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entoman: "delightfully transparent and obviously imperfect at wider apertures that I find it a lot of fun to shoot with. Just watch out for fringing on backlit subjects."

Sounds awful. Soft corners, bad chromatic aberration, terrible heptagonal bokeh, and likely to "blow out" the focus motor if you touch the focus ring. If you were reviewing any other lens and it performed like this you would slam it. But because it is a "classic" you praise it. Get real.

No tool is bad if you use it correctly.
Instead of using this versatile AF-D as if its a dedicated modern macro lens boasting both buttery soft boken and corner-to-corner sharpness at every aperture setting, try to pop out the subject with the nice corner softness at f/4 or wider, or make good use of the sunstar at f/11 or smaller.

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Great to see finally someone has found a way to recycle used and soiled backdrop paper.

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Peiasdf: Based and registered in Shanghai. I wonder who decoded the Canon AF signal.

I think what's new is the deciphered AF protocol of M43 instead of Canon?

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On article Reviewed: Sony NEX-5N 16MP mirrorless camera (195 comments in total)
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hiplnsdrftr: It is rather perplexing the lack of solid (pancake) primes...

And why all the MP for the NEX-7 ?

Design by committee?

Sony's lukewarm attitude in developing E-mount lenses may suggest that it sees NEX as poor men's digital back.

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