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ryansholl: and I hope they meet a blue-collar prison.

Omerta...crossing cultures there, aren't you? Honestly, from where does such Hubris sprout that people really think they can get away with this ghastly financial abuse. The Brit who turned up all this stuff probably deserves a knighthood for his courage.

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On article Lytro Light Field Camera first look with Ren Ng (224 comments in total)
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Ashley Pomeroy: I sincerely hope it turns out well. I suspect it'll end up like the Wankel Rotary Engine - a niche thing, with fans - but it's nice to have a bit of diversity. I can remember when the possibilities of digital imaging seemed endless, but over time the technology seems to have homogenised, with most of the effort going into the packaging; if this could be made to shoot video the results would be beautiful.

Although I worry that the technology is too complicated to add to an existing imaging system, as a kind of added ingredient, and conversely too esoteric to capture a mass market. I wonder if it could be built into lenses, so that e.g. you could stick a 70-200mm f/2.0 Selective Focus lens on your Canon, or what-have-you?

At first, I thought, man, this is a good idea. Think how great this would be for crime scene investigators, private investigators, people who use cameras for evidentiary proceedings. Then, darn it, I saw it was tied to a service back on their company servers. That's no good at all. People who collect evidence need a chain of custody. Sending it into some cloud service instead of keeping it down on a local server defeats chain of custody. I need to keep all my originals in-house. In evidentiary discovery, I need to be able to hand off the files to the opposing counsel without having a cloud service do the interpolations for me. I applaud the product, but this is nascent and will get better when some of the delivery aspects are resolved. I suspect we'll see that solution when Prof Ng licenses his patents to Canon or Nikon.

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Jogger: what is that cable coming out of it and where does it plug into the body??

It's official. You can now turn your M4/3 into the "FrankenCam" of your own design. The whole concept kind of defeats the smaller, lighter concept, doesn't it?

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