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On article Focus Stacking in Macro Photography (131 comments in total)

By changing the focal length you also change the magnification. The proper way to do this is by keeping the lens at max magnification and using a slider to move the whole camera. If not done like this you will distort the actual dimensions of the object you are taking images of. You need something like this

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peevee1: Reading their article, I did not find the mention at what aperture do they measure the sharpness? But let's assume it is the best a given lens can do at any aperture (ignoring DoF and light requirements). But what about zoom - at what focal length this is measured?

Otherwise the scores themselves are useful just to confirm the stupidity of sensor megapixel wars of last many years, with most lenses giving only 4-6 P-Mpix of optical resolution at best.

How is it then that MF lenses are so much better?

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HSway: This is a great lens. Very good indeed. Nikon and Canon (ll) versions are better for landscape. If there are other considerations, this Tamron with very effective VC is the second best option.

I had two copies of this lens but decided not to keep them. Mine were the Canon version. Tamron has bad quality control on their products, they are like cheap Chinese manufactured products. You never know what you get. Both copies suffered badly from decentred elements, resulting in smudged corners. I have came across many people over the internet that have the same problem with this lens. The good points about it are: 1.Very sharp in the centre 2.Has low CA 3.Has VR(which degrades IQ that's why the Canon ver2 doesn't have it) but is useful for videographers. The bad points of this lens are 1. vignetting even at f/8(you can get rid of it in PP but why bother it shouldn't produce so much vignette) 2.Slow AF-compares to canon 18-55 IS. 3.Massive barrel distortion. 4.Due to field curvatures and bad centering it produces unacceptable images. Say goodbye to landscape and group shots. 5. Over priced. The real price should be no more than 700$. This is my personal experience, not forum based

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stelioskritikakis: Canon lost the sensor round completely.

some super-filtered jpegs can't stand a chance in RAW samples..
Assuming that 650D will offer nothing more than the 600D in RAW
Same thing as 5D mark3 offered nothing better than 5D mark2 in RAW.
Very similar IQ.. i'd say identical.

Its impossible to catch up with the new nikons d800 and d3200 that play in a different league. Plus the stupid delays in stock...

i'm one step in changing equipment.. only problem? i love my L glass :(

i'm selling all my canon gear lenses + 5dm2 and will go with the d600 or d800. Maybe even pentax if they release a FF.

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On article Just Posted: Canon EOS 5D Mark III review (672 comments in total)

HASSELBLAD cameras have only ONE! (1) autofocus point, does this make them bad cameras? Stop complaing about stupid gimicks, and start shooting(filming). In the end all cameras are the same...

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OneThird: Nice pics! After owning a D3100 awhile back before I sold mine, the low light images are much improved, thanks to Expeed3 and the new 24MP sensor (from Sony of course).

Now, if Nikon can include these features, it would be a sweeter deal, IMHO.

-more than one custom white balance.
-Kelvin temperature scale.
-shoot with flash while dragging the shutter.
-Off, Low, or High NR at ISO 800 and above.

This is a Nikon developed sensor. Not Sony's!

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l i j: I have done Some ISO(upto 102400) Test and HDR test.
The samples are available.
ISO Test
HDR Test

the HDR images are sooo crappy...

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On article Olympus OM-D E-M5 low light high ISO sample series (283 comments in total)

My Canon's 450d/XSi performance at ISO 400 is the same as this camera's ISO 6400....

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Digicam Newbie: Great review... Thanks.

However; six of your last seven detailed reviews have been Sonys. Will you continue reviewing other brands? Would love to see more balance.

Thank you.

He meant 1d X which was released this year

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On article Fujifilm releases X-S1 premium EXR 26X superzoom (383 comments in total)
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Maxfield_photo: Wow 26x zoom, at the long end that must be what, f/90? The diffraction must be monstrous.

Do you ever read or you just comment? f/2.8-5.6 In translation this means f/2.8 at 24mm and f/5.6 at 626mm

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