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  • You forgot a big reason to buy the Canon over the Fuji - DUST! Since the lens on the Canon is removable, you can get in there and clean any dust. On the Fuji there are complaints about dust getting ...
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    Really nice pics.
  • The real world differences about sensor size between M43 and APSC are over blown IMHO. I have seen plenty of dazzling pictures that have come out of M43 so I don't know what the angst about sensor ...
  • The crying about the M line has been going on since the very beginning. Its been going on since 2012 when it first came out. Its 2020 so its 8 YEARS since it was introduced. Where are the lenses? A ...
  • JB Weld does make stick epoxy besides the stuff that comes in tubes. The stick ones are firm like clay. You tear off two equal sized pieces and than mash them together. They make one specifically ...
  • I have used JB Weld on engine heads from a car. That stuff is tough. I would fill that void people are mentioning with it. After that I would be shocked if it broke.
  • Your $1000 smartphone does a lot more than just take pictures. Its a pocket super computer that happens to take pictures. The angst on these threads about so-called real cameras vs smartphones is ...
  • Actually the award for planned obsolescence goes to American companies ;) . Besides that camera has the ergonomics of a brick. No better than a smartphone.
  • Why' do web sites provide a service for free? They want your data to resell and to sell advertising. The Google business model. Do you think Google provides mail, search, maps, Android, etc... out ...
  • Good bye. It is the way it is, thats dot con (not a typo) land. Something else will arise to take its place, thats how it always works. The writing was on the wall when Yahoo sold them off. I was ...
  • Times 10. Ugly dude shooting tons of good looking women whom he has o trouble getting to do very questionable things.
  • My advice to amateurs: Save your money, use your phone.
  • I know some said they dont like the tables but I think the tables add to the picture showing the winter.
  • Agreed. It just keeps bigger and bigger with each release. Its a beast of a program and requires significant skill to leverage it. Its to much for what I do but pro's use it a a lot. Why? Because ...
  • And both can be true. There is nothing wrong with judging.
  • Nice pic!
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    Nice pic!
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    Nope, sold it all in the fall. This goes hand in hand with the gear acquisition syndrome. Even if its worth very little, sell it anyway. Better than sitting on the shelf collecting dust.
  • As an IT manager I can say that Adobe products in general are very bloated and require lots of machine resources even today. With Photoshop being one of the worst. It has always been fairly ...
  • I don't ship outside the US, not even to Canada. Its not worth the hassle. You can also sell your stuff to KEH or B&H. I have found that B&H offers better prices than KEH. There are no hassles, ...
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