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  • It appears that you, in fact, have bracketing enabled rather than burst mode enabled. Disable bracketing and you will be back to single shot operation. Regards, Jim
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    Ahhhh, thank you for this info! Regards, Jim
  • Created discussion thread How do I...
    put LR Classic on my Surface Pro 4 as an existing Adobe subscriber with LR already installed on my desktop w/o incurring any extra fees? Regards, Jim
  • Perfect reply, Cyril. I have been on these forums for 17 years and find myself commenting less and less these days. It seems if one comments on a posted image always (nearly so) the defenses come ...
  • Mario, I am viewing these on a good 10" OLED tablet screen and they are wonderfully sharp over here. Are you viewing using the "original" viewing tab option? Regards, Jim MarioV wrote: Very nice ...
  • Ahhhhh, simply, ahhhh again! Your image is probably one of the most finely detailed images (and noise free too!) I have ever seen come forth from a 1" camera and I shoot both the fz1k and the ...
  • I just fired off a burst of 35 and another of 50 H frames in Manual mode and they were all very consistent rates using the large .jpg size on my 2500. Regards, Jim
  • Created discussion thread A new Lumix Luminary
    A quick question and tip of the hat to ThePhotoGonzo. I see you are now listing yourself as a "Lumix Luminary" in your signature as of a few days ago. Congrats and especially considering your new ...
  • I own both the 1k and the 2500 and this is my take regarding the Sony vs. The FZ 2500. These are the functions I would have to give up by going from the 2500 over to the Sony: (I think) This list ...
  • Mine takes approx. 3.0 seconds to zoom from full-wide (25mm) to 300mm and zooms from 25mm all the way out to fully extended 400mm in approx.  3.5 to 4.0 seconds. Regards, Jim
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    Ahhhh, okay, I think I have it now. I was thrown a bit of a curve when the OP did use the word border in his OP. Thx, nnowak, for your kind interjection here. Regards, Jim
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    WHOA! Excuse me, Dave, for simply offering up some helpful suggestions to you. No need for the exclamation points or the slams directed my way whilst trying to help another Panny user... Not sure ...
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    Hmmmm, I guess I am still confused.... I checked my Panny GX7, FZ1000 and my FZ2500 EVF's and I can't come to grips with what you are experiencing, until I change the picture size(s) in my ...
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    What picture size (4:3, 3:2, 16:9 or 1:1) have you selected? Those ratios determine what size borders you will see in both the LCD and the EVF as well as your final picture size/ratio Regards, Jim.
  • Unfortunately, I do not have my manual here to find the fps for my fzk, but here is a quick burst check I just did after reading your query. My fz1000: 60 shots @ SH (super high) burst mode before ...
  • I'm curious as to whether or not your monitor has (ever) been profiled? I ask because the wb runs from awful to just tolerably close on your submissions. If not, you are not even seeing what we ...
  • And you sir (nnowak), are the king of repartee!!! Well done! Regards, Jim
  • Ahhh, thank you for the picture of the hood with lens extended. I'm curious if, in fact, this hood is as effective as the factory hood (monstrosity) that was/is designed by the engineers at Panny. ...
  • Can you turn on the FZ and let us see what the hood looks like with the lens extended? Thx, Jim
  • Ahhhhh, thx, elmo, for the Opera info! I just now saw your post and as soon as I get off my desktop, I will investigate Opera for my tablet. Thx again, Regards, Jim
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