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No contest, the smartphone images are abysmal at best

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Nothing new: The most usable light meter I ever had is MyLightMeter in my iPhone. It's precise, takes no space, needs no batteries and it's free... Unfortunately, it only measures reflected light, not ambient...

And no spot right?

Link | Posted on Jul 26, 2021 at 16:23 UTC
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Tom_A: I have a perfectly serviceable Light Meter app on my iphone that I used already with my meterless Rolleiflex and Fuji 690 cameras.
You can order the white globe gadget for it to measure incoming light and maybe I will.

Does it do spot metering?

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boarderphreak: Meanwhile, "Aurora HDR 2019" is at v1.0.1 and they've dropped "2019."

I know right, I would love to see some major work done on that piece of software as well - there seems to be much headroom for high dynamic range image processing

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KodaChrome25: Scanned the website and did not see answers. Does the product have to be used online only? Are your images uploaded to a Skylum server. If so what are the terms of service? Are your images used by Skylum or its affiliates or their AI machine learning?

To my knowledge, all edits are local

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This makes perfect sense, no point keeping a-mount when e-mount has clearly surpassed it - though I will miss the bigger bodies however - one of the best features of the a-mount camera's imo

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jptsr1: They should probably fix the buggy Luminar 4 before they start working on other stuff.

Lots of companies do this actually - especially camera manufacturers.

As it turns out, software development can only be taken so-far before exceeding profits, and so the only viable path is to branch-off and launch a new product(version) to generate more capital - behold the proverbial profit machine :/

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It is crappy written and crappy supported!
I've bought Luminar 3 and 4, 3 is crashing on Panasonic RAW files: memory leaks = not fixed, and browsing was sooooo slow (!), I/O time out on unused resources = not fixed.
Luminar 4.3 update is hanging on splash screen now for many many users, for over 3 months now, They are NOT fixing this.
I did send them debug traces etc.... But to no avail, perhaps they understand how to do AI, but the *DO NOT* understand how to do programming!!!
The kind of workarounds they suggested were: clean install your machine, disable all virus protection, turn off your firewall.... What the **** are they thinking??
Spend you software dollars / euros or whatever elsewhere.
It has been >>20 years since I have been flaming, but this is a seriously bad behaving company. They take your money but they do not care abour quality control or after sales support.

Been using it for a few months with Sony mirrorless files - it been a tad slow on my machine, though no crashes as of yet.

With that said, can you share what type of work/ operations you're performing that causes the crashes?
I'd like to test and see if this happens on my own machine using Sony files also

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cosinaphile: no micro sd slot ... no buy [ noooo card slot ---no buy

entry level ... and up same defect ... just say noh

It does have a micro sd slot, this was a typo

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beavertown: No headphone jack, what has Samsung been smoking to?

Except for LG, as they continue to put headphone jacks in their flagship phones

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BigBen08: According to Samsung's site, the ultra model does have a microSD slot.

That's an error on their part - as it has a card slot

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henhen: no microsd card slot, no headphone jack, no fm radio (?) no IR blaster...Every new generation of phones samsung keeps taking "features" out. I mean, the phone is huge and has space for it. Well, maybe no one uses them.

The Note 10 Plus can also accommodate 1TB micro SD cards, and perhaps even larger - haven't seen anyone try - though there are reports of people using 1TB in them.

PS. I think it's quite funny that people would call the Note 10 Plus "the old one" lol

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physics52: When will DPreview quit giving these frauds (only my opinion so that I can invoke first amendment if they sue me) free publicity?

FTR. I gave v4.1 a try and it was very fast on a modest Ryzen CPU

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Adam007: All I'm saying is that the 77 Limited is tough competition for this lens. I don't expect my copy to give up without a fight.

As the 77 ltd has very strong fringing - I'm thinking this lens will come out a winner due to improved coatings and optical design

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entoman: Well *that* was rather unexpected.

Pentax clearly believe that they can survive by continuing down the DSLR pathway, with no sign yet of them following Nikon, Canon, Sony, Fujifilm, Leica, Panasonic and every other forward-thinking company who offer a range of MILCs.

Or, more likely, they just don't get the backing in terms of development funding from Ricoh.

Based on paste history, it would seem that Pentax has always held such a position

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I had the chance to run a trial and found the sky AI enhancement feature to be quite impressive at times - though I often found myself thinking it would be better to do the edit manually in Photoshop, than to allow the software to do it.

With that said, the atmospheric lighting(ambiant) was very impressive, and to the point where I would consider buying the software for that purpose alone personally.

My two cents

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sremets: I really like the features and the AI functionality of this software. HOWEVER, it is SO slow and sluggish (10 seconds for photo preview, 15-20 seconds for single photo export), which makes it a tool I use only for very specific tasks. Sames tasks in other applications I use are a breeze. The upgrade from 4.1 to 4.2 destroyed my catalog, and I had to rebuild it from scratch, losing all my previous edits. :-(

I finished a trial recently and didn't observe any such slowness personally - maybe it has higher hardware requirements?

Link | Posted on Mar 24, 2020 at 17:05 UTC
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bwana4swahili: There is now also a 4.2.2 update...

Hope it addresses the sky reflections

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(unknown member): Whoa, how's that reflection of the sky in the lake!? How'd that happen!?

Wow, I totally missed that - and I agree that this is a complete fail on part of the so-called AI

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physics52: When will DPreview quit giving these frauds (only my opinion so that I can invoke first amendment if they sue me) free publicity?

Why do you feel they are frauds?

Link | Posted on Mar 24, 2020 at 17:00 UTC
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