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Look at Casio EX-FH20 of 2008 and conclude that its features were 1) unique at the time, 2) in 2018 still not incorporated in other manufacturers' cameras (Pentax and Sony incorporated a few of them), and 3) never reviewed by DPReview.

It can shoot 40 frames per second with pre-record mode to press the shutter button at the interesting moment and select frames from the buffer. It shoots 1000 fps movies also - why don't we get that in HD today, 10 years later? I never owned this camera but hoped the features would eventually become available in cameras with larger sensor.

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attomole: The problem for me is the name if it’s a raw image format it should be lossless. that the de compression should restore the orignal file.

@arbux Fuji does not. This myth has been introduced by this site where Adobe ACR appears to remove noise. The noise is there if you use RawTherapee, for example.

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If Canon is smart on this they release something that does not directly compete with a7 or even most DSLRs. I would be interested if it was a mirrorless 5DsR with IBIS and pixel shift and a nice smallish wide angle prime at launch.
Oh, and below €3000...

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Karroly: For all those who are wondering what the future Canon FF MILC mount will be, I think this is pretty easy to guess. Look at what Sony did : they first introduced the E-mount with the APS-C Next series, and "strangely" it is the same one used on the A7 series.
Now, compare the specs of the EF-M mount to the Sony E-mount : same flange distance of 18mm, and a slighly larger throat diameter for the EF-M mount (47mm versus 46.1mm). Conclusion : the EF-M mount is ready to be used by an FF MILC body...

Canon must have thought about that one before. It will be EF-M.

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Ben Herrmann: I'm actually more impressed with this new XC 15-45 lens!

I have the X-A3 and am currently mulling over getting the X-A5, but I was more curious about this new 15-45 so I got this lens from B&H. I put it on my X-A3 and I must say that having a wider focal reach really comes in handy for scenics and architectural scenarios - stunningly so.

More surprisingly however, is the exceptional "clarity" of this new lens. My copy is quite sharp from corner to corner and has excellent contrast levels. Yes, it has AF by wire focusing, but it is quick and smoothly handled. I've been very impressed with this lens and I can see it being used on much more expensive Fuji cameras.

As for the X-A5, although the X-A series is considered Fuji's entry level camera with a Bayer sensor, they do Bayer very well. I know there are a group of users who would love to see a higher end Fuji Bayer model - but I doubt that will ever happen. All in all the X-A cameras are a fantastic deal (IMO, of course).

Seeing these sample images, I agree the XC 15-45mm looks really contrasty, even in backlit scenes. Nice close-up capability also, makes it very attractive. I did notice that the edges at 15mm are quite soft at f/5,6. But for non-pixel peeping the images look great.

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On a photo in the Fujifilm X-A5 sample gallery sample gallery (2 comments in total)

Lens name is incorrect, probably is the 14mm.

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Chris Crevasse: Chuck was the model for how a company's representative should interact with professionals and the public. I am a lowly, no-name amateur photographer, yet through the years I have had several online and email exchanges with Chuck where he was unfailingly friendly and helpful. He was a wealth of knowledge that he generously shared with anyone who was interested. May he live on as an inspiration to others.

Exactly this!
In his honor, I dug up my brief Tech Tips email exchange with him from 2009. And realized several of my suggestions were incorporated into DPP software in the years after! Sad to learn of his passing.

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Kevin Knapp: This could have been a “must buy” for me, but instead of a faster updated M5 (read “competitive with the other mirrorless cameras out there”), it is a dumbed down camera. *sigh*

That is what the extra zero stands for in Canon.

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ozturert: Even forgetting about the new video options, this camera is quite a bit better than XT2. I think even size is optimal now (but this is a personal choice).
If I were in the market to buy XT2, I'd pass and buy XH1.

Not so sure. Fuji explained how the IBIS needs a more rigid frame and currently needs to be a big device in order to achieve the desired image quality standard. Obviously it would make the camera heavier. The X-T2 is already heavier than the 440 g X-T1 but they probably should not push it towards X-H1 weight.

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Slide 14: Can you change the battery with tripod (plate) mounted?

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photo perzon: I feel that even in sunny days, the shadows are too deep. Too dark.

I have an X-T1 and you can lift the shadows quite well by setting -2 if needed, and DR200 or DR400. Also you can choose the Pro Neg Std (and now ETERNA) film simulation which does not have strong contrast. And of course in RAW you can open the shadows without problem.

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I'm curious for its performance. Probably it relies on software distortion correction, but it can be a good trade-off if it has good image quality across the frame.

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It seems Canon just has not figured out yet that their Greg Paul Miller must have swapped out the sky and its reflection for the one from Elia Locardi's photo.

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I would have taken a step down in resolution and gain a doubling of speed (1977 fps at 2048x1080, or even 2932 fps at 1280x720). You can clearly see that especially cloud-to-ground leaders require more steps to follow them nicely.
My 1000 fps footage and the lightning processes explained: https://vimeo.com/112658202

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technotic: DJI make really good cameras now.

This Phantom is from Vision Research!

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Lee Jay: My astrophotography lens is 2,800mm.

Never thought I'd see a 14mm assigned the same term!

Taking photos of animals in a zoo, garden or park: wildlife photography?

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Lee Jay: My astrophotography lens is 2,800mm.

Never thought I'd see a 14mm assigned the same term!

But those Milky Way photographers do not typically shoot any other celestial subjects or even have interest in doing so. It is basically taking a landscape photo at night. It would be an insult to those who are dedicated to astrophotography with all technical challenges that come with it.

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Lee Jay: My astrophotography lens is 2,800mm.

Never thought I'd see a 14mm assigned the same term!

on DPreview, astrophotography often is a code word for landscape photography at night and requires no knowledge of telescopes.

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Graham Meale: When I visited Horseshoe Bend a few years ago, I was surprised that there wasn't a lookout platform with railings. I remember lying down on my stomach a few metres from the edge and gradually inching forward. Terrified then dirty.

To me it was a pleasant surprise to see that. The danger of getting close to the edge with a risk of falling to death is one of the rare impressions nature can offer,

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National Parks in the USA look like open air musea. Even stormchasing has become a mobile zoo. As accessibility and media attention increase it becomes ever more difficult to be alone and experience nature.

They should keep Horseshoe Bend pure and instead *make it impossible* to park nearby.

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