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(unknown member): I have the 105/2.8 Micro and love its bokeh. I never wanted more background blur. Being a macro lens, it lets you get close to the subject which increases background blur more than a wider aperture. With 1 meter of minimum focus distance, heavy weight and high price, the new lens doesn't interest me.

I have used that 105 2.8 and i love it, but this is 1.4 and 9 rounded blades! I just can't afford it though...

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So this is what Nikon is bringing out for it's birthday! Bravo!

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On article Canon creates on-screen user-guides for EOS-1D X (48 comments in total)

is this somewhat similar to the Nikon D3100 tutorial stuff? if so, great canon! now anyone with 7K to spend can look like a pro! :maximumsarcasam:

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NR just posted some photos of the 18-300 and the 2nd photo is very interesting since it is showing the lens extended and upright, with no lens creep. boom!

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RoccoGalatioto: Nikon should be ashamed of themselves for even considering a plastic mount.

i can see the photo alright, but i have read somewhere where they said it is metal, and the photo is not very conclusive, i think all the old 24-85 were all metal, hence hard to believe this is plastic, in any case we shall see...

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RoccoGalatioto: Nikon should be ashamed of themselves for even considering a plastic mount.

where did you get the info of plastic mount?

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gl2k: 24-120 f4 VR
Why does the world "need" another lens in that range ?

2 words: price and price

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just sold my 18-200 VRII... :D

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This lens is perfect for the D600... but where is the 24-70 f2.8 with VRII???

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funny, so many negative comments when i don't think nobody here has even seen it yet first hand, let alone used it on real life application... :rolleyes:

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On article Just Posted: Canon EOS 5D Mark III review (705 comments in total)
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Halfdan Faber: Well, I decided to take the trouble and line up the ratings in an image editor, to attempt to extract the detailed figures. Below are my findings. I have used a uniformly weighted ranking of Poor=0 to Excellent=14. As others have noted, the D800 did indeed score slightly higher. DPR has responded to previous poster by stating that the scales have different starting points. If this is true then their ranking figures are deceptive. On the merit of the actual numbers, I would say that the rankings are not credible and the overall equal ranking appears to be a fabricated result.

_______________D800___5D Mk-III
Build Quality__10.0___11.0
IQ Raw_________12.65__12.15
IQ JPG_________9.40___8.65
ISO Perf.______11.0___10.85



you are having too much time in your hands... :)

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On article Just Posted: Canon EOS 5D Mark III review (705 comments in total)
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Jonathan F/2: Dpreview scores are definitely tainted. The D800 and 5Dm3 get the same score? So despite having 36mp and being $500 USD cheaper, you guys feel the 5D mark III is equal to the D800? The cons for the D800 are more like niggles, while the cons for the 5Dm3 are issues of concern. And even stated on the 5Dm3 review itself "Scoring is relative only to the other cameras in the same category." Yeah right.

it is not easy making a tech reviews, i know i have blogged about it and wrote on some forums as well, however the right thing to do is always be honest...

why many here are crying foul, is the fact that when you add up all the features and plus factors, it seems as though that the D800 wins it! the fact that the reviewers did not justify why then the same score between the 5DMK3 and D800, is BS! if you are biased, just have the balls to admit it, or else just write why it ended that way... just my 0.2

and yea, i am not writing which cam is best, i can't do that, since i have not reviewed both cams, i do have an opinion about it, but that is besides the point... i am writing on the basis of the reviews, all i am saying is have the balls, just don't BS us!

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