the "rooftopping" challenge that it might be a bad idea. (I'd actually like to have them named.) Just one thing and the guy would be alive. Think beforehand, stay alive.

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On article What you need to know about Sony's a7R III (615 comments in total)
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ProfHankD: No PlayMemories apps? What the heck is Sony thinking? This was their opportunity to get ahead of everybody by allowing 3rd-party camera apps using their well-developed interface... and instead they're disabling the feature. I wonder if this is Sony's reaction to the interface having been hacked so that 3rd-party apps are now possible... if so, this might be the single dumbest move Sony has made since entering the camera business.

Maybe that small ecosystem is too small given the need to maintain store etc. More efficient to piggy-back on smartphone app ecosystems.

@ProfHankD Thanks for the info. I haven’t paid attention as I’m not going to implement anything to control the camera. Considering Sandman’s comment I might get what I want some day.

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On article What you need to know about Sony's a7R III (615 comments in total)
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ProfHankD: No PlayMemories apps? What the heck is Sony thinking? This was their opportunity to get ahead of everybody by allowing 3rd-party camera apps using their well-developed interface... and instead they're disabling the feature. I wonder if this is Sony's reaction to the interface having been hacked so that 3rd-party apps are now possible... if so, this might be the single dumbest move Sony has made since entering the camera business.

I'd like them to make the camera controllable via a smartphone/tablet and release the SDK to the whole wide world for anyone to use. Is tethered shooting something that automatically requires a PC? Let other people code apps for whatever use they can imagine and we'll all benefit. I used time-lapse and touchless shutter and they were ok but for that little functionality, I'd prefer it to be in camera right from the start. (Well, I'll be holding to a7II for quite while I believe so I'm not affected by any of this in the near future but one can dream...)

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panther fan: If you already have a macro lens, shouldn't it be possible to reach the same magnification with extension tubes and get similar quality results? (At least for 2:1 magnification)

FWIW, I have a 90 mm 1:1 macro and with 52 mm worth of extension tubes I get about 1:1.7 magnification, according to test shot and https://www.kielia.de/photography/calculator/ . So if you want to know the total tube length you need for given magnification, play with the calculator. Although according to the ISO the camera selected, I lost half the light with that 52 mm of tubes.

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Thank you very much for posting these. A couple years back I tried to look for images of camera gear with damage from the sun and found only a case of camera on tripod for a long time when trying to capture lens flare and having a melted spot near the lens mount.

Would anyone happen to have a link to a page with the formulas required for calculating how much energy ends up inside camera given the elevation of the sun, aperture and focal length at least? Needs latitude as well to figure out how much atmosphere is between camera and sun? Area of the lens front element? Pointers at least?

It'll be impossible to get an exact answer as we don't know how much energy it takes to raise the temperature of the parts inside camera for N degrees, unless you start dismantling stuff and taking measurements, but some general idea might come in handy. Imagine you have a wide-angle lens and camera on a tripod taking a time-lapse and sun draws an arc across the sensor, or melts the aperture blades.

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On article Hands-on with the Olympus OM-D E-M10 Mark III (204 comments in total)

A shortcut button to get straight to settings screen relevant to the shooting mode. Can I have that on A7 some day? I'm tired of googling where the stuff on A7II menu is. (Ok, a slight exaggeration but not too far from truth.) I guess I better not hold my breath...

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jbroehl: Who looks at the camera market and thinks, "Growth market! And what this marketplace really needs is one more manufacturer of DSLRs!"

With all the crowd-funded old lens designs etc. the nostalgic camera market is certainly growing. Observe the promise to retain old iconic elements, not bringing anything new to the table.

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zodiacfml: I think it started a few years ago where each increment of smartphone technology is way bigger than each iteration of digital cameras. Smartphones have the best tech in them despite costing less, CPU, built-in storage, displays, connectivity, and video capabilities.
It is only Samsung's NX1 that came close to smartphones.

This got me thinking.
Digital cameras in the future might depend on a smartphone for most and advanced features. The camera will be just sensor, lens, image processor, and an interface (USB-C or faster). The setup will allow the user to access better features by upgrading the smartphone while retaining the sensor/lens combo. For camera manufacturers, they will sell products that costs a lot less to make.

The first camera manufacturer who has the guts to specify a powerful interface for applications to control all their cameras and open it up for anyone to use for free might win big. Enable wired connection to phone, tablet, laptop, or PC for speed. Others write apps for all imaginable purposes beyond those dreamed of by the camera companies. The company sells the hardware. Consumers reap the benefits of variety.

The small attempts at selling a limited piece of hardware that snaps to phone do not make it. They should open up entire product line. Want to control flagship camera from tablet with nice UI and big screen, using an app for specialized purpose? If you have a need for it, you should be able to do it. Ain't happening anytime soon, I'm afraid. Keep the controls in the camera by all means, just think outside the picture-taking box.

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Khun_K: It's a romantic idea... but not everyone can be trained and run as fast as Usain Bolt and compete against him. So the simple question is - how many so called "professional photographer" do we really need? 10, 100, 10,000 thousand? per city? or how many million per country?
Simple math is that the more professional photographers the less each one can make, by average. One can always dream to become a photographer, or a good photographer and likely there are always someone better and fair to be paid better.
Not that I don't appreciate inspiration writing or video, but miss leading one can often do more wrong than right.

@ jadot - The professional earns a living through photography. The artist might have a job not related to photography to pay the bills.

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psiz925: The biggest problem of shooting fireworks is the smoke. And I never saw any expert explaining how to deal with it......

Having the wind (partially) come from one side is also an option, since it'll move the fireworks (especially light slowly falling bits) to the side along with the smoke. You need an exposure of several seconds to notice the effect clearly. I think that'll require reasonably strong wind, though.

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