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I shoot with a m4/3 (Panasonic GX7), mainly with prime lenses from Panny and Oly. Also own a Sony a7 since Ma 2014. Living in the Swiss Alps.


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BTW 1: I wonder how this Guetzli compares to the "JPEG mini"-software?
BTW 2: Guetzli is a term used in several Swiss-German dialects esp. in the NE of the country, and mind you, it stands for COOKIE ;)

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How about if Flickr would provide a smooth display of his botched, stuttering pages of 2D-photos, before tinkering with gimmicks for unimaginative contemporaries?

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I wonder how this compares to an app like Remote Mouse for iPad?

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This is the end of flickr as we knew it...
I don't even dare to imagine what kind of "photographers" this new slimy crap will attract. At least yahoo could offer us an alternative layout to view things, to get rid of the unnecessary "features" introduced for the "gregarious" people who end up here in search of another "social" experience after playing around with twitter and facebook for hours... :[

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Really amazing, thanks for showing this on dp and "dankeschön" for sharing your techniques with us!

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