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zeratulmrye: The product that actually changed my view about medium format is Hasselblad X1D... So slim, so sexy.

I tend to agree with the price folks. These days, I'm seriously thinking of a Leica Q, IF there was a fuji RF-esque MF in the mix at around the same price as the Q, it would be a no brainer for me to get the Fuji ~5K would do it! Fuji clearly has the engineering chops to make one. That nearly double for and ILC just puts it out of my range. For a while I shot a Phase one P30+ and the big sensor really matters.

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Nikon 5D 6.5K USD body only
Canon EOS 1DX MK II 6K body only ...

This defines your price point for a Fuji ... it does not matter what Hasselbald and phase charge ....

Throw in a normal lens, call the price 7.5K and the New fuji will sell like the proverbial hot cakes compared to the top on the line.

If you are a D750 or 6D shooter, then you're not in the target market anyway.

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At the end of the day, Nikon needs to bit the bullet, kill of that flapping mirror last century tech in all but the high end D4 types and use the Cheaper mirroless approach.

Always hard to kill a favorite son, but sometimes it must be done to save the company.

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This matters a lot for my photographic and communication needs. I almost never use my phone as a phone, but checking e-mail on it matters a lot.

I very rarely use my phone as a camera because it simply sucks. IQ and ergonomic wise.

Put a very basic phone in a compact camera, let it speak to my MicroSoft exchange server, and I'll buy it over a smart phone any day ....


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