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Whatever your preference, it is foolish to claim that Apple doesn't deserve majority credit for the rise of the smartphone and the (almost) demise of the point and shoot camera market.

Ideas mean nothing, execution is everything. Though the iPhone wasn't the first device of its kind, it was the first that the masses wanted to use. I owned a Window's Pocket PC and a Palm Pilot, but the average person didn't

Simply put, with the iPhone, Apple combined marketing and a mix of features and ease of use that was attractive to the mass market. Yes, there have been technically more-capable devices along the way, but none has set the bar for features and design like the iPhone.

In addition, every glass front and plastic/metal back phone owes its basic design to the original iPhone. Remember that the first Android phone the G1 was a Blackberry-like clone in its design all the way up until the unveiling of the iPhone when Google rapidly redesigned the entire physical form of the phone.

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Kodachrome200: why put an 18-200 on a d700?

...Uh, so you can take pictures of stuff that is far away. Is this some sort of trick question? You're just pulling our legs...right?

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Smaffles: Could soeone please tell me what filter adapter I can use with my Fuji x100s?

Fuji makes a filter adaptor that fits 49mm threaded filters. You can also buy a really inexpensive knock off that is identical to the Fuji one- They sell them on Amazon for around $14.

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OldZorki: I will wait for Hasselblad version, with some precious metals, wood trim and diamond encrusted knob.

Best Comment ever!

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